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  1. But will it really attract the premier second time round? Not convinced.
  2. So what's with these then? Are they part of a series/start of a series?
  3. Its actually the second time but the first time with the mouse.
  4. Got myself the first one with just the gruffalo. Why couldn't they have done a series with all the characters sd individual coins?
  5. Well my 2 mammoths have turned up and I really like them. Much better than the photos can do justice.
  6. Are there any plans to create a smart phone app for the silver forum?
  7. Hey guys. New to PM's and the forum. Liking silver due to my budget mainly. Likely to be more of a long term collector (for my boys future) rather than a stacker. Already found some good posts and info. Eddie
  8. £65 each? I bought 2 if the previous one for £53. Not sure if A - they are worth that. Bought 2 of the previous one for £53 each. B - I can justify buying 2 when I've just bought 2x lion and elephant of the Big 5 and 2 Mammoths of the Giants of the Ice Age
  9. 1 oz. Added 0 minutes later... Out of stock
  10. Oh nice. Where from? Royal Mint?
  11. Mine are currently on their way!
  12. Do you have a shop or something?