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  1. As per rules, please state an asking price. Thanks
  2. morezone

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    Thought I'd start this thread to allow the posting of ALL deals on gold rather than having multiple new threads My deal today is with Atkinsons who have the 1/10th Isle of Man Angel. I've bought one because I've been after this little guy for ever and ever and they don't come around very often. When you do find them, they're usually proof with a crazy price tag. Only one left though at the time of posting.
  3. morezone

    for sale 2018 Silver Swan BU Sealed 20

    As per forum rules, you must state an asking price. It is then up to you whether you will accept lower offers in it.
  4. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    @mgcardello merged
  5. morezone

    Royal Mint Lunar

    I believe they are commissioned by Goldco in the USA. They did release a Rooster but I don't think they ever did a horse. Most are kept in IRAs for their customers.
  6. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    @Amazing merged
  7. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Got it before I got into PMs and is pure luck that it weighs ~1oz
  8. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Yep, not many of them about and fetch a pretty penny. As a Lego fan I decided to have my own made in 24k gold. I do also have some sterling silver from ollie and a couple of the monarch ones too.
  9. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Here's a reminder of the rules: I should be spending time with the wife not sat here cleaning up and reminding people of general forum etiquette.
  10. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    That's because it was a rude and unnecessary comment directed at an individual. This is to all. Keep your thoughts about other members to yourself. Discuss any topic and product you want but not about other members. Don't like them or their comments, ignore. Simple.
  11. All posts not relating to the topic from all parties have been removed. They have no bearing on this thread and some are inappropriate and have no place here.
  12. This has gone way off topic. I will ask all members to refrain from using foul language and keep everything civilized. No more rude comments and referencing in this post or others. It applies to all parties. If anyone has a problem with a post, simply report it with a comment. There is no need to add fuel in most cases. Personal grudges should not be aired in open and if this continues then I will take action. If anyone has received offensive PMs, please report them.
  13. I'v had a few enquiries for these flips since they are bit pricey to get hold of in the UK. A must for sending coins to PCGS and recommended for NGC. Great for long term archive if you prefer to keep your gold coins in flips. These come in packs of 50. Plenty available 1 Pack for £15 inc 1st class signed-for (30p each) 2 Packs for £28 inc 1st class signed-for (28p each) Payment by BT or PPF&F
  14. bump for those who missed this thread. T22 (Sovereign & 1/4 beasts etc) ringed air-tite branded caps are also back in for those who have asked in the past.
  15. Redeeming your 10% off coupon This coupon is a 10% discount valid from 10am to 8pm GMT Friday 8th June 2018 on purchases on eBay.co.uk in selected categories, unless cancelled earlier in accordance with these T&Cs. How to redeem your coupon: Simply make a purchase of £20 or more on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category: Fashion Home & Garden Sports & Leisure Health & Beauty Vehicle Parts & Accessories Business, Office & Industrial Supplies Media Enter coupon code PERFECTTEN at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £50 per redemption and you are limited to one redemption.
  16. Topcashback are also increasing their cash back to 5% for the duration of this eBay promo.
  17. morezone

    Tapatalk not working?

    @shawy2510 I don't seem to be able to login via tapatalk. I get an error message. Thought it was just me.
  18. Same deal as last year. Few medals available. £2 each plus postage of your choice. Designs available that I've come across. I will need to know by tonight/tomorrow morning as I will be picking up requests tomorrow.
  19. morezone

    Tapatalk not working?

    @ChrisSIlver Tapatalk doesn't seem to be working at the mo and hasn't since a couple of days ago
  20. morezone

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Went investigating today and went to where the parcel was delivered and spoke to the guy (business address). The package he received had all his details on there including his personal name, business name and telephone number. It was not a package he was expecting and he thought nothing of it as he does receive promo stuff and gifts from time to time although this one was a bit strange as it came from Germany. I explained what the confusion was and showed him a pic of my parcel which clearly showed my tracking label and the tracking event which I'd printed out for it. We know the parcel contained a small clock so asked if it looked tampered with. New shipping address stuck on etc. He said it looked legit and didn't look like anything had been stuck on except it had his address on there and the sender was now a Gerhard Smidt or something very similar. I see 2 possibilities. The tracking label was removed and placed onto a new shipping label either on this box or another. The other possibility is the addresses were removed and replaced. Dios printed out the addresses and then cut them out and stuck them onto the label onto the corresponding fields/lines. Depending on how sticky the tape was and whether a heat gun was used, the stuck on paper could have been removed and then new addresses written on. I suspect it's the latter. Unfortunately we no longer have access to the parcel and is being returned to sender by UK Mail to a presumably fake address or one just plucked from somewhere otherwise I could have inspected it myself. With Sal having had the same issue I'm 100% confident that the tampering has happened in Germany. @Frenchie I suspect your parcel has received a similar treatment to ours where it has been delivered but to a new addressee and the contents stolen and replaced. I only managed to track mine down because the parcel was handed over to a courier where full delivery details are entered onto a computer and the courier staff were helpful. The big question is whether it's just happening to parcels from Dios or if it's happening elsewhere as well and at which point is the tampering going on.
  21. The NHS is badly run by people who should not be in the position they are. As long as they get paid, they don't really care too much about how well they do the job. The NHS probably over pays for most of their goods a services. Suppliers and contractors see the NHS as a cash cow. Give them a bill and they pay it without question in most cases. A part time employee of mine some years ago was working as an appreciate electrician. His company was doing work for the NHS and they were milking them. They were charging 3X more than they'd charge for other businesses and homes and they could get away with it because the other contractors were doing exactly the same. Some of the work involved moving sockets but some of the distances involved were laughable. 10cm up, down, left, right and then a bill for a few hundred for half an hours work for a job which they thought was a bit pointless. If invoices are queried the management usually just says to pay the bill and don't bother following it up. I've heard that getting fired from the NHS is pretty much impossible. I've heard of perfectly healthy people deliberately going on the sick and working the system and jumping from trust to trust, rising and repeating. People who have been reprimanded x number of times yet are still employed. People who are either not good at their job or too lazy to do their job are just moved about rather than being dismissed so more staff are employed to fill the roles and do the work rather than replace the employee. Two trusts around here recently merged. All the ID badge holders and lanyards were replaced with a different coloured one. Writing pens were also replaced with a new colour. The old stuff was just thrown out. They would have been paying top £ for the stuff so multiply by x thousand staff over several hospitals over many many sites and it really adds up. I wouldn't mind paying more tax to help fund the NHS if it was run well by competent people.
  22. morezone

