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  1. Mind if I ask what coin (s) you are looking to grade?
  2. Ordered from the same guy I got the others from. Guy on Facebook groups (Bob McMuff).
  3. Got my 2 on pre order. Looking forward to seeing them when they arrive.
  4. Just after some general thoughts and discussions really. Collecting because I enjoy it but mainly to pass on to my 2 young boys at some point in the future. Are modern coins worth grading? I'm collecting Giants of the Ice Age and African Big 5. Also what's the rough cost of grading and what premium (if any) does it add?
  5. EddieC

    Group buying

    Ok Brill. Thanks. Fingers crossed.
  6. EddieC

    Group buying

    How do we find out if there is a group order?
  7. EddieC

    Found Silver Coins

    You found it so it cost you nothing, correct? In that case hold on to it for a few years.
  8. Try Facebook. Plenty of groups there with people who will be able to help you out. Could also put a wanted ad up on here.
  9. EddieC

    Utah Gold Back

    Wallets? Tell me more. Added 0 minutes later... Managed to get 2 free (mine and my wifes) so I have 1 each for my boys but if there is a set to collect (at a reasonable price) this is something I'd be interested in. Anyone got any more details?
  10. EddieC

    Fractional Gold Ideas

    Bit difficult at 4 and 2.5 but I know what you mean. Already got some silver coins which they will love (Gruffalo, Giants of the Ice Age). Added 0 minutes later... Cheers for the responses all. Much appreciated.
  11. Only started collecting last year (silver so far) but want to add to gold in. Collecting for long term to pass on to my 2 boys. Looking ideally around £150 ish per coin (as need to buy 2 each time). What do people suggest? UK based.
  12. Giants of the Ice Agent no 3 & 4 Africa Big 5 no 3 & 4
  13. Agreed. Plus they have the design around the top which is a really nice feature. Added 0 minutes later... I think you forgot?!
  14. EddieC

    Sovereign scales

    What's a soverign scale?
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