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  2. It is sad that you clearly are complicit in the gleichschaltung which curiously happened also on the 31/3 for the medical bodies. I just hope you never find yourself on the wrong end of the stick of the changes to the Mental Health Act.
  3. Ok friend, this is literally the last time I respond to you and your cut and pasted posts. I will say this gently as i am a little tired of you. Read your own post back to yourself slowly. Read point i) you yourself wrote. You are the one making outrageous claims and half truths, stirring up fear and undermining this national effort. I recall your original posts undermining the efforts to get people to stay at home. I have nothing to ‘prove’ to you. First time I’m going to actually block someone on this forum. i will say as I always do good luck and I hope you stay well.
  4. Hi, I have been reading this forum on a daily basis since last summer. I decided it's about time to join up! A big thank you to all posters for the tons of insight and knowledge i have gathered here over the last year. I started off by collecting casino silver strikes around 2008, the shifted to bullion around 2011. Lost interest in silver few years later, but kept most of the stack. Nowadays i buy 'junk' gold, lmu 20francs, 10 gulden pieces and bullion sovs. I am blessed with a great lcs nearby that sells all of these at spot +2% Glad to have finally joined up, love the vibe and spirit on this board Antwerpstacker
  5. You are aware of the “Coronavirus Act of Parliament “ Based on the new legislation new guidance has been issued “Any medical practitioner with GMC registration can sign the MCCD, even if they did not attend the deceased during their last illness, if the following conditions are met: i. The medical practitioner who attended is unable to sign the MCCD or it is impractical for them to do so and, ii. the medical practitioner who proposes to sign the MCCD is able to state the cause of death to the best of their knowledge and belief, and iii. a medical practitioner has attended the deceased (including visual/video consultation) within 28 days before death, or viewed the body in person after death (including for verification).” I quoted the relevant section of the new guidelines (31/3/2020) and you will notice “the” medical practitioner is not necessarily identical with “a” practitioner qed. I would like you to retract your “largely incorrect” as to my statement that the doctor who certifies the death does not need to see the body. You boast a lot of things and we have to take your word for it. You had all week to prove your outrageous claim, yet you have failed to do so I suggest you or your team start to provide evidence for any of your statements but I strongly doubt that you are able to.
  6. Welcome aboard TSF - best place to be, for knowledge , advice and fun in the PM world
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum
  8. I didn’t realise that, but just looked and it states... As with silver, VAT on platinum, palladium and rhodium is only charged upon taking delivery of your order. If you store your purchase with us, you will not be charged VAT unless delivery takes place. before you put in email address before you purchase. To be fair it’s not over clear but the site is 15 years out of date all over
  9. Welcome to the forum - fullof knowledgeable members for PM information And great deals too
  10. tread with caution IMHO
  11. Hello, welcome from Brussels. !
  12. Hmmm - previously trading as ! AU Trading LLC is committed to protecting your privacy when you use our on-line, ... Euro Atlantic Trading Limited; T/A; 20-22 Wenlock Road ...
  13. Welcome welcome to the silver forum! huge welcome from Brussels.
  14. Hi MAB welcome to the silver forum 😁
  15. Apologies forum members! I’ve corrected the errors in my post. The Marianne Rooster is in reverse alignment rather than en médaille (“in medal alignment”). Here’s an interesting link explaining these sometimes confusing numismatic terms:
  16. Hi Everyone, Expat Brit stacker living in Tokyo, fairly new to stacking. Looking forward to getting to know you all. MAB
  17. Hi! Has anyone tried this website? I tried to look for reviews but could not find any.
  18. Hi there. Welcome to The Silver Forum!
  19. To add to this, most Parisian dealers who sell graded coins, will sell with the same kind of holder.
  20. This dealer does his own ‘grading’ and ‘certification’ and for some reason always sets the focus plane on the label. I am sure @Choi bought the coin based on the images of the coin outside the holder which are in focus. Consider these holders as sales packaging; the motto “buy the coin, not the holder” has never been so true as with this specific french dealer.
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  22. Can you report the Royal Mint to trading standards whilst you're at it?
  23. COIN COMMUNITY #7 - watch this one all the way through - wow our community is great
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