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closed Vintage 5oz Swiss of America Rounds

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2 X 5oz Swiss of america rounds.

Quite rare in the UK. Nice and chunky ( see compared to 1oz monarch)

Selling for £100ea.

If both bought together will throw in special delivery included in price.

Postage of buyers choice and payment through PPFF

Great history behind this mint, I'll add it to the comment below.




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All the history I dug up on the mint, enjoy...


A little history of the founder, Loyd Hewitt, from his obituary...

He was born on October 5, 1924 in Ogden, Utah, grew up in St George, Utah and lived many years in Sandy, Utah.

Loyd served as an officer in the Army Air Corps during WWII in the pacific theater. He was a Radio and Radar Operator on a B-29 flying out of Guam. One particular flight he mentions was that of a weather study over Japan when he saw a very bright light and red plume over Nagasaki Japan. After his service, he used his GI bill to study geo-physics at the University of Utah. He spent many years traipsing across North America surveying for mineral deposits.

After working for mining companies such as Twin Peaks Mining, American Smelting and Refining, and Newmont Mining, Loyd founded his own company, Hewitt Enterprises and began surveying the country for minerals using a new technology which he was pioneering. He became known as the man with the magic black box. He performed geophysical surveys all over North America. He hired many family members and friends and children of friends helping many along the way. After many years, there was a down turn in mining industry in the United States so he decided it was time to retire (sort of).

In his semi-retirement, he decided to start a new company, Swiss of America, allowing access to gold and silver for the masses. With this new company, he continued helping others by hiring those that could use the work. He was able to do something he always wanted to do at Swiss of America. He acquired a soda pop machine where he could open it up and give people soda pop for free. Swiss of America was housed in an old Poultry Processing plant that was previously owned by Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of the Television. Swiss of America refined silver, gold and platinum and minted silver and gold medallions. For a while, the company assembled first aid kits for people’s preparedness.

Loyd A Hewitt 10/05/1924 - 09/27/2014

Hello All. Swiss of America was my grandfather's mint and I'm here to answer some of the most common questions I see on the internet regarding it. First, thanks to @whineknot for posting his obituary here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Silverbugs/comments/5vjbv6/swiss_of_america_draper_mint/

1) Why was it called Swiss of America? At the time, the Swiss were heavily associated with monetary stability.

2) Why are is there a picture of the Grand Tetons on the coins? Because he thought it was pretty. That's right. There is no deep meaning or symbolism. He just thought it was pretty.

3) What are the mintages? Honestly, I would be more surprised if he even created those records, much less kept them. All of those records would have been destroyed after his death. None of his children realized that he left an extremely collectible legacy. A year or so later, when I showed my dad the ebay prices he was gobsmacked. Only a few of his grandchildren are really aware of what Swiss of America is to collectors. Thank you for keeping this alive. But also, you've made it really expensive to buy it back.

4) Where was the mint? It was in Draper, UT at 12215 900 E. Last time I went to visit, there was a dog boutique which was an odd transformation.

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