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  1. Shares would pump really high during hyperinflation too. The problem is what they are priced in.
  2. I don't have an account to buy shares so I'm just thinking aloud. Id rather choose things that can't go bust like individual companies can. Financial problems could reverb long after the virus has gone.
  3. I don't know. I'm not sure I'd pick the most vulnerable companies such as those travel related. Since pretty much everything tanked 60 - 80% Id probably look for things which shouldn't have fundamentally dropped so hard but they did because everything was sold off.
  4. Also a ban has come in on them accepting credit cards. Gambling on credit is illegal in the UK and they got around it with their websites as they were based offshore. That loophole is now closed.
  5. Somebody knew three minutes before the tweet.
  6. The virus threads have an unmanageable amount of posts being reported. I'd rather not lock threads if it can be helped. The situation is affecting people in different ways. As always, discussion and opinions are fine but if there is ever a time that we should be careful and respectful to each other about what we post it is now. Maybe pause for a moment before clicking 'submit reply'.
  7. @Silverdragon2000 also you could try sending them a message on the forum
  8. I doubt it. I took home a free industrially large cheese cake from a restaurant that would've binned it otherwise before they closed.
  9. Maybe the Phoenix has been slightly delayed. They could make a case for a one world currency now the USD GBP EUR are close to parity.
  10. @Cointreau it looks like he is
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