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  1. Sadly, this is true. Savers will be screwed. I think there will be capital controls also. It might come in a hidden form...i.e No one can leave the country because there is a pandemic or some other lock down. Gold may be restricted too im not as sure as some who think it will be untouched. The aim of the game at the point of inflating debts away is to trap and force everyone in the country to remain in the financial system and not escape it. Or more specifically, not let their capital escape it... to think gold will be left open as an easy escape route feels naiive to me right now but I am just guessing for myself.
  2. If we are going into a high inflationary environment for the next 30 years you might well get your target but only in nominal terms. Going back to your gold/stocks scenario remember the last 30 years were characterised by deflation and lower and lower bond yields. If this reverses everything changes including the utility and returns on gold, especially that. So I totally agree with your scenario of trading into stocks over the past 30 years but dont extrapolate that scenario into the future just yet. Prior to the 1980's inflation had been rising along with bond yields for over 20 years. And in that environment gold went up 25 x in a decade. So we need to understand why inflation was so high, what triggered it? It was because post world war 2 sovereign debts were at all times high and this mountain of debt had to be dealt with and so it was, by doing what governments always do when theres too much debt within a system, stealing it from you and I. They did this through debt defaults, currency devaluations, high inflation, and financial repression. So look where we are today and ask yourself where we are and whats most likely next. The current explosion of debt the world is creating will by the end of 2020 in inflation adjusted terms far surpass post ww2. My only belief is that it will be dealt the same manner as before, and that playbook is already written. So I anticipate that means an inflationary shock, eventually, perhaps not right away, but soon, and I mean secular talking decades of it and like post ww2. It also means financial repression. So your isa or anything else regulated by a financial authority will be low hanging fruit for governments to force on you their debt. And dont expect the yield to be anywhere close to reality, the would defeat the point. So stocks may make sense, but only if you understand and respond to the environment we are entering rather then the one we are leaving. For gold whats happening is about as bullish as you can get.
  3. Some bedtime reading for anyone who is interested in what the central banks have in store for your money. This is why gold makes sense full stop.
  4. Hey @Kman Whilst I can't say where gold will be in 20 years price wise we already know for sure were the global monetary system is heading and knowing this along with our monetary history gives us a good enough insight into what happens next and what we might try to do to protect ourselves. Thats why many investors who are also students of monetary history were predicting this QE 5 and helicopter money all along. When QE started after 2008 it was always going to be QE infinity because there was no way they would ever have been able to reverse that path. But that is the unsound monetary system we live in, one that requires increasing amounts of debt be created. And in this environment where goverments are now been made to take on extreme levels of sovereign debt they will simply do what they always do in this situation and inflate it away, whilst also reaching into your investments and pensions to aid the process. As such Gold could have any nominal price attached to it 10-20 years from now. Its value at that point, as in, what it will purchase, is an unknown however but lets expect it to at least remain as valuable in terms of purchasing power as it is today. Id wager its very likely at some point it will become much more sought after by the masses which could then make a supply shock where it would become overvalued. Remember when the inflation rate is very high financial repression will be used to trap people into their monetary systems and its then pm's are most valuable as they have always historically been an escape route. Of course I doubt the metal holders will sell for currency even then, not unless you are wanting to trade it for another assets i.e. land or property. If not you would hold until the end of the monetary inflation and the start of whatever system replaces the current one. Thats not a future anyone wishes for but it seems to be the one we are going to get.
  5. Exactly, anyone who thinks gold is not going to be essential in the coming decade and even more so over a time frame of 20+ years doesn't know their monetary history
  6. haha, mowię tylko trohę po polsku! Uczę się polskiego tylko od dwa lat..... So I needed my wife for that translation! I love the country and fortunately they really like the English given many have family here now.
  7. hey Roy, my wife is Polish. We have been planning our move for a few years now as we want to have land and forest so we are able to live more self sufficiently and in a smaller more rural community given our belief the world is on course for a bumpy ride over the next decade. I think Poland is a great place to be investing and starting a business right now, I think its growth will continue to be very strong for the next decade especially in comparison to the rest of Europe. Its also still cheap, which I dont think will be the case in 4-5 years times.
  8. Id trade gold only for other hard assets, farmland, forests, a house. I think the stock market in its present and future incarnation will be so far removed from a system with integrity because the cycles are been forced down unnatural routes through government and central bank interventions. Going forward the entire asset class feels as though its going to be more of a 'speculation' then investment. I would sell gold for good prices land when I move abroad all day long however. They might appropriate that one day too of course but you have to take that risk with gold also.
  9. @Augustus1 ahh final salary pensions, I missed that bit! Well thats awesome news, they literally dont exist now so far as I know, I am public sector and its only been employer contributions since I starter my career 10 years one of the screwed millenials, went to work just after the GFC and spent 10 years on frozen salaries...and then this 🤦‍♂️ Fortunately I am in a better position then most as I got sick of just scraping by so went all out to trt and learn about economics, market cycles and investing. Along with this I drastically reduced my living expenses from 2018. I bought a boat and moved aboard so I could save most of my salary by not paying crazy rent and energy bills, me and my wife have lived here for 3 years now living frugally by saving and investing so we can buy land and a farm in Poland as we plan to move there this year. Its been a lot of sacrifice to make it work but we grinded it out. Those wet and cold winters when the leaks suddenly appeared everywhere...a rat infestation, we have had it all. We literally was scheduled to move across in June until this happened. Fortunately im working still. You might think we'd be happy to have prepared for tough times but its actually quite deflating because we see the dread in our family and friends who are paniked and financially exposed. I am most concerned how its going to effect others who have been living month to month like I used to before I took this path. So many people have nothing saved away and what little they do have will be wiped out in a matter of months.
  10. Hey Dean, I wish you all the best. Ive been worried for people retiring right now since this began. I know a few people who retired this year. One is a person at my wifes workplace who actually set out to retire initially in 2008 but had his penison wiped out by the GFC and ended up going back to work and building the pot back up over the past decade. He just retired again in February and I have a real sense of dread for him, I hope to god he didnt suffer the same fate but I anticipate he did unless he pulled his money out. I have another old friend who I met again recently after quite a few years and he told me he had combined all of his pensions and hired a financial adviser in late 2018 and he invested it into the stock market for him, this ended up being right before the market had its 20% flash crash which he said terrified him as he was checking his portfolio daily. He said he saw it go back up and make it back to even just before we bumped into one another so felt settled again. I tried to advise him why it might be a good idea to hedge with some gold given the current market climate but he told me his adviser only invested the money in stocks and gold had already gone up a lot already the past year (1400 dollars at that point) and truthfully seemed a bit bemused by it been a viable investment. This was just a few months back and he had barely broke even. Poor guy has literally not earnt a penny and only lost by investing right at the top. I think this will seriously effect his retirement given his age, but also his mental health given the panic he must be feeling. So I think about him a lot and people like him, noone deserves to lose their hard earned savings like that. This boom bust debt driven economies is cruel and takes the most from those who least deserve it, the everyday man who works his whole life just to retire comfortably. I think the fact your on here suggests you have some knowledge on how to protect yourself somewhat and hope that your recovery is quick and somewhat protected with PM's which really will outperform in the next decade.
  11. Chards are delivering and cheaper then 1380 there just is potentially delayed dispatch
  12. I think so too, then back to retest the low and then a weaker rally before a long grind down
  13. Thats good to know. Normally I would trust a company to fix it but they want me to pay first and its been such a pain with them with no communication or updates, right up until the point they had the coins back for weeks without even letting me know or invoicing me for them....I figured if thats during normal times corona times will be even less functional so im gonna leave it.
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