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  1. morezone

    Today I Received.....

    @Pragmatist Your thread has been merged here
  2. morezone

    An unboxing gallery

    We don't have a specific thread for unboxings other than general Youtube videos etc. If you want to show multiple unboxing pictures of a delivery I suggest that you use the today I received thread and keep them all within a single post. That way it doesn't get broken up and clutter nor does it clutter other forum sections.
  3. morezone

    withdrawn 1oz Gold Lunar 1

    Bump for everyone else. Will be selling to a German dealer on Monday if there is no interest. Withdrawn. Going straight to the dealer.
  4. morezone

    for sale Various Gold Coins

    Pandas and Buffalo left
  5. Just seeing if there is any interest on here. Currently in storage so will be a day or 2 for me to get them if there's interest. 1 X 2017 Rooster NGC MS70 £2100 2 X 2018 Dog NGC MS70 £1750 1 X 2018 Giraffe NGC MS70 £1800 Price includes special delivery but I will only sell the Rooster if I can sell the Dogs. Payment by BT
  6. I have 6 of these. Due to the issues on these on the Queen's Beasts and particularly the Lion, I've photographed each coin separately so that you can choose the coin you want. As you probably are aware, there are usually abrasions on the Queen's side. Taken pics from a couple of angles. Sold as bullion. Coins 5 & 6 are in Lighthouse caps but can be swapped for Air-tite ringed if you wish. £310 inc Special Delivery each. Payment by BT. Coin 1 & 6 are sold. Coin 1 - SOLD Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin 4 Coin 5 Coin 6 - SOLD
  7. morezone

    withdrawn 1oz Gold Lunar 1

    I plan on heading over to Germany to sell these coins. I am listing the buy price and the lowest current gold.de selling price. It will cost me around £200 for a day out in Germany with flight and hotel. I am listing it here in case there is any interest. I am taking off the % share of travel for each coin based on value. I will only sell if there are buyers for all 4 coins unless you wish to pay for the travel costs which I've removed. 1997 Ox €1250~£1116 (selling €1480) 24.5% of £200 = £49. Asking price of £1067 1998 Tiger - €1410~£1258 (selling €1549) 27.5% of £200 = £55 Asking price of £1203 1999 Rabbit - €1184~£1057 (selling €1281) 23.5% of £200 = £47. Asking price of £1010 2004 Monkey €1240~£1107 (selling €1349) 24.5% of £200 = £49. Asking price of £1058 Coins are still in storage so allow a day or 2 for me to get them out. Postage by Special Delivery is £7.50. If anyone happens to buy the full set, then I will throw in the wooden storage box for it as well.
  8. morezone

    for sale Various Gold Coins

    It's the New Year so time to clean up my collection and get rid of duplicates and series/coins which I'm no longer collecting. All prices exclude postage. Special Delivery £7.50. Payment by BT. 2005 1/10 Gold Panda NGC MS68 £160 - This did go through NCS 2017 Pistrucci 1/2 Sov NGCPF70 - comes with box etc - £255 - SOLD 2012 1/20 Gold Panda PCGSMS69 - £70 2017 Pistrucci Full Sov NGCPF69 - comes with box etc - £600 SOLD 2017 Pistrucci Full Sov - There are a few pin prick spots where the frosting is missing (back of horse, helmet and crown). - £450 SOLD 1994 1/20 Chinese Unicorn - £62 - SOLD 2013 1oz Reverse Proof Buffalo - £1150
  9. morezone

    for sale 2019 Full Proof Sovereign

    You've forgot to inc the price. Signed for as in Special Delivery?
  10. morezone

    withdrawn 1891 Indian Head Penny

    Setting the 2 auctions listings to "withdrawn" so only the 2 for sale ones will be current and active.
  11. morezone

    for sale or exchange 8 x Commonwealth Silver Crowns

    As per forum rules you will need to set a base asking price. From there, buyers can choose to pay the asking or make an offer.
  12. morezone

    withdrawn 1891 Indian Head Penny

    You have 2 each of 1901 and 1891 coins listed. One each as a sale and auction. Are the coins of the same year different coins? As mentioned in one of your other threads you need to set some rules and guidelines for the auctions such sale end date and time inc time zone, whether it includes delivery or not and payment methods.
  13. morezone

    for sale 1906 Indian Head Penny

    item now listed as an auction so this listing is now set to "withdrawn"
  14. morezone

    for sale 1891 Indian Head Penny

    item now listed as an auction so this listing is now set to "withdrawn"
  15. morezone

    withdrawn 1891 Indian Head Penny

    Moved to USA section. You will need to set guidelines for the auction such as end date and time (inc zone), postage and payment.