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  1. Corrected the pre-fix and removed proof like just in case there is any confusion. To clarify for anyone interested, this coin is Brilliant Uncirculated in a Matt finish with a MS designation in 70 grade from NGC. Taken from The Royal Mint Site: The first time a Brilliant Uncirculated Five-Sovereign Piece has featured a stylish Matt finish A Limited Edition Presentation of just 500 coins – 50% fewer than in 2018 Struck in 22 carat gold Displays Benedetto Pistrucci's acclaimed St George and the dragon design in stunning detail The largest coin in The Sovereign 2019 Collection Struck to Brilliant Uncirculated standard
  2. @Jamesd Yes. Standard in silver and red and double in silver.
  3. Yep. The ones I have are both air-tite capsule with air-tite ring. Don't have any air-tite direct fit in stock.
  4. Perth Mint Dragon bars are smaller and thicker than standard 1oz bars so those capsules probably won't fit.
  5. Leaving something in OMP will not lose any premium but may gain some. Removing something and putting in a capsule will not gain any premium but may lose some. All dependent on whether this has a collector base now or in the future and whether there is anything unique about this particular coin. Any changes in the field, boarder, portrait, size etc. I've not kept up with the Britannia so have no idea if there has been any changes since they introduced the radial field. I myself did/partially still collect the 1/10th and 1oz bullion Brits but only those of a different design rather than a date run. There are people out there who do collect date runs of these but I doubt very many in 1/2oz size. 1/10,1/4 and 1oz would be a more collectible size. I like to take pretty much everything out of OMP (with exception of Pandas) and put them in capsules simply because of the way I store them. I'm not bothered about any premiums I may lose because of it. If I threw things into a box then I would just keep them in their OMP. If 2 identical coins were listed at the same price at the same time with one OMP and one not, then people would most likely choose OMP. They can then put it in a capsule if they want but obviously you can't do it the other way round. If there was a price difference then people would most likely choose the cheaper one unless it's a collectible in some way. There are some people who will pay slightly more for something in OMP even if it's not collectible but would be on how much more of a premium there is. If it were me I'd chuck it in a capsule. But that's just me.
  6. @ChrisG moved to the discussion area.
  7. Bought a 30g and 50g a couple of years ago and decided to keep the 30g. 50g has been sitting here for a while so it's time to move on. Comes in a sleeved box and capsule. It does have a COA but doesn't really mean much and has been Sigma verified. The capsule does have a crack on the inside lip. The card is still in it's cellophane wrap and has never been removed. The cracking was probably caused by the fact that the cellophane wrap makes it a tight fit in the capsule and the pressure has cracked it. The card is the exact size of a credit card and has a space on the back for engraving. Would make a nice gift. £76 + postage of your choice and risk £4 2nd class signed-for (uninsured) £4.50 1st class signed-for (uninsured) £7.50 Special Delivery (insured) Payment by PPF&F or BT.
  8. Only year they ever released it in bullion form and 1/10th. 10k mintage and was a US exclusive. 6 available. £140 + postage of your choice and risk. £2.50 1st class signed-for (uninsured) £6.50 Special Delivery (insured) Payment by BT.
  9. Moved to correct section and prefix added.
  10. @happy2gether They were the same price as what EMK are currently selling for. I got the email from EMK the other day too and was a big confused by it. Had to go back and double check that mine were also 2018. Even checked MCM to see if they had it listed again. No idea how/why EMK are getting more.