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  1. Marconi is SOLD! However I’ve still got the Dove of Peace 🕊 £2 Boxed with COA upfor £625 And my MS69 Slabbed & Graded Double Sovereign Two Pound Coin up for a STEAL @ £639 Both coins are heavy weights in at 15.97g Prices on both include Special Delivery. With Gold looking to break records this year, why not invest in a coin fully backed by its bullion value, yet has a numismatic element to it that commands a premium beyond its bullion value? A premium that is forecast to grow regardless of the precious metals markets! I also have a stunning Slabbed and graded VC 50p and an exquisite rare (limited edition of 50!!!) Piedfort Proof Gold D-Day 50p. You won’t see this coin for sale again!
  2. Beautiful set, mint condition, see photos for specs. Only £99 delivered by SD service
  3. All 3 of today’s bargain clearance lots ONLY £595 a saving of nearly a grand on retail prices.
  4. I have a fair few bundles of 100 Uncirculated left, Great for Monopoly!
  5. A quirky little lot! Includes... Silver 1oz’s with COA Morgan Dollar Uncirculated Condition Nondescript antique Silver Coloured Metal Chinese Bar (not selling as silver) Suspect Slabbed Kookaburra Other Slabbed 1oz MS70 5 x wads of 100 Uncirculated World Banknotes Only £208 inc SD Buy with my other two Clearance lots for a total of only £650 Bank Transfer Preferred
  6. Not only can I not find reasonably priced Libertads from a European source, I’m actually finding them difficult to source FULL STOP. I brought a few tubes of the Libertads. 3 had some spotting, the rest were mint.