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  1. Today I received my parcel from @MikeSol very happy with my collection of coins today
  2. Received today from @Jamesd thank you , very happy with the coin , 😁
  3. What I received yesterday from @ilovesilverireallydo 3 more coins to go with my collection 😁
  4. Hi riffy, welcome , this is the best place to be 😁
  5. You will be fine , you are thinking of your children’s best interest keeping them safe and warm lol 😆
  6. I can second that lol with what I spent over last couple days on here 😂
  7. I’ll take a couple , inboxed you 😁
  8. Which coins you got left ?
  9. Wife and kids lol I would have to pay the person in silver and gold to take them away so I would be worse off lol
  10. About 2 months and only 10oz of silver , no gold yet lol
  11. Have you still got the two proof coins ?
  12. @barney thanks for your help , it is one of those , close call I was about to rip it apart and remove all silver and put it with rest of my scrap silver pile but just seen worth a lot more intact lol
  13. Thank you very much . I have just looked and it is one of those ,