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  1. HelpingHands

    Michael H

    Here is my advice. Forget any of these projects that try and connect crypto and gold and lock it up for a period of time. Experience tells me this. If you want to be involved in cryptocurrencies and gold then buy some bitcoin and buy some gold.
  2. HelpingHands

    Michael H

    If a link is removed it's probably best not to post another.
  3. HelpingHands

    Michael H

    I've removed the link as it's most likely a scam. If it is a scam they will just exit with your money before the end of the two year lockup.
  4. @Has This is the trade section
  5. https://www.royalmint.com/sovereign/1819-george-third-sovereign-ballot/
  6. @Archie I've moved your post to the trade section. You'll need to add a price though.
  7. @blindguy I'm a bit late to this thread but I just want to mention a few things in a fairly simple way. There is not a central bitcoin company. If you buy bitcoin you are buying a currency, so like other currencies you would be buying from another individual, group or a broker. What bitcoin solved was how to have a digital currency which is not controlled by a central authority and also can not be spent twice. If for example I was to send you a digital music file or an email you would receive a copy but I would still have a copy and both of us could make further copies. To prevent bitcoins from being copied (spent twice) and without the need for a central authority the responsibility is shared across the entire bitcoin network by bitcoin miners. Imagine many computers around the world checking that nobody is cheating and preventing anybody trying to spend bitcoins twice. These miners are rewarded for maintaining the network with newly minted bitcoins. Bitcoins have only been created by mining from the very start. This is often how new bitcoins come on to the market and who you might be buying them from. Bitcoin mining has been designed to increase in difficulty over time to keep up with advances in technology as computers improve. Over time new bitcoins become harder and harder to mine. Also as more computers compete for the new bitcoins it becomes harder for each miner. It becomes more expensive to mine. The final piece of genius worth mentioning is the halving. Every four years the rate of new bitcoins that can be mined is halved. This supply shock reduces the number of new coins on the market and causes even more expense for the miners. The next bitcoin halving in May 2020.
  8. I would probably just get two 2019s as the date is probably more important that a random old one. ..And they'll be shiny.
  9. I think two half sovs would make more sense.
  10. For a wedding gift, I asked a member here to make a silver circle with the date of the wedding stamped on. At another wedding I gave cash. I gave £90 and told them it was going to be £100 but I took a tenner out for my petrol. I'm better at funerals.
  11. @Greytooth88 Ive moved this to the trade section.. You just need to set some prices now. Also its best to take photos with your forum name on paper in the photo
  12. Ive ended up with a heavier alt percentage than I intended during this btc spike. I prefer to just flip them back to btc. My feeling is that this btc spike was the warm up for the halving hype. I hope that over the next couple of months there is a bit of a pull back to give the alts a chance then get back to 100% btc for the run to 80k.
  13. I think you just needed to use the pin before contactless so it doesn't have to be a cashpoint. The card reader at a till is fine. It's worth a backup option though in case you have to put your shopping back.
  14. The fees don't seem that bad either. Ive used it Tesco and I think I paid about the equivalent of about 80p in fees. Who needs fiat?
  15. Guess who went 33x long on the ltc/btc pair earlier today at 0.0108. I'm not counting my crypto-chickens yet as bitmex can be evil with wicks to liquidate.