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  1. Wow never seen such a piece, interesting to see if this sells! If selling second hand u will probably get spot 20% vat doesnt get added on for most stuff
  2. Thanks only looking to pay 15-16 per coin and it will be cheaper for me to buy in bulk
  3. Hi i am looking to buy a tube of libertads