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  1. morezone

    for sale or exchange RMB 5g gold bars for sale

    As per forum rules you will need to state an asking price.
  2. morezone

    for sale NGC Double Thickness Slab Storage Boxes

    Yes. The most common will be the 2oz Beasts.
  3. I have some of these for sale. Holds 14 of the double thickness NGC slabs. £12 + postage of your choice starting from £3 for standard 2nd. Still have a few of the standard NGC slab boxes and flips left here:
  4. morezone

    Error Message

    Just had the message myself.
  5. morezone

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Will only apply to U.K. residents. There is usually a work around where you change your home location to U.K. Edit: This is how people have been doing it with codes from other countries. This example is for using a US promo code. Never done it myself but people on HotUKDeals do it on a regular basis. Go on your ebay account and go to account settings Then on left hand menu go to addresses and change Registration address to USA (do not change delivery address) You should get a message congratulating on your move to the US and then click submit Then browse on the UK site and see what you want to buy, when you know and have the product page - amend the url to ebay.com(instead of .co.uk) If done successfully you should see the price in £ and dollars
  6. morezone

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Should be site wide.
  7. morezone

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Another one for the 19th Oct. There's a min spend of £20 required with a max discount of £50 and one use per customer - ends at 8PM Tonight. Code: PUMPKINS If you're a Topcashback user they have a bonus offer which needs to be activated and is from 00:00 19th - 21st October 23:59. Earn an extra £2.50 bonus on 1 transaction when you spend £20 or more. Some merchants may not include VAT or delivery charges on the spend reported back to TopCashback.
  8. morezone

    Today I bought.....

    @Sherabnamdhak We have bought and received stickies in the general PM section for purchases and deliveries.
  9. morezone

    10oz QB Unicorn

    @silverdocket Merged with Unicorn thread.
  10. morezone

    Silver Deals.....

    @Jamson78 thread moved.
  11. morezone

    for sale 2012 & 2016 Sovs NGC PF70

    As per forum rules you need to set an asking price. You can then take offers if you wish.
  12. Yer. Legal in quite a few EU countries. Max load is 100kg but I’d imagine it’ll be ok as long as the rider isn’t too much heavier.
  13. Xiaomi M365 Scooter arrived on Sunday from Amazon Italy. Amazon Spain was only available for Spanish Prime customers. France was out of stock of the black but was €20 cheaper. I originally ordered it from France and was going to wait but had forgot all about Italy. When I checked they had stock so cancelled the France order and bought from Italy on Tuesday evening. Amazon logistics is so funny sometimes. Ordered from Italy, dispatched from France although they are still showing as out of stock and original shipping labels shows it was from Spain. Xiaomi have an official outlet in Spain so I'd imagine all of Amazon's stocks will originate from there. It would have been cheaper from China but there's a small chance of being taxed, the delivery time is 1-2 months and there is pretty much zero warranty on it. Amazon EU provides a 2 year warranty and was deliverable within a week. Bought it so I can ride along with the youngest as she's just starting out on a bike. We're on a quiet estate but a lot of cars just fly round and cut around corners so have to keep up with her and watch out for the idiots. Will be much easier than pulling my bike out of the garage each time she ventures out. Also going to use it for short errands to save jumping into the car. So far I've been to the post office a couple of times and have just done a run to Argos in the town centre. Fun little toy. Top speed of 15 mph and will go 18 miles on a single charge but more likely 10-15 depending on how it's ridden. Not legal to use on roads or pavements but as long as it's used sensibly the police don't seem to mind.
  14. morezone

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    You are you are right. 4.3% is excessive. 0.4% would be more inline.
  15. morezone

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    The OP mentioned in another thread that he was emptying his bank account and converting to PMs. At this point he'd already bought several monster boxes of silver and was looking to use the remaining €60k on gold and was looking for suggestions. This was dated 31st July so not long after his original cancelled order mentioned here.