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  1. All coins sold pending payment will update as completed once payment is through
  2. Hi I appreciate pm’s regarding the items but I will not be able to answer any more ‘offers’ below the current asking price and terms of postage. I have priced these to sell so cannot make any extra concessions beyond this and unsold tubes will be kept
  3. As others have said milk spotting is fine, 1oz of silver will always be worth 1oz of silver. The premium is to do with collectability and thats a secondary market. Just choose yor strategy correctly...if you believe in silver long term simply buy the lowest premium bullion and you then can sell it for spot. Australian Kangaroos for example...notorius milk spotters but for someone planning to sell at spot in 15 years because they think it will be significantly higher then at the time of purchase it doesnt matter. Low premium bullion with this view is a fairly safe way to invest in physical silver. UK based be aware of CGT of course as Brittannias are CGT free...which can be worth the premium for many. Now if you plan on flipping coins to collectors in the short term then of course milk spotting does matter. You can earn more in the intermediate but then also this can take more time, effort and risk. Remember coins come in and out of fashion and you can easily lose the extra 20% premium you pay if you get it wrong or silver tanks for a year or two after you bought the coins and then the coin is no longer in vogue when the prices rise. The best way is to ask yourself why am I buying this silver, as in, what am I expecting to happen to make it worth my money and then what is my timescale for this investment. Looking at your idea id suggest NOT buying silver if its to diversify from gold, as @HawkHybrid said they are highly correlated and historically often move in tandem during periods of inflation which is when the money metals do best...occasionally one leading the other along with Platinum given people flood into hard assets like the metals to protect from inflation savaging their wealth. To diversify from gold therefore you really need another asset class with a far lower correlation.
  4. Hi Liquidating some silver to buy some new numismatic gold so im selling some beautiful 1kg silver coins. Each coin is for sale for £550 plus postage of buyers choice. These are beautiful (and hefty) coins and come capsuled. 1kg 2020 Lunar Mouse - £550 1kg 2019 Australian Koala - £550 1kg 2020 30th Anniversary Kookaburra - £550
  5. Howdy all, for sale I have 4 lots of 20 x 1oz full tubes of 2019 Athenian Owls. These are struck by the New Zealand mint as a bullion coin. I am selling full tubes of 20 not individually and the price for a full tube is £285 (REDUCED from 320) plus shipping of buyers choice. Interested buyers please pm any additional questions id be happy to help!
  6. We bought a 5kg bar a short while back. Just a suggestion but there is a cost effective way to go about it in the UK. Check out the 5kg fiji coin bar which is a 5kg silver bar (161oz) thats classed as legal tender (coin) so it can work out a fair bit cheaper per ounce then a normal bar. This bar is made by swiss refiner argor-heraeus however, so its produced by one of the best and most well known refiners in the world. I think these make sense for long term metals portfolios such as a pensions portfolio. If you believe inflation will carry silver much higher over 20-30 years for example these are a good way to play that thesis, just buy and put away somewhere safe for the long term. If you have plenty of smaller sized silver too it likely makes sense to also have bigger pieces to liquidate as well as smaller pieces. Plus...having a bar is prettty nice!
  7. Hi, welcome to a fellow newbie!
  8. Just a brief personal experience for anyone thinking of 24k gold jewellery....myself and my partner decided to have 24k gold wedding rings made. We wanted the colour that is unique to pure gold and so after some research decided to go for it. First we had to find an experienced goldsmith who had experience in 24k gold rings and found a man in Israel who specialised in pure gold jewellery. They were made by hand and hammerred so had lots of texture in them. This hides marks very well. I think for everyday use smooth and polished would age poorly in 24k gold however. Interestingly the goldsmith we chose spoke at length with us and explained how an experienced goldsmith could compact the material when hammering it in such a delicate way that it would compact the structure of the gold and thus make it harder wearing and true to his word they turned out robust and strong I admit beforehand I was worried based on what I knew about pure gold but I was very happy with the end result as it captures the colour and beauty of 24k gold as we hoped. It will mark like all jewellery but the finish helps ensure its not obvious. If you are a lover of pure gold like me then it sure is nice to be able to look at and wear each day! The way it changes in different lights and captures the sun at different times of the day can be very beautiful and its easy to see why it has been so admired and loved as a material for over 5000 years.