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  1. Apmex has 1987 gold Sovereign 3-coin proof set from 1987 for spot + $30. Comes in original Royal Mint packaging. Nice box and coins in capsules. The three add-up to 0.8239 ozt https://www.apmex.com/product/27598/1987-great-britain-3-coin-gold-sovereign-proof-set
  2. Provident is selling 1 oz silver bars for spot + 0.50 per ounce (any quantity). Free shipping if order is $100 or more. https://www.providentmetals.com/1-oz-999-fine-silver-bar.html
  3. Shop owner wanted rid of these. They're the older ones with denomination in schillings.
  4. It says you live in LA. You can go to CNI and buy over the counter. They are at 525 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90301. They have a website at www.golddealer.com. They have the best prices. I have been there when I once lived in California.
  5. Once you figure out melt value, up to double melt value is a good price, particularly if you are getting good service from the jeweller. Melt value in this case is (Grams of Link Chain / 31.1) X (22 / 24) X spot gold. Lately I've been getting much better deals by ordering jewellery that is 24k from www.mene.com. I can get 24k at about 1.33 x spot from there. But they have no storefront to fit your jewellery, and thus save much cost in that way. There is no problem for jewellery to be 22 or 24k. They only have 22k in India, for example. However, it will get routinely dented a little, and so therefore take that into account when choosing designs. Also, for a finger ring the ring will get worn by your finger and perhaps 14k is better for a daily use finger ring. For necklace and bracelet 22k and 24k is fine. But with high gold content it is good to order heavier designs and then they will not break. Wife likes 24k necklace I bought her because it is very comfortable.
  6. JM Bullion has a couple deals for gold coins while supply lasts. France 20 Fr Angels (0.1867 oz), AU, spot + $7 per coin - any quantity Austria 100 Corona restrike (0.98 oz), AU, spot + $5 per coin - any quantity Free shipping US https://www.jmbullion.com/on-sale/
  7. Provident has Mexican gold pesos on sale for $5 per coin over spot. Includes 2 Peso, 2.5 Peso, 5 Peso, 10 Peso, and the big 50 Peso (1.2 oz). Not BU. https://www.providentmetals.com/featured/specials.html