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  1. Would you take $345? Feel free to PM about details. Thanks for posting regardless!
  2. Would you take $210 for all of them? Feel free to DM me.
  3. That's great! Any clue to what time of day/timezone to look out for it?
  4. Does sovereign mean a government (UK) made it?
  5. To educate myself, what coin is this? What's it composition? Thanks!
  6. In search of a Ron Paul 1 oz or .5 Oz rounds. There are a few of these that were made but the 1 Oz might be my favorite. Message me if you've got one and are interested in selling at a reasonable price.
  7. @ChrisSilverThanks for doing this and helping to promote the forum in the USA. I hope it takes off here! I'm a noob to the Forum. Are there any threads that do a step by step guide to post a sale on here? Or one that walks through how selling works on the site? Is it all just privately arranged in private messages between seller/buyer? I really want to post something to enter the contest and as I understand it, if it sells you're doing $10 give aways too. Thanks!
  8. Thanks @Lr103 I'll keep an eye out! Feel free to message me any time too with deals or offers.
  9. Would you take $28? I'm in LA so shipping would be cheaper I think.
  10. Let me know if you're doing any more of these deals! I missed some of their stream from connection issues but signed up because of it after the fact. I'm interested in that AT SPOT deal :D