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**February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

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1 minute ago, augur said:

Roughly £16 postage and full insurance cover, not only up to £50 or 4oz of silver 

Right, as I thought it probably was, the same as to us in the U.K.  @Big23, the postage doesn't strike me as being that bad for a big order?

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Weight 31.21 g
Pure silver content 1 Troy oz
Dimensions 38.61 mm
Alloy 999 Fine Silver
Reverse Designer Philip Nathan
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Face Value £2
Packaging Single Coin Capsule


All prices are inclusive of manufacturing prem


Spec from the RM site so yes they do @Alymac ?

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21 hours ago, austack said:

I have a lifetime ISA, if I sell my stack I will reach £4000 saved which means on the tax year I will get a 25% bonus on my savings (max savings per tax year is £4k) so I get £1000 bonus, then I will buy gold again (and some silver)

Smart move.

I've just transfered my Help to Buy over to a LISA and as I had 4k saved from the previous tax year, come May I'll have 2k in my account for nothing. We aim to buy our first place in 18mths so by then I'll have another 1k for nothing. My partener is also doing the same so that'll be £6,000 cash to put towards our first home. ?

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11 hours ago, PansPurse said:

*feels smug*

*Grabs atlas*


Educational as well this thread, innit? :)

Fun fact - that very famous line was actually ad-libbed!

Fun fact # 2 - as Vader's voice was dubbed in later, Mark Hamill was the only person apart from Lucas and Kershner on the set who knew that the script said 'I am your father!'. The actual line spoken by the actor was 'I ate your kitkat' (or summat).

The thing I don't get about Star Wars is that if the Rebels didn't...well rebel...there would be no conflict, blowing up of planets and all that other messy business. I get that nine films of some evil guys flying serenely around the galaxy patting themselves on the back and not bothering to build Death Stars and whatnot wouldn't be very riveting, but it all seems like rather an unnecessary fuss over nothing to me.

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On the gs.be website, they have these coins called zanzibar, looks very unique!

Granted its out of stock (not for long according to GS), but does anyone know where they are made and if they are like government issue coins in Tanzania or very well made generic rounds?

Here's a link if anyone else wants to see it


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OK everyone - I have an update for you all.

Apparently GS.be have changed their shipping policies. Only single orders of 5000 EURO or more qualify for free shipping. If you combine multiple orders together to get more than 5000 EURO then this does not count. 

Considering I have placed well over 40,000 EURO worth of business with GS.be over the course of these group orders I find it so strange that I get the short, curt answers. 


After this email I replied 3 times to get an answer - and I have had the following reply:


I have replied again asking why this policy has changed and whether an exception can be made with regards to this group order. 

Don't hold your breath. 

It really is amazing that a company can be so short with their customer services. Now, maybe 50,000 + EUROs business per year is not a big deal to them...but I know many other dealers egging to get their chance!

So - it means that for this group order we are going to have to share out the 18 EUROs for shipping. 

It won't make much difference - if we get 7500 EURO order it works out at about 20p per 100 EUROs ordered. 

Maybe they are pissed off at me for using the EU mint last month - but they should be competing for our business not pissing us off...

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But it is essentially a single order, since you grouped it and just you are ordering it. What you do after is non of their concern. Bit strange. Will they question every customer ordering above 5000 euro asking if they bought some for a friend?! Strange

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Edited Spelling!

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