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  1. @rkbullion if you'd like to list an item for sale please do it when it's available and with a price. Also please be careful with your posts. 90% of them so far are bordering on spamming your website.
  2. If I was selling a coin for £20,000 on ebay Id have that money withdrawn out of paypal to newly set up bank account and then transferred sharpish. Any scam buyers would not be getting a refund.
  3. If they send any signed for they may have their own separate insurance to cover loses.
  4. Bank transfer only as you don't want paypal putting a hold on.
  5. If it's an auction won't you only have to pay 10% on the day and then the balance in 28 days? If so, Id just sell the easily replaceable bullion for the deposit then you can proceed on further sales if you are the winning bidder.
  6. @rkbullion Hello! I've moved your post to the 'welcome new members' section.
  7. Yes there are 5oz proof Brits from 2013 I think. Such as
  8. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/01/03/air-strike-kills-qassim-soleimani-head-irans-elite-quds-force/ Moved up on this?
  9. @LukeMathers Ive moved it to the trade section. You just need to set some asking prices now.
  10. I've changed the title to this for now.