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  1. I just saw your welcome thread. If you were to sell the bulk lot of silver you should get more that bullionbypost paid. I wouldn't sell them as a bulk lot for anything less that £17 per oz. You have some nice coins there so you could start higher then reduce is there aren't any immediate takers.
  2. The carded kiwi is nice. I had one of those. You'd probably get £30 - £40 for it.
  3. Yep fair enough. It's worth checking out the trade section on here too.
  4. It depends what coins you are buying but for regular bullion maybe £16 or £17 p/oz plus postage whilst Europe is still open. eg. https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/silver-coins/britannia/1-oz-britannia-silver-coin-2020/ https://www.europeanmint.com/silver-bullion/
  5. Some people leave monster boxes sealed.
  6. It's not the area I was thinking of. We had an image gallery of just designs for each year. One member usually uploaded all the images for within a set.
  7. I can't find it either. @ChrisSIlver was the gallery section removed?
  8. Ive edited the name out of every post above,,,, I think
  9. If you don't have any offers here I've noticed them on silvertrader https://www.silvertrader.uk/product/2019-john-wick-1oz-continental-silver-bullion-round/
  10. @ScottReisland its moved to the trade section.