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  1. 1 tubed of 20 X 1/2 oz 2014 1 tube of 20 1/4 oz 2014 Total 15 oz. Asking £17.50oz = £262.50 + £8.80 Special Delivery. Payment by BT SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Coins are bullion grade and I've owned them from new. I've turned the tubes over to empty out. The top (bottom when emptied) 5 coins of the 1/2oz have been handled and played about with by me many years ago. The other coins are unhandled and I do not see milk spotting on the few coins I checked. The 1/4oz have never been handled. A quick check and there is milk spotting on all the 1/4 coins I checked. The 1/4oz tube does not close all the way down because the coins are ever so slightly higher than the rim of the tube. Has always been like that.
  2. Since you are new you may want to consider adding pics with your user name.
  3. Been sitting on my shelf for ages. I think it's from the Shanghai Mint. Along the bottom it says "Shanghai ....blah blah Ag .999 8g. For Chinese New Year. Still sealed in OMP. £6 + postage of your choice and risk. Can chuck 2nd or 1st LL stamp on for 90p & £1.15. Add £1.30 for signed-for. PPF&F or BT
  4. All 1oz Lunars are either sold or reserved. The reserved one has a deposit taken and until end of day Monday to pay the balance.
  5. Remaining coins for sale are now listed here. Payment by BT All 1/25ths sold. Other coins available further down. 1/25 ths - £52 - SOLD Excluding postage of your choice and risk. This is equivalent to £1300/oz. At the time of posting spot is ~£1350 which makes them over 3% below spot. 1/25 Cooks Islands - Diana - proof 1/25 Cook Islands - Captain James Cook 1/25 Falkland Islands - Henry VIII 1509 - 1547 1/25 Guernsey - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 1/25 Lao - The Lao People's Democratic Republic Tempel That Luang - (Acid Test Marks) 1/25 Vanuatu - 1996 Olympic Games 1/25 Cooks Islands - 500 Years of America 1/25 Guernsey - Queen Mother 1/25 Niue - John F Kennedy 1/25 Kingdom of Bhutan - Coronation Queen Elizabeth II 1/25 Tuvalu - Diana Princess of Wales 1961 - 1997 1/25 Zambia - Dr David Livingstone 1/25 Liberia - Nigel Mansell 1/25 Alderney - Lord Nelson 1/25 Liberia - Damon Hill 1oz New Zealand Mint Lunars - £1300 each Price includes Special Delivery. Selling as bullion and at the time of listing spot is £1350+. I will adjust price now and again if there's significant movement in spot. All coins bought new by me and transferred into ringed Air-tites. I do have the original caps to them which I will supply. 2015 Goat - oxidation spot on both obverse and reverse. SOLD 2016 Monkey - bit of frosting missing from the 1 in the 2016. SOLD 2017 Rooster - a few tiny missing frosting/pit marks - SOLD 1/4 2000 Panda - £400 Coin is in size A air-tite brand capsule. Since they don't do a A22 ringed I have taken a T22 foam ring and cut it down to fit into an A capsule. I have photographed the coin straight on and also at a slight angle. Price includes Special Delivery. The following 3 coins exclude postage of your choice and risk. 2013 1/50 Somali Elephant £35 SOLD 2017 0.5g Somali Elephant £31 SOLD 1990 1g Dragon & Phoenix £80 SOLD Rwanda 1oz Gold MS70 2018 Rwanda Lunar Ounce Series Dog (2nd issue - mintage 188) - £1670 2018 Rwanda African Ounce Series Giraffe (1st issue - mintage 100) - £1700 Both have their original boxes, caps and COAs. Prices include full insured Special Delivery
  6. Could you please either change the title or specify which items are at spot since the title does not apply to all coins so as not to confuse or accidentally mislead buyers.
  7. If you are no longer wanting to sell it then please mark the item as withdrawn. If you are wanting to sell it at a new price, then please state your new asking price.
  8. Sorry but I don't have any
  9. Just received this email from bitgild. Haven't ordered from them in years but they used to dropship via Coininvest. Jumped on Coininvest and they have a scrolling banner stating that Covid-19, high demand means there may be shipping delays.
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