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closed 2016 Gold Centennial Coins

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Looking to sell or exchange for: 1 oz silver coins, 10oz or kilo Scottsdale Stackers, and constitutional silver.  Prices quoted below are at spot price of $1530.  All will come with OGP and COAs.

I have:

  • 1 3 - 1/10 oz Gold Mercury Dimes ($240 or silver trade)
  • 1 2- 1/4 oz Gold Standing Liberty Quarters ($460 or silver trade)
  • 1 3 - 1/2 oz Gold Walking Liberty Half Dollars ($875 or silver trade)

Thank you for looking and please contact me with questions.


1 - Walking OGP.jpg

1 - Walking Front.jpg

1 - Walking Back.jpg

2 - Standing OGP.jpg

2 - Standing Front.jpg

2 - Standing Back.jpg

3 - Mercury OGP.jpg

3 - Mercury Front.jpg

3 - Mercury Back.jpg

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Updated quantities and prices

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@ZGrizzlyWord, very nice...can you please provide pricing? Also, can you please provide photos of the coins with a paper having your TSF name and date please...kinda like a “proof of life”, meaning no offense, I may be interested.

Also, a little recommendation would be to introduce yourself in the “Welcome new members” posting. Thank you!

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Thank you for the feedback.  I have added prices as well as the proof of life photo.  I'll take a look at the new members section.  I haven't thought about selling for a long time, but as my collection has accumulated I want to start thinning it down to what I want to keep.

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