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  1. HelpingHands

    Belarus.... here we go again

    according to topworldcoins but then it says 'in stock ' below ( maybe that just means they haven't sold out their expected order)
  2. HelpingHands

    Belarus.... here we go again

    Ebay was ok in the past from Polish sellers. The mintage is lower on the recent coins so there may be far fewer on ebay.
  3. HelpingHands

    Belarus.... here we go again

    The dog is mental
  4. HelpingHands

    Belarus.... here we go again

    I still think the sheep was the best
  5. HelpingHands

    Belarus.... here we go again

    Was just about to post this. @sovereignsteve did you keep up with them? https://www.topworldcoins.com/year-of-the-pig-1-oz-proof-like-silver-coin-20-rubles-belarus-2018
  6. HelpingHands

    69 Sovs

    50 pesos?
  7. HelpingHands

    69 Sovs

    Or buy 69 sovs.
  8. HelpingHands

    2019 Silver Una & The Lion Series

    Also available: 10, 20 and 50 pieces Set What are the sets? A mix of sizes or just multiples of the 1oz. I can't seem to see it.
  9. HelpingHands

    2019 Silver Una & The Lion Series

    And a reasonable price (before VAT) https://www.pobjoy.com/products/view/the-bicentenary-of-queen-victoria-una-lion-2019-silver-bullion
  10. HelpingHands

    9 year old stacker

    @Silverfam I've hidden your address post. If you click on AgPanda you'll see a 'private message' button.
  11. HelpingHands

    Security when buying in person

    Unless you're buying over the money laundering threshold I see no reason to give personal details. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/money-laundering-regulations-your-responsibilities Even shops like PC World have asked me in the past for address details when spending a modest amount. Then you see on the news that their database has been hacked and customers information has been compromised.
  12. HelpingHands

    Quantitative easing and where did all the money go to

    A lot of it has been held at the central banks for the private banks to gain interest on.
  13. HelpingHands

    BASHING on the forum

    I don't think StackemHigh starting this topic so there could be an extra thread to bash members.
  14. HelpingHands

    50 years of 50p sets

    I think the logic is 2019 Kew is lower mintage than the 2009 Kew.
  15. HelpingHands

    50 years of 50p sets

    They were on the RM site at midnight but you couldnt buy until 9am and without the mintage info and price. If I knew the mintage was going to be so low I would've put more effort in.