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  1. If the silver price rockets up, you'll probably have other things to worry about rather than the possibility to sell your precious metals...
  2. Another collectibles order having come in. One I had to wait over a month for, it took a while before my LCS had the silver proof 2020 Britannias in. So yeah, one of the 3 coins is a silver proof 2020 Britannia. The other 2 being a silver 2019 Columbia Allegories, and a (ridiculously small 😂) gold 1915 Austrian 1 ducat, because I thought it was cool to have something dated back to the Austrian-Hungarian empire. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Always a lovely day when two orders have come in. The first a silver order. As silver bullion has been going a bit crazy lately, I decided to purchase some collectibles instead. One 2020 Canadian polar light series (because I'm a sucker for both Canada, and the aurora borealis), two 2020 Solomon Island coins about Pi, and two 2020 Mayflowers from the British Virgin Islands. The second order was a gold one. A 1915 Helvetia that I couldn't resist.
  4. No idea how it's possible for GSBE to offer the 10oz 2020 Royal Arms for (as we speak) € 182,81 when the RMB is offering the very same coin for € 204,59 (excluding VAT), other than the RMB applying a much larger premium than GSBE does, but you won't hear me complain. Just preordered one at GSBE, and now we wait.
  5. Now I haven't ordered from the European Mint in a while yet after a couple of dissatisfying orders due to quality issues (which has led me to, of which I have nothing but positive experiences), but I thought that BYB discount code was only valid on the website of the European Mint until the end of last January?
  6. One baby step at a time, but we're getting there slowly but steadily. Glad with the Dutch gold 10 Guilders from 1932 I've received today, especially knowing I bought it slightly under spot. 😂
  7. Can't give you any advice yet on whether they are easy to flip, but as it hasn't been very difficult for me to purchase the two sovereigns, one Dutch ducat, and one 10 Dutch guilder gold coins close to or even slightly under spot, it might say a thing or two about the ease or difficulty of flipping these coins.
  8. Still a lazy move then, isn't it? If you have some unsold coins left that you'll have to remelt anyway, why not go for an entirely different design to keep the series interesting? 🤷‍♂️
  9. Pity they seem to have gotten lazy at the Royal Mint by just changing the year of the Valiant, can't say I'm getting tempted to purchase the 2020 version. Fingers crossed this sense of disappointment will be reflected in the sales, and that the Royal Mint will take the hint.
  10. Golden Dutch Ducat, from the year 2000, just because I thought it would be funny to have a coin (although I suppose this rather classifies as a round) from that year.
  11. Order from arrived today, after having ordered these silver 2020 pandas, silver 2020 Vergulde Draecken (or Gilt Dragons 😊), and gold 1898 sovereign last Monday. And all coins are in good shape, even the one of over a century old. Happy with this purchase. 👍
  12. Already suspected from the previous comments I may have misunderstood... 😂 Must have somehow mixed up those Premium Member-only group draws, sorry about that. Anyway, thanks for clarifying.
  13. Good stuff. Just to double check; I'm guessing your chances will be higher when you're a silver/gold/platinum member compared to 'regular' members, like with the other draws?
  14. Yep, I'm Dutch. 😊 En die van mij komt 'slechts' uit 2000. Vond ik gewoon een leuk jaartal, en er zit niet idioot veel premium op, dus het leek mij een mooie instapper in dat segment. Succes met de zoektocht naar de hele oude dukaten. 👍 Mag ik vragen welke je allemaal al hebt?
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