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  1. @dixiesilvergirl moved to the USA section.
  2. As per forum rules you will need to state asking prices. I suggest you use either past sales or dealer prices as a guide. Thanks.
  3. Box 2 left. Will include standard 2nd class post.
  4. Bump for remaining 2012 Panda and Buffalo.
  5. If these items are ready for sale then as per forum rules you will need to state an asking price. From there, potential buyers can then make offers.
  6. Yes, I have some A Tubes in stock.
  7. A little later than expected. Tried to time the order to arrive as I come back from holiday but one parcel went AWOL for a bit and the other took forever to clear customs. T tubes and H38 & H39 caps are restocked. 2.5" Saflips as recommended by NGC and PCGS for submissions. £13 / pack of 50. 2" Saflips £10 / pack of 50 Paper insert for 2" slips. £1 / bundle 50. These can only be purchased with the 2" Saflips on a 1:1 basis. Cardboard holder for 2" flips. Free per 2 packs of 2" flips. PCGS Slab Box £12 each Payment by PPF&F or BT. PPG&S + 3.5%. All prices exclude postage of your choice. Flips can go large letter. Don't forget you can combine postage with other bits and pieces. NGC Slab storage boxes can be found here: Air-tite capsules can be found here: After this batch there will be a significant price rise for the 2.5" Saflips. New price for 50 packs with UK delivery is US$705. At $1.3:£ and 5% duty, 20% VAT and £12 customs clearance makes them just shy of £14 landed which means they will retail for £15.
  8. @AlL moved to discussion area.
  9. @OlliesSilverBars how much is the gold one going for?
  10. It's supposed to be 45 days. Next time you are unable to edit let me or Chris know so we can look into.