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  1. Hi and welcome to The Silver Forum.
  2. Yes the pictures are the front and back ☺️. One coin. Doh! Not sure if the same as gold 2018.
  3. Following on from the South Africa Big 5 coin range of the lion and elephant that I think are two really impressive coins the SA mint have hit another winner in my opinion with these two coins of their new range of Natura Palaeontology - The Rise of the Dinosaurs series. https://www.samint.co.za/2020-range/
  4. So much choice. I have champagne taste but beer budget. 😂
  5. Yes they lovely to look at and there are close up photos on the website. Definitely going on my want list.
  6. My first post so I hope this goes OK. I would class myself as a collector. I have been picking up coins on and off for a couple of years depending on finances. For the amount I spend I go for coins I like to look at knowing I am not going to make my fortune as I buy off UK sites and only a coin or two at a time. One thing that I think has improved is the variety and quality of coins you can buy if you are a collector as shown with the South Africa Big 5 coins I saw on the Silver Trader website. Wether you stack your Britannia’s or Eagles or collect a variety of coins to enjoy there is something to suit every pocket and a fantastic range of suppliers here in the UK or abroad. The only downside is that because I buy in the UK is the VAT. But if you like shiny things this is the hobby to have.
  7. Hi welcome from another newbie.
  8. I work in Llantrisant and am greeted at the start of every shift by Hi butt from the Ponty and Rhondda boys. I am from Port Talbot not far down the M4 from you.
  9. It may be the boring stock answer but buy what you can afford. I enjoy watching what others buy and unboxing and good luck to them as they buy more than me. If only you can afford one coin a month enjoy it.
  10. All right butt. A Ponty greeting for you. Welcome from another newbie.
  11. Welcome fellow newbie. That feeling will never go away, every unboxing set your pulse racing.