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  1. stevelo1973

    2018 proof britannia

    true dat ✌️
  2. stevelo1973

    The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group

    i know james wilson from facebook group and never ever heard anything about him being a scammer . i would certainly trust him with my money..
  3. stevelo1973

    The Farce of UK Silver Stackers Facebook Group

  4. stevelo1973

    2018 proof britannia

    the 2018 proof britannia i released on monday 2nd july. i know some dealers are actively promoting this to ready buyers. my question is has anyone seen the design or been told what it is? and what people opinions on the range. i apart from the 2014 we have not had another hit really. i loved the 2016 version but that didn't do much either.
  5. stevelo1973

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

  6. stevelo1973

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    mine arrived today
  7. stevelo1973

    Today I bought.....

    my proof Rwanda HMS Endeavour arrived today
  8. stevelo1973

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    sent pm
  9. stevelo1973

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    just pre-ordered this second coin from this set in proof
  10. stevelo1973

    Lunar photo thread...

    my lunars consist of 1/2 oz 2 sets of 1oz and 2oz sets
  11. stevelo1973

    Rwanda Lunar and Ships series

    i just got my confirmation of payment received for the proof lunar dog. at a great price. think i paid 5 euro more than the rooster but it include fully racked and insured delivery from germany.
  12. stevelo1973

    1/4 oz gold queens beast mintage figures

    does anyone know if/when RM will release mintage figures in the 1/4 oz queens beast bullion? we are on the 3rd coin already and would be interested to know the mintage of these.
  13. stevelo1973

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    hi numistacker, i have 2x 2015 65g proof panda's, a 2014 proof britannia 6 coin set i would like grading. is it too late to arrange? many thanks
  14. stevelo1973

    Today I Received

    arrived today. 2017 proof commemorative panda. 150 gram.