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  1. arshimo2012

    World coins & medals

    Royal Silver Company .99999 purest coins
  2. arshimo2012

    for sale 1oz 1985 silver Libs

    1oz 1985 Silver Libs £16.70 each plus postage 19 available I don’t accept PayPal goods and services
  3. arshimo2012

    completed 1oz Silver Towne Bars

    Bump 25 available
  4. arshimo2012

    completed 2 x 2017 piedfort sovereign NGC PF70

    Your welcome Both sold
  5. 2 x 2017 piedfort sovereign NGC PF70 £920 each posted
  6. arshimo2012

    completed 1oz Silver Towne Bars

    1oz Silver Towne Bars £15.40 each plus postage 80 available
  7. 10oz U.S Assay Office San Francisco silver bars Minted From U.S Strategic stockpile silver £163 each plus postage 6 available
  8. arshimo2012

    completed $10 Indian Head Eagle

    Any good £508 posted
  9. arshimo2012

    for sale 1oz 2018 Perth Mint Tiger and Dragon

    I will pm you I will pm you
  10. 1oz 2018 Perth mint Tiger and Dragon £23.30 each plus postage 80 available
  11. arshimo2012

    completed 1oz Silver coins bullion condition

    Sorry all got sold
  12. arshimo2012

    for sale Silver Bars

    1kg Perth mint silver bars £455 each 2 available 1 Sold 10oz Ainslie Bullion Stacker Bars £152 each 3 available Sold Plus postage
  13. arshimo2012

    completed 20oz Scottsdale silver bars

  14. arshimo2012

    completed 100oz Johnson Matthey silver bar