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  1. I am just waiting for the return from NGC of my 1892 1 pond double shaft. It is one of the rarer of the 1 ponds. I like these coins because they have a very interesting story especially the double shaft. They say the coin almost brought down the government. It was minted outside of SA because the Pretoria mint was not completed so President Kruger contracted them to be minted in Berlin. Here the coins were accidentally minted with a european style wagon on the obverse which has two shafts as opposed to the the SA wagon which has one put on it. Given the political situation at the time and the cultural significance of the wagon for the SA settlers it was considered a huge insult by the settler population and caused outrage. President Kruger panicked and tried to eliminate the coins from circulation replacing them with a single shaft pond (which coincidentally became even rarer). They are both single and double shaft very rare and in ms grades sell for £800-£2000. The rarest is the single 9 Pond and also the very few 98/99 ponds in existence (£14000-30000). Also there is the 1893 1/2 pond single shaft that is very scarce in any grade and sells for very high prices. Even in very low grades beneath MS these can sell for £1000-2000 for better grades much more. I don't think the 1900 commands a high premium as far as I know but its worth grading if its a nice condition. One thing to be aware of and look out for is any signs of mounting, many SA ponds were mounted in jewellery and come back with details grade as a result. In terms of selling for some reason SA coins are not as popular here in the UK but they are highly regarded worldwide because of their history and significance to gold coinage been linked historically to the krugerrand. Perhaps a world coins coin auction is a better place to sell such a coin if it does grade well.
  2. Corrected on the 0 feedback looks like all the automatic bids were the other bidder. I think if its legit we would see feedback on it fairly soon. The seller had another una for sale but that and all his other auction items disappeared today....either he flush with cash or flush with embarrassment having seen this thread on silver forum uncovering his antics 😅
  3. I think with the price moving so strongly on the fear and worry around, with Trump in power and the upcoming US election this year there will be constant panics and mini crises...this along with a polarised Europe and then the brexit trade negotiations should help ensure gold catches plenty of tailwinds to make a move towards 1700
  4. I was mentioning that there was a bid of 5k then 6k and then a Zero feedback buyer who took it immediately 19k. It was this that looked suspicious. My comment wasn’t to do with the assumed value of the coin however or the fact someone bidded so much. I think anyone who uses ebay knows it is often a sign of something dodgy for a zero feedback buyer to turn up within hours of a listing and bid something really high, in this case especially weird with it been an obscure coin that people are selling for the first time. A dealer would likely not be a zero feedback customer on ebay. Thats all people were questioning I dont think anyone besides the guy in the video was talking about the worth of the coin and it wasn’t the focus of the recent comments, it was the above.
  5. People taking an interest in the price of a new coin and recognising a lot of dodgy bidding isn't envy. Some of the people commenting on the fishy goings on actually own the coin so it cant be assumed everyone is envious. Its also not disbelief it could sell for £20000, not for me anyways. Thats actually why im surprised theres been this kind of thing. I understand why someone who owns the coin might not want any criticism at all of an auction with a high sale price even when it was shill bidded greatly because they worry it might effect their own sale...but its a bit disingenuous to criticise others who mention it. The discussion cannot be only mention good things. If you own the coin there is no reason to be so defensive the coin is clearly going to be a great profit, unless its your auction then why worry that there are people highlighting dodgy bidding on a coin thread about that coin. The discussion turned to looking at the auctions and that was what happened and was why it was discussed.
  6. Mexican 50 Pesos, easy to get close to spot in the US and a real beauty. Because of the copper they have held up very well over time meaning you can handle them with no worries. Design is one of the best, both sides they nailed it.
  7. I agree with this, its greed that pushes some owners to do those things and this coin certainly doesn’t need it. The owners have won already and will surely make a profit beyond what they hoped for originally, to try and manipulate it beyond that is not playing by the Queensbury rules 🧐
  8. Bump - Top Pop, rare variation with only 2 in known existence.
  9. Hi, I have 2 x 20oz silver tubes of queens beasts for sale. A 2020 tube and 2018 tube. Sold as bullion. Price is £330 tube plus £10 p&p (special delivery). Please PM to buy. Thanks. Bulls SOLD
  10. The winning bid on this last one was the same buyer as a previous ebay luna of £20000 which is strange. It could be one buyer deciding to buy these coins or taking into account the suspicious ebay activity its possible a few owners have made an agreement to work together to pump the price.