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  1. 2016 was the 1/4oz for the Japanese market I think. I cant see any other gold ones on ebay. Which characters in 2017/18? All or just Peter?
  2. Has there been any gold Potter 50p coins before this one?
  3. Click edit on your first post in the trade thread and change the prefix.
  4. When I give up with computer problems I system restore to an earlier date.
  5. @Thomas78 It's a forum rule that you need to state a price.... or at the very least a starting price that people can make offers on.
  6. I had the winner with a betfair free £10 bet but lost on SkyBet. The £20 isn't refunded yet. Anybody got it back yet?
  7. It might be worth posting a photo of the coin (both sides) on here and someone should be able to advise.
  8. 1.5oz is a nice chunky coin. I had a lot of the 2013 polar bears but they went dairy on me.
  9. I'd go with the general term 'Trinket Holder' as there doesn't seem to be a rest for a cigarette . - But some people might class a cigarette as a trinket.
  10. @Shaunbarry I've merged your post into this thread of madness.
  11. I thought paid members can edit forever - but it sounds like that's not the case. If you can't change your prefix then you can message a mod to resurrect the listing I suppose.