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  1. Its best if you post pictures of what you have and maybe offer 'buy' prices too, money is equally as good as you can buy the gold you want. JMTech
  2. 15.90! 👌🤞 Added 0 minutes later... Oh, sorry... thought it finished at 9 not 8 oclock! Will keep an eye out for another one.
  3. Thats a good thing, Impulse buys are the worst in this hobby and women know the finances better! Last thing you want is debt and having to forcevly sell your collections. I am mainly a coin collector, only making the transitions to metals recently but in my time as a coin collector, it took my partner about a year before I started recieveing coins on my bday/xmas and now ive started collecting silver and gold, all I got was "not another expensive hobby" 😂
  4. Welcome, My partner was a bit like that but they get use to it and may even see your interest if your passionate about it.
  5. Hello Everyone I have been a member for a little while now, Read a lot of articles and done quite a bit of research but never introduced, My name is James and im from the West Yorkshire area of the UK. I am an heavy UK coin collector with wanting to start collecting more silver and gold rather than coins. I made my first transaction on the forum yesterday and my first move into silver stacking which I am excited about. I upgraded to premium member too which the benefits are well worth it (also helps the founder out), especially for the exclusive free giveaways and grabbing that bargain in the trade section before non premium members. I am sure I will get a long well here and thank you for having me. Cheers James
  6. Could you do a deal and let me a price for inc special delivery; Canadian Maples 15, 16 and 17, 2016 Britannia in capsule 2016 Canadian Cougar 1 UBS 100g Bar. Cheers, James