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  1. @Roy could I have this please?
  2. Ah yes, forgot about the postage! The 5oz is a lovely coin, I very nearly went for it but think I made the right decision for me. Hope you enjoy the coin when it arrives.
  3. I had high hopes for these Bond coins but don't like any of the standard ones. I like the special edition db5 but umm'd & ah'd & decided it was just too much. I look on it as saving myself £485
  4. Yes, I saw someone in York last week wearing a mask, haven't got one myself though
  5. Yes I guess you're right and even if she did agree she always, quite rightly, has a big say in anything put out in her name. A bit of wishful thinking
  6. Some great names there but surely Kate Bush needs to be on one of these music legend coins. One of the finest British singer songwriters ever - 80 albums & in 2014, the first female artist in UK history to have 8 simultaneous Top 40 albums.
  7. Same here, missed out on the first one so determined to try to get one of these. I'm a massive Queen fan & managed to see them at Knebworth 1986....i guess that makes me an oldun now! Great experience it was 😁
  8. Showing as sold out on the Royal Mint site now
  9. Many thanks both, have pm you @Notafront4adragon
  10. Hi, has anyone got a 2019 Queen Anne's Revenge 1oz silver coin for sale please
  11. Thanks for the heads up @tallthinkev, just ordered
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