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  1. 5 left for anyone wanting multiple tubes only 14.40 per oz
  2. Goldenbear

    Guess the die#

    Maybe. I thought the opinion of others might be useful for me in confirming my suspicions it was not a die eleven so I asked if anyone had a guess as to what it might be. I explained why I was asking and that unfortunately this was the only image I had. If someone isn’t able to contribute constructively then they do not have to post or take part in a thread. If this is not the place to ask opinions on coins then were is. Thanks for the help.
  3. Goldenbear

    Guess the die#

    When you are buying a coin you get the pictures that are given. This is why I asked for ‘an opinion’ from others because I only had the poor quality image to go on. If it was clear or I had the coin myself at the time I wouldn’t have come here to ask for an opinion in the first place. The unhelpful comments that some people brought to the thread that never intended to contribute to the original post but to make it a thread to entertain themselves do not interest me and these people make it less likely someone will ask for information or advice. They are not helpful. If someone wanted more information about the coin they could have asked a question like @sovereignsteve did. For anyone that was genuinely interested in the coin and its variation I was happy to share information with and will do so further. As this thread has been essentially hijacked as a playground for a few members I will do this via pm however. If a moderator wants to scrap this thread then they can as its not really showcasing anything positive or helpful and besides the first few comments has not been on topic.
  4. Goldenbear

    Guess the die#

    Maybe read properly before making pointless responses
  5. Any ideas on the G here? It looks like it might have something beneath it.
  6. They have a lot of 25zl - 200zl commerative coins from the early 2000’s onwards. They come onto ebay from time to time and are all interesting in terms of their historic story telling. For anyone going to Poland if you get sick of the drinking/ more tourist orientated vibe of Krakow give Warsaw the modern day capital a shot and then also Wrocław...both are stunning and have lots of history to explore but less stag do-ey.
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