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Expert View on the Gold Price

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2 hours ago, HawkHybrid said:

with hindsight the reasons all make sense.

I don't see how his expert view has any use.


i posted the video as he gave logical reasoning behind what he said and there were none of the usual gold will be $10 000 by Christmas.

There was a lot of information in the video - the guy's business has been in gold since 1972 - i expect his reasoning will have been formed real time - He appears to have knowledge from all sides of the gold market.

The take home was gold stabilises a portfolio - there is a strong base to the range - this is like the range before the 2000 push up. He expects the next push to be up for all the reasons given and that the picture is bullish for gold.

He did not suggest people to rush out to buy gold - it was buy enough and if you haven't got enough you do not need to break your neck in a rush to get it.

i did not agree with his view on GLD but we both have the view dealing in the likes of SLV and GLD are much easier and cheaper than physical.

There was nothing conspiratorial in the presentation - there was nothing like the repatriation of Venezuelan gold in 2010/11 was a contributor to the spike in price and further evidence if we needed it the Western banking cabal doesn't hold the amount of gold they claim and have sold other countries' gold off.

For me it confirmed to me i should carry on with steady buying and have confidence the gold market is bullish with a strong base.

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I feel there's nothing there to build on.

(he's better than others though)

it's very general fundamental analysis (which I

hate as many use fundamentals to mislead

people for years or even decades). much of

the reasoning is with hindsight. the forward

looking insights is not of much use as they

are based on news. news does not move the

gold price for a sustainable period of time.

logic, ie our personal ability to makes sense of

the situation does not come into it when markets

price goods and services.

he left out the most critical input: adding more

knowledge and versatility to peoples investments.

it's not what he can do for people it should be

more of what he can say to better allow people to

help themselves.



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I didn’t think he looked old enough to have been working with gold for around 50 years.  His own investments couldn’t have been that good if he’s still working after approximately 50 years and he said he wanted to wind down to retirement a number of years ago. :)

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