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  1. Silver Mountain has them for € 21, at EMK.de they even start at € 25 (why!?), they start at US$ 22 at Apmex (but those are random year ones, so the quality might be poor), Suissegold has them for € 20 (but based on the reviews I've read about them, you have to avoid Suissegold like the plague), CelticGold, Auragentum, HollandGold, Silvergoldbull, and Bullionbypost currently don't have them available... Long story short; it's looking pretty bleak for you if you want them for £15-16 per coin.
  2. Ugh, can't stand the way how that guy talks... but yes, that coin is looking pretty damn awesome! Then again, 189 US$ for a 2 oz silver coin, even if the mintage is just 3000? Ouch...
  3. GS.be is alright, as long as you don't need their customer service. So I'd recommend you to order coins they actually have in stock, and as far as I have experienced with the two orders I have placed with them, they'll ship quickly, and with good quality stuff.
  4. I don't really have any specific targets, other than that I'm tempted to focus more on gold now that I'm good on silver for the time being. Having said that; if I see a good deal on silver, and I have the €€€ for it...
  5. Nice! But then again, try to find spare capsules for that size... 😂
  6. Strange that this particular version of the lion Dollar can't seem to be bought at the Royal Dutch Mint itself. There's this proof version (which is sold out: https://www.royaldutchmint.com/official-restrike-lion-dollar-2019-silver-proof/en/product/10025/), but not this BU release.
  7. I'm sure that'll be of much comfort to the children of Africa crippling of hunger... What does a town in Norway have to do with any of this? 🤨
  8. Following your logic, that means you have seen god then? 🤔 Ignorance is bliss, isn't it? 😊
  9. Of course atheism is the popular thing these days. 😊 That's what you get when you're asking questions that religion hasn't been able to answer. And that's what you get when countries are becoming wealthier, better educated, and have higher standards of life, the less religious they become (with China being the exception to the common irreligious rule, and North Korea being forced to practice Kimism).
  10. Have to give one thing to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, @Melon. He/she/it definitely has the superpower to make people crave for pasta... 😂
  11. Oh, I by no means think I'm my own god. I'm just your average Joe trying to make the best of things in the approximately 80 years that I'm statistically being given on this slab of dirt before I'm being shoved down the oven. And indeed, I don't account anything to the higher powers, simply because there is no such proof of higher powers to have ever existed. Things happen for a reason, not because it's some predestined plan of whatever higher power, but due to a certain chain of events that we as mankind sometimes simply cannot grasp yet up to this moment. In that sense, religion to me is the comfortable and least ambitious choice, because you can just shove everything off as: "God's plan" rather than trying to figure out in a scientific way why things happen the way they happen. But you are right; unless you commit suicide, you have no control over when you will die.
  12. Looks like all religions have their superiority issues between various branches. Christianity with Roman-Catholics and Protestants, Islam with Sunni and Shia muslims, Judaism with Hasidic jews and all other jewish branches, etcetera... and all of that over something that in all of history of mankind has never been independently, verifiably, scientifically proven, but yet us atheists are the crazy guys. 😂