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    I've been investigating and trying to sort my order out as of yesterday. I had no idea my order had shipped until I contacted him yesterday to ask about it. He gave me the tracking number and was sent 2 weeks ago. I checked tracking and it showed it had been delivered last Thursday to a neighbour with an attempted delivery on Wednesday. I checked my CCTV for both days at around the delivery times and there was no attempt from UKMail. I contacted my local depot where they confirmed that the tracking number I had was not for a parcel addressed to me and there could have been a mix up during the re-allocation of the UK Mail tracking from DHL Germany. I was told to ring a dedicated number in the morning to look into it and if I had no joy with them to then to ring back the Manchester Office so they could look into it. I went round to where the parcel was supposed to have been delivered (there about anyway) and they denied receipt of any incorrectly addressed parcels. This morning I had a delivery from UK Mail so asked the driver (reg driver who I'm on good terms with)if he had done my round last week where I explained that my parcel had gone to the wrong address. I showed him a pic of my parcel along with tracking and told him the name of the person who'd signed for it and on which road. He knew who the person was so would retrieve the parcel. Unfortunately they were not in so he phoned the depot to investigate for me and told me he would come back round after he'd finished as he now had the full information of where it had been delivered and where it was addressed to (according to their system) and just to leave it with him as management were now aware of the issue and steps were now in motion. A coupe of hours ago I received a call from the depot. The parcel was retrieved but was already opened and contained a small clock. Additionally, the parcel was not addressed to me but the German tracking number on the parcel does match the one attached to my parcel which explains why it was delivered and tracked to where it was. At the moment it looks like my parcel was opened, contents replaced and delivery address replaced. Tomorrow I will be going around to where the parcel was delivered to to speak to them and confirm that it was an unexpected parcel even though it was addressed to them. I do not believe the tracking label would come off easily so if it was an expected parcel, then my tracking label would have been taken off mine and placed onto theirs. If UK Mail redeliver the retrieved parcel I can inspect the parcel myself. As it stands now, the parcel is pretty much written off. Dios is filing an investigation for it but whether I'll be compensated is a different story. I'm not holding my breath. It is a big hit for me but sooner or later this kind of thing was going to happen. Why? Because I'm unlucky and laws of probability says so. A similar thing happened last year when Parcel Force handled domestic German DHL parcels but that was human error and was sorted out without loss but was a bit of a pain as I was out of the country at the time.
  23. morezone

    Nectar Points Offer

    8X (4%) Nectar Points until 30th on £10+ purchases. Activate on eBay homepage banner or though Nectar app/website.
  24. Zeek related.... Topcashback are currently boosting the Zeek payout to 30% from their usual 15%. Get cashback when buying through Topcashback and then boost it up when exchanged for Zeek credit and then exchange for discounted gift cards. Some good savings to be had. You also get Topcashback when buying the gift card from Zeek and the retailer your're buying from using that gift card might even pay cashback as well. Quidco also have a 15% Zeek boost and during last weeks promo it was upped to 25%. I bought something a couple of days ago. After Quidco promo boost, Zeek cashback, Giftcard discount, Retailer cashback I got 40% off retail.
  25. morezone

    for sale MS70 1/4 oz GOLD Queen's Beasts GRIFFIN & LION for sale

    You created a thread in the gold discussion area for specifically for selling your coins. I moved it here and and asked you to add a price. You also put up a little ad within another thread stating you had coins to sell which I left alone even though it was in a thread about some graded MS70 Bulls. You have added prices to this. A little over an hour ago you also added the same ad into another thread which included prices and is identical to the one which you made the pricing additions to. Those ads really shouldn’t be in those discussions but rather in the classified section here where I moved your sale advert. This sale advert still does not have prices. Since those thread replies shouldn’t really be there I’ve moved them into this thread as they also contain the prices which are missing from this one so now there is no need to add prices to the first post. Again, if you wish to sell items please use the classifieds section.