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  1. ALL table space has been booked! Thank you for reserving, should be an awesome event!
  2. The Silver Forum and @Lr103 are running some promotions to encourage more buyers in the USA & Canada trade section. We will be making several listings periodically with silver coins for sale at SPOT + cost of shipping. (The formatting of these promotions may change in the future). We will initially be selling some ASEs. Make sure you constantly check the USA & Canada trade section and you may just see an offer! The first member to rely in the listing stating they wish to purchase will be able to purchase that offer. These listings will go quickly, so keep your eyes peeled, and if you miss out on one don’t worry, there will be another. As long as this topic here is pinned, then the promotion period is still active
  3. Precisely. The promotion should hopefully make the USA & Canada section more active as members are constantly checking this trade section to see if there is a promotion, whilst doing this they may also check other seller’s items and see something they like to buy. It is kind of how supermarkets have a “loss leader” they advertise a product at a loss on a TV advert, people go into the supermarket to purchase that item and positioned right next to that item is another item that some of people also spontaneously purchase, e.g. they advertise low priced beer and next to the beer is sole crisps on offer. Or the customer shops around other parts of the supermarket. The offer gets more customers into their store which is ultimately good for the store.
  4. I have added this into the Prize Draw description information so it is easier for members to see
  5. Type: Giveaway

    Giveaway will expire in 1 month and 10 days

    • 1 Prize
    • 23 Participants

    (The above banner shows to all member groups and is a link to this draw's sponsor's website) The prizes in this draw have kindly been donated by @InvestInCoins888 (Platinum Premium Member) he will dispatch these prizes worldwide to the winner FREE of charge! This draw is open to ALL Premium Member Groups, if you currently have just standard membership and would like to enter the draw please purchase premium membership here first, and then take a FREE ticket. This draw ends end of February 2020 as per forum UK time. The winner will then be drawn in LIVE chat sometime after that. Please find his for sale and trade listings on the forum here. @InvestInCoins888 will also be selling at The Silver Forum Lounge with Numistacker @ The London Coin Show so come along and check out his items for sale there! He is also offering a 10% Discount for The Silver Forum members, on his website, in January! using code: SilverForum10%Jan The prizes (all will be won by 1 winner) A boxed The Royal Mint 2017 Britannia .999 Silver A Boxed 1994 The Canadian Mint Proof Dollar .925 Silver A Boxed US Mint 1982 George Washington Half Dollar .900 Silver
  6. The Silver Mountain, based in The Netherlands
  7. 101 Munten, based in the Netherlands
  8. Bullion Exchanges based in NYC
  9. Muenze Oesterreich (Mint that produced the philharmonic)
  10. Money Metals (USA)