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  1. This is your best bet for silver right now! I have a few tubes of the Royal Mint Queens Beasts 2oz Coins, let me know if you’re interested. Welcome abroad.
  2. A very very wise move. I would not be surprised to see some/all banks collapse during this. It’s hard to see how they will escape unscathed. Welcome, I’m currently supplying to several preppers, give me a shout if I can help in any way. Thanks
  3. Welcome! Also LOVE old British silver...
  4. No such thing as a stupid question in my book.
  5. Welcome! Any questions please ask.
  6. Welcome aboard. Your more than welcome to shoot over any of those questions, none are stupid IMO.
  7. Welcome aboard! I also have a growing collection of Pre Decimal British silver... Almost 2kg worth, although I want to sell it, I’m hanging on until Spot bucks up. Enjoy.
  8. Original price honoured. Chris is there a simple way to see what ‘live’ ads I have going at any particular time? Thanks
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