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  1. HelpingHands

    Hello from Cambridge!

    Yeah you can post it if you like.
  2. HelpingHands

    100g Water Buffalo size discrepancy

    If you post a photo of your coin somebody here may have one and be able to compare. Coins aren't always precise to specs. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
  3. HelpingHands

    Chards are Giving it away for free

    Ive moved this here from the trade section as you're not selling anything...... (and neither are Chards)
  4. HelpingHands

    Expression of Interest Platinum

    I don't know. Maybe someone will post their view on how well they would sell if there were any for sale.
  5. HelpingHands

    Expression of Interest Platinum

    Oxymoron. What are you up to here?
  6. HelpingHands

    buying many, get great discount...(sure?)

    @Pritchard moved it for you
  7. @davidle98664 I googled your phone number and it suggests that you're a dealer. What's the business name? Also, if you want to advertise as an dealer on the forum please view the gold membership.
  8. HelpingHands

    an auction style for sale thread

    Yes auction style posts are allowed in the trade section. You'll see it as an option in the prefixes when you start a new thread there. Included as much info as possible there Start/end time, starting price, postage inc/ex etc
  9. HelpingHands

    Gold Bubble ?

    Those with a nervous disposition look away now............
  10. HelpingHands

    Today I Received

    @MickD Ive merged into this thread
  11. As you're in the UK you'd start a thread in this section and chose the prefix 'for sale'. https://thesilverforum.com/forum/13-uk-europe/ Include info such as: what the items are, price, whether postage is included or extra, maybe photos, what the payment options are (bank transfer, paypal friends and family). I'd recommend looking at some of the other threads in the section so you can see how others have posted their sales advert.
  12. No you don't need to be a premium member.
  13. HelpingHands

    Loading Up

    There was a issue with the forum at the weekend so that could be related. Let's see if anybody else has reported it. @ChrisSIlver
  14. HelpingHands

    Loading Up

    What's the pop up you are getting? I don't think anybody else has mentioned that.
  15. @Marc is the coin in Japan? If so I'll need to move this thread to the 'Rest of the World' section.