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  1. Pity. But oh well, guess you can at least consider yourself lucky you don't have an Eirexit to worry about, so trade with the rest of the EU won't be a massive b!tch for you.
  2. Yeah, I have. At least that's something to keep in mind. True to having saved plenty of $€£ compared to purchasing in the UK. Suppose you also pay VAT on all silver in the Republic of Ireland then (coins are not exempt, like they are over here)?
  3. And now that's what bugs me. Even a small order with the European Mint comes with fairly hefty shipping costs again, so you'll better make it a bigger order to make the shipping costs worth while. So for now, I'll just order some coin capsules somewhere else, hopefully I'll be invited to drop a review somewhere to give a piece of my mind, and I'll leave it at that. And I'll surely request to send my potential next order out with good coin capsules. Imagine you've ordered a smartphone somewhere, and it arrives with scratches on the back, and a star on the screen. And when you contact the seller about it, they say they do that more often, but they'll send you a screen protector with your next order to them as they want to keep their customers satisfied. Would be unacceptable, wouldn't it? But okay, suppose that's the risk of ordering something from somewhere abroad. Lesson learned...
  4. Emailed the European Mint last Saturday, as that was the earliest possible time for me to make some photos of the coin capsules while being at home in the daylight (going to work when it's dark, and it's dark again when I get home again). They responded earlier this morning (respect for their quick reply), that it is normal to have some scratches on the capsules, but as they want their customers to be satisfied, they will pop some replacement capsules in with my next order with them. Although it is a nice offer, it is one that's not overly helpful for me now. And I actually think it's bad enough as it is that they send coin capsules out that are in such poor condition, as it's nothing a bit of quality control couldn't have prevented. Then again, rather the capsules than the coins to have something to complain about. But still, what guarantee is out there that all of the coin capsules in my potential next order with them will be in good condition? Definitely something I will keep in consideration if I'm ordering with them again.
  5. @silverdocket, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm afraid I have to pass on the offer now, as I've placed an order at GS.be two days ago when I noticed the silver price had gone down a bit. So I'm out of budget for this month, but I'll keep your ad in mind for a possible purchase in the near future. 👍
  6. Shipping isn't cheap with any of them (although still better than buying from a British shop with 20% VAT), but... https://goldsilver.be/nl/203-queen-s-beasts https://goldsilver.be/nl/10-oz/2538--10-oz-the-2019-silver-valiant-silver-bullion-coin.html https://www.europeanmint.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=queens+beasts+silver https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-10oz-uk-silver-valiant-coin/ https://www.celticgold.eu/en/queens-beasts-silver-coins.html https://www.celticgold.eu/en/the-valiant-10oz-silver-coin-2018.html
  7. With the general exchange rate trend for platinum having been downwards in recent years, and I don't really see that change with the automotive more and more moving towards electric, it's a few too many red flags for me to go into platinum at this moment. But who knows if hydrogen fuel cell cars become an actual thing...
  8. All's well that ends well for @Hennypenny then. 😊 And @SendYourCoin2Me, having somewhat of a language barrier is one thing, but from the responses I have seen the customer service representatives over there just appear to be fickle shrews to me... 😬 People are quite open and direct where I live, and we're even quite famous/rumourous for it, but even I haven't seen anything like GS.be's downright rude methods of communication around here. In that sense, GS.be is kind of like Ryanair. You know you're treated like sh*peep*, after every flight you're thinking never again, but you take it all for granted because their prices are generally good.
  9. Order from The Silver Mountain arrived. Six 1oz 2019 coins in the Golden Ring version (Britannia, Philharmoniker, American Eagle, Maple Leaf, Wiener Neustadt, and the Kangaroo), one 10oz Magnificent Maple Leaf 2019, two 1oz Australian Wedge-tailed Eagles 2019, and five 1oz Kookaburras 2020. Both the coins and the capsules in perfect condition.
  10. Ah right, thanks for your explanation. With the VAT on all silver in the UK (luckily at least silver coins are VAT free here in the Netherlands), it definitely makes sense to be a premium member here if a few quid a month potentially saves you tens or maybe hundreds of pounds on your purchases. And good point on people wanting to sell at a competitive rate, especially on a place like over here with all the know how. Good to keep in mind.
  11. Won't you be more or less paying for those premiums via this place as well, but then to private people rather than to companies? I take it people over here would like to sell their stuff at a nice profit as well rather than against spot price.
  12. @Jamesd Nice collection there! I really should look into those deals here on the forum too, although I suppose you'll have to become a silver/gold/platinum member to see the better deals?
  13. In my thirties here, and I do both collectibles and stacking. And to me, it makes sense if it's true that younger people predominantly tend to stick to stacking. At least here in the Netherlands, Millennials are faced with for example relatively significantly higher costs of housing and healthcare compared to baby boomers when they were in their twenties and thirties. And unlike several decades ago, having a savings account at a bank is nowadays more of a punishment than a reward. It was even released some time ago that the Dutch spending power for families has roughly remained the same in the past 40 years, even though families have gotten quite a bit smaller, so per capita you can probably even say the spending power has gone down. The economy has grown like a motherf*peep*, but close to nothing of that growth has actually reached Dutch consumers. So yeah, when all the financial odds are against you, you'll sure as hell make sure that whenever you do have some dough to invest, you better do it on something that's more likely to give you a good return in the end. And then a tube of Maple Leaves or Philharmonikers is simply a safer bet than some special edition of an exotic coin with a mintage of a few hundred of which nobody can tell how that will play out.
  14. I went for the BU coin card edition, kind of had to as the silver proof edition was sold out already when I learned about its existence. But I won't complain. 😊 And thanks, you also enjoy collecting your predecimal coins and PM bullion coins. 👍