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  2. To all those members who commented on this topic, please see the following rules: Also topic moved to non precious metals sales section as item doesn’t contain precious metals.
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    October 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Congratulations! Please PM me the address you would like me to send your coin to.
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    Hello & Namaste From India :)

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  10. Not sure why that is, but happy everything is now working Please see the topic here: https://thesilverforum.com/topic/17184-notification-mails-stopped-working/
  11. This has been fixed. Error was due to a change of password on the sever that I forgot to then update in the admin panel. Apologies for the inconvenience. All forum outgoing emails are now working fine now. I have emailed everyone who is subscribed to the newsletter list. If any issues like this happen again please feel free to email me directly and I can get it fixed as soon as possible. I only just noticed the error when a member PM'd me and I logged into the forum and noticed it.
  12. ChrisSIlver

    Initiative Q

    Guys. I have just noticed this topic. Affiliate links are not allowed on the forum due to forum rules. However as this topic has already been open for some days I will leave this specific topic open and those who wish can reply. I also already thought about a specific affiliate link area and will be discussing it with established members in the established members forum. We may or may not decide to add an affiliate area where affiliate links are allowed on the forum. For the moment please do not post off topic affiliate links or any other affiliate links in new topics, many thanks.
  13. You can win a 1oz Silver Coin for selling on The Silver Forum. Currently open to sales from UK & Europe (we may have competitions for other regions in the future) To see the details and to enter please see the topic below
  14. Everyone, this is how fixed. There is a maximum image size of 10MB per photo, but that should be more than enough for all photos, as most photos in their original size will be about 5MB. If 10MB isn't enough I can always increase that slightly, but it should be more than enough with enough buffer room.
  15. Issue has been diagnosed, is caused by a setting on the server itself. Will contact the web host and ask to change that limit. Will comment back in this thread when that has been done.