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  1. Ah forgive my international ignorance. I don't have much in the collection that I'd want to grade but id quite like these graded
  2. @STONE it was a serious question and apologies for the sarcasm but to be fair your comment about my 'true motive' kind of deserved it. I have children who like shinny thins like bloody magpies and the majority of coins I have I don't mind them touching as they are simply there for their future but there are a few in my collection that I'd like to slab so they won't get fingers all over them so they will hold their value or maybe even go up in price in the future.
  3. 🤣 Can you get them in red?
  4. @STONE well I'm hoping that once they are graded it will gain me entry to the vast imperial empire that is Chine where I can work from within to bring communism crashing down like a Ricky Gervais joke about Jimmy Saville
  5. @Dragonnumis I'll get some flips to send them in, thank you. @Seasider unfortunately I'm working that day and can't get it swapped otherwise I would have gone. @EddieC 2017 China 35th anniversary gold 80y and silver 5y
  6. @Gordon great thank you! Probably right about the bin 🤣
  7. Hi everyone I intend to send some coins off to NGC to be graded soon. I've never done this before and as the coins come in a display box do I send them in said display box or just in there capsules? Thanks for any advice
  8. If anyone is collecting Aussie Kookaburras with a privy, please make sure you check it over carefully especially the privy mark as the fake ones have a a lower quality stamp. As you can see from the images the privy had no real detail and is quite 'blobby' as opposed to clean and crisp
  9. I've seen a lot of generic Morgan silver rounds and I've never come across that nose and chin. Even a Google search brought nothing up.