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  1. bump for the Panda. 2012 1/20 Gold Panda PCGSMS69 - £70 inc 1st signed-for
  2. Thought I'd offer them here first before listing elsewhere. Now listed elsewhere and one sold so one left. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Compact Photo Printer RRP of £119.99 but can be had for around the £100 mark a lot of the time. I have 2 for sale. They may or may not come with paper and since they're still sealed I am unable to check. I have one which was bought at the same time & place and mine came with 36 sheets. £70 inc delivery to UK standard mainland location.
  3. @NJstackin1488 moved to the YouTube section.
  4. Currently in storage and will be Thursday at the earliest before I can retrieve. Image is of the actual coin taken from NGC site. £200 + delivery £2.50 1st signed - uninsured at your won risk £6.50 Special Delivery - fully insured
  5. Quick bump for standard members. Only coin 4 Lion remaining.
  6. Could you confirm that it's 2 X 1912 which are for sale as you have 3 coins pictures of which one is a 1911.
  7. Yes, still available. PM on the way
  8. These are in storage at the moment but will get them out if there's interest. I brought a couple home on the off chance anyone is interested so can post straight away for the first couple of buyers. 2016 1/10 Somali Elephants still in their protective film. I've then sealed them in a Saflip. First year of issue in 1/10th for this series. 4 available but there may be a 5th. £125 each + postage of your choice. £2.50 1st class signed-for. This is uninsured and at your own risk. £6.50 Special Delivery. This is fully insured. Payment by BT
  9. Only looks like maybe 0.5cm tape attached to the flap. Can see where it’s still attached.
  10. To me it looks like the sender has used thin tape along the seam which will not be strong enough if force is applied to the top. The barcode does not have a straight cut and looks torn. Based on the pics it looks like something has pushed down on the parcel with enough force to split the label and unstick the little bit of tape holding the flaps together. When taping up one should use thick parcel tape which will cover a greater area on the seam. Ideally tape should be applied both along and perpendicular for maximum support and strength.
  11. I take the kids theme parking regularly and I've noticed that Merlin have stopped accepting cash at their food kiosks. I can see why since it requires staff/security to take cash back to the accounts office at the end of the day and maybe even multiple times a day. Then it has to be counted and banked/collected and all this incurs charges and risk. With card payment fees so low now it is cheaper to accept cards as payment instead of cash. Only recently a shop staff member had her bag snatched on the way to the post office to bank the takings. For people who use cards it's not an issue but it does cause problems for those who don't. My dad prefers to use cash. He'll go the post office to withdraw his pension and then pay with the cash. In rare instances he will use his debit card and I can only assume it's because it's of a larger amount and he doesn't have the cash with him. For me I like to use cards. Saves me withdrawing cash on a regular basis and for small amounts I use contactless which is nice a quick. I wish more places would adopt limitless Apple Pay as that would make it even easier. As a bonus I get 0.5 - 1% cashback on my spend. I do always carry cash for where card payments are not accepted and as an emergency. There have been times where a shop's card system has gone down and they've had to direct people to the nearest cash machine. Card payments is the way forward but until everyone goes digital then cash should still have a place but I do understand why a merchant would want to phase out cash from their business.
  12. £70 inc 1st signed-for. Add £4 for Special.
  13. These are the remaining 3 Lions from the old thread. £310 inc Special Delivery. Although spot has gone up since then, the price remains the same. Yale of Beaufort £295 inc Special Delivery. At time of writing it's around £30 cheaper than Atkinsons. Due to the issues on these on the Queen's Beasts and particularly the Lion, I've photographed each coin separately (same pics used at last listing) so that you can choose the coin you want. As you probably are aware, there are usually abrasions on the Queen's side. Taken pics from a couple of angles. Sold as bullion. Payment by BT. Lion Coin 2 - SOLD Lion Coin 3 - SOLD Lion Coin 4 Yale of Beaufort - 1st pic shows capsule. Others with capsule removed. SOLD
  14. bump again. Free 1st signed-for with the Panda and Special for the Buffalo
  15. @AlL Merged your thread here since you are not offering them for sale here. I don't believe they are competitively priced especially when the 2019 Proof Sovereign is still available from the Royal Mint for £450
  16. Sorry. Been away and missed your post. PM on the way. Thank you to @fehk2001 for letting me know.
  17. Thread has now been locked and marked as withdrawn.
  18. morezone

    Shield Half Sovereigns

    @Pete Moved to discussion area since you are just looking for advice on pricing for now.
  19. If these are also being offered for sale here before the auction, then as per forum rules you will need to include an asking price. Thanks,