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  1. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    Unless your account has been authorised to use the code, then you can't use it. They are specific to those who have been selected and the discounts do vary both in value and minimum spend from account to account. Public discounts are usually promoted on their home page and those are the only ones which can be used by everyone. But like you say, people should check their messages periodically in case they do receive a discount code.
  2. morezone

    Silver jewellery

    I don't wear silver but have just swapped out my gold chain for something in the white metal range. With silver jewellery tarnishing and then having to polish & clean it regularly to keep it's appearance would be a little too annoying for me.
  3. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    @Auricsstash That code will be account specific. eBay periodically sends out unique discount codes to certain accounts. I've moved this into the today I bought section since the discount is not available to everyone.
  4. morezone

    Tapatalk not working?

    I've not been able to view the forum via Tapatalk since yesterday. I've not been able to login since just before 8th June.
  5. As per rules, please state an asking price. Thanks
  6. morezone

    2018 Silver Swan BU Sealed 20

    As per forum rules, you must state an asking price. It is then up to you whether you will accept lower offers in it.
  7. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    @mgcardello merged
  8. morezone

    Royal Mint Lunar

    I believe they are commissioned by Goldco in the USA. They did release a Rooster but I don't think they ever did a horse. Most are kept in IRAs for their customers.
  9. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    @Amazing merged
  10. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Got it before I got into PMs and is pure luck that it weighs ~1oz
  11. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Yep, not many of them about and fetch a pretty penny. As a Lego fan I decided to have my own made in 24k gold. I do also have some sterling silver from ollie and a couple of the monarch ones too.
  12. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Here's a reminder of the rules: I should be spending time with the wife not sat here cleaning up and reminding people of general forum etiquette.
  13. morezone

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    That's because it was a rude and unnecessary comment directed at an individual. This is to all. Keep your thoughts about other members to yourself. Discuss any topic and product you want but not about other members. Don't like them or their comments, ignore. Simple.
  14. All posts not relating to the topic from all parties have been removed. They have no bearing on this thread and some are inappropriate and have no place here.
  15. This has gone way off topic. I will ask all members to refrain from using foul language and keep everything civilized. No more rude comments and referencing in this post or others. It applies to all parties. If anyone has a problem with a post, simply report it with a comment. There is no need to add fuel in most cases. Personal grudges should not be aired in open and if this continues then I will take action. If anyone has received offensive PMs, please report them.