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closed Special Pen Maple Burl

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As always see below for terms. 

This is a Thick but manageable pen. I made it out if Maple burly  wood, it is Platinum plated with Gold plating over Titanium. 

I do have a couple of more smaller pens coming, they are near completion. But I don't know when my back will be ready. 

The way I do the deal is You pay for shipping. I ship this off to you in good faith, regardless if country. 

Then you determine if you want it or not, if not just post it back. 

If you like it and want it you decide how much milky spotted or scratched 999 silver it's worth. I only do this to help fund my smelting silver making/ pouring. 

If your not sure ask @kimchi as he knows the quality and might give you an idea. But ultimately it is up to you. I don't want to tell anyone how much to pay in silver. I am now allowing you to make a payment if you want, but only because I know people will want their silver, I am buying in silver too. As this is a very tiny amount that goes towards my BULK of my pouring. Plus I can use it to pay for the assay office and getting up and going. 

Right enough said I hope this finds a home. 










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Happy to be asked anything by PM :)

These are quality, absolutely unique pens by a real craftsman and a top guy who is a pleasure to deal with.

He's a perfectionist imo so if @jonrms is happy to list a finished piece then you will be blown away by the quality in my experience!

This one is very regal isn't it? I wonder if @RegalStacker might be tempted?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.