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  1. @Rigrunner Hello. I've relocated your thread to the trade section on the forum. Also I'd recommend including a piece of paper with your forum username on within the photo.
  2. I think the right answer for me is to boycott their currency as best I can.
  3. That's the creation of a new token which might be a scam. That's not the creation of new bitcoin. When banks create new currency as they issue credit they aren't creating Natwestmoney Barclayscoin HSBCtokens they are creating GBP. Of course there are scams and ponzi scheme in the altcoin markets. Im talking about Bitcoin with a fixed supply. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/knowledgebank/how-is-money-created Therefore, if you borrow £100 from the bank, and it credits your account with the amount, ‘new money’ has been created. It didn’t exist until it was credited to your account. This also means as you pay off the loan, the electronic money your bank created is “deleted” – it no longer exists. You haven’t got richer or poorer. You might have less money in your bank account but your debts have gone down too. So essentially, banks create money, not wealth. Banks create around 80% of money in the economy as electronic deposits in this way.
  4. The scam is that a private company can lend you money they don't have and keep the interest as you repay it. Imagine if a private company that wasn't a bank was allowed to do that eg. Sports Direct.
  5. For myself it's not whether you can make money, it's whether it is money. With a bitcoin debit card I can pay at the shops like all those paying with banker-currency. I can decide and adjust my risk level whether I hold 90% Gold 10% Bitcoin, vice versa or somewhere in between.
  6. I suppose it depends on your definition of fiat. Bitcoin isn't government issued and the supply is fixed. I've said it before that the debate shouldn't be gold versus bitcoin. It should be everything versus the scam that it private bank issued currency. As we know these private companies can create new money when issuing credit and charge interest on it. If you believed a company was behaving immorally I assume that you would boycott their product. I'm happy to have options that allow me to boycott the product of the banks. As for the wild swings in bitcoin, well that can be a gift for moving between anti-fiat options. Dec 2017 1 BTC could get you 15 oz of gold. Dec 2018 15 oz gold could get you 6 BTC As of now 6 BTC could get you 34 oz of gold
  7. Only if they haven't already stacked a load for themselves in advance of ETFs and mass tokenisation of anything that has value.
  8. Bitcoin is anti-establishment. I can't see why anybody would use a government created crypto.
  9. It would unlikely get through the 'try not to be a ****' filter.
  10. There is free speech here but people will get banned or posts will be removed when they appear to be enjoying making the forum a misery for other users. The terms are pretty much a polite way of saying 'try not to be a **** to other users and everything will be fine'. How angry can people really get in a thread about coin collecting anyway 🙄
  11. At 6am it said delivery in 3-5 working days so a few may appear on ebay soon. The payment has been taken from my card straight away.
  12. Gold 50p ordered. Back to bed.
  13. I suppose I can tie it in with the new Game of Thrones episode.
  14. Added 0 minutes later... Available to buy from 6am Monday 13 May 2019.