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  1. HelpingHands

    Is there any reason that gold keeps dropping?

    Its not currently a safe haven when other markets are still on the up.
  2. HelpingHands


    I just move.
  3. HelpingHands

    New from UK/London - Let it Begin!

    Welcome. You may be better buying small gold coins eg. Sovs / Half-Sovs Edit: Beaten to the click by BYB above
  4. HelpingHands

    Just reported this character

    Sounds like the police would be more interested in that than trading standards.
  5. I think it'll be a Belgium v England Final. After playing weak teams against each other in the group stage they get to put out their first choices and see what's what. A Re-Match.
  6. Same thing again for Weds.
  7. HelpingHands

    coin on Royal Mint web site

    The SOTD sov isn't this design. What's the point of that? https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/prince-george-fifth-birthday/prince-george-birthday-celebration-sovereign/
  8. HelpingHands

    PM’s and ???

    It depends if you were going to stack them or try to trade them. My main advice would be this: There is bitcoin and the rest are s#@t coins. Some are just more s#@t than others. If you ever try to trade just use the other s#@t coins to grow your bitcoin.
  9. HelpingHands

    PM’s and ???

  10. Do you all know about the BET365 risk free bet in running? Bet up £50 before the game and have a risk free bet in running. I think most people arb the prematch bet on a couple of sites so that's practically risk free too.
  11. HelpingHands

    Welcome :)

    Suggest it in this section https://thesilverforum.com/forum/11-forum-questions-comments/
  12. HelpingHands

    Coin Dealer in Las Vegas / Utah?

    You could visit the shop on Pawn Stars. https://gspawn.com/
  13. HelpingHands

    SECOND hand silver

    If you don't mind buying .925 try local auctions. Remember there is commission on your bids.
  14. HelpingHands

    2018 proof britannia

    Is it Britannia or a character from 'Pride and Prejudice'?