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info Please read: Commenting in sales topics - no unsolicited posts

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If you are not a prospective member to a trade please do not post in someone's sales topics.

These sorts of comments add no value to the sale and you are discouraging sellers to list items. If an item is priced too high and doesn't sell, the buyer will understand themselves that the item was priced too high, there is no need to comment in their sales topic.

You may think an item is priced too high, this is the sellers choice to choose their asking price, please do not make unwanted posts in the sellers sales topic. It is up to the buyer to decide if the item is being sold at a fair price (they can even make a separate question in the other forum sections to ask what the fair price of such an item would be if they have concerns) 

Also, if you notice any mistakes in someones listing or genuinely wish to help the seller, there is no harm to send them a private message.

To sellers: Please report unwanted or related posts in your sales topics and they can be removed.

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Just to catch up on this, there have been a number of posts recently where other members are jumping on other peoples sales topics. For example a member lists an item for sale, and someone posts in that topic something like "you can get this cheaper from this place" or "that is too expensive", firstly sabotaging other peoples sales topics isn't allowed, and secondly some of these posts have found to be factually inaccurate and when adding on shipping costs to the buyers country have found to be incorrect.

If you are not an interested party in the topic then please do not post in these for sale topics. These types of posts are unsolicited. 

Obviously wanted topics are different, wanted posts are for when a member is looking to buy an item, in these topics you can link the member to different dealers, or to message them if you have that item for sale, or know someone who is looking to sell that item etc.

To sellers: Please report unwanted, unrelated or unsolicited posts in your sales topics using the report button and they can be removed to tidy up your sale topic.

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