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  1. Thanks for the heads up @tallthinkev, just ordered
  2. Cool, just thinking about getting a silver one myself 🤔
  3. Yes the silver's lovely. Did you get the silver proof or piedfort one?
  4. I quite like the design but too much for me. I'm surprised it's not sold out with such a low mintage though, thought they'd be snapped up.
  5. Hi all, Just seen the new George III £5 gold proof coin on the Royal Mint website https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/king-george-iii/a-celebration-of-the-reign-of-george-iii-2020-uk-5-pound-gold-proof-coin/ It says the mintage is 250, could this rival the gold una and the lion that sold for way more than it's original price?
  6. Hi all, this is my first post so hope it's ok. I'm after two 2018 Perth Mint silver dragon bars, must be in new uncirculated condition with no marks & wanted to see if any for sale here before I try elsewhere, thanks.
  7. Great review @richatthecroft & the coins look wonderful. Thanks for the advice as well
  8. Hi all, thanks for having me on the forum. I was introduced to my Grandad's old coin collection some time ago & found them ever so interesting. Found this site so thought I'd join & look forward to finding out more.