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expression of interest Hand poured Silver Mother's Day Gifts

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Another hallmark holiday has passed! I hope you all had a great Valentine's day...

But...soon it will be...

Mother's Day!!

In the UK Mothering Sunday is on 11th March. That is less that 1 month away so if you are still looking for a great gift to give your Mum this year then look no further!

I hate to tout for business like this for hallmark holidays - and I had completely forgotten about Mothers day until today when I have had people place orders for this auspicious day!

Because of hallmarking lead times I will be submitting a batch for "Mother's day" hallmarking on Thursday 25th January. This will mean I get the items back by Friday 2nd February which in turn give us plenty of time to get anything delivered. 

For international customers I would advise haste - I am submitting a batch on 28th February. This will give enough time to get the pieces hallmarked and (if required) mirrored up ready for delivery before 11th March. 

Hearts are the classic choice for a mother's day gift but as you know I have a lot of different shapes to offer so don't feel like you have to have a heart. However, hearts are very popular so here is the low down on what I can offer heart wise:

Large Heart - Approx. 5 oz

Medium Heart  - Approx. 2.5 oz

Small Heart - Approx 1 oz 

All hearts can be either Rippled or Mirrored - your choice (examples in the pictures below). 

You can have personalised stamping on the heart and this is included in the cost of the pieces as follows:

Silver is priced at £22.50/oz which includes my time, running costs of furnace, expenses and hallmarking. 

I can offer a mirror finish for +£15 on the 1oz & 2.5oz Hearts and +£20 for the 5oz heart. 

A "making of" video with some nice music and personalised message to give with your loved one is +£15

I would require a 50% deposit to make the heart - then if you are happy with the piece we settle up the difference once we know the weight. 

Payment via Banks Transfer or PayPal F&F or G&S +5%

I can also take payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. There will be a 5% fee and an additional £10 banking fee to pay for this service. 

PM me or drop me a message on this thread!

Debi's Heart (1).JPG



Emma's Heart.jpg

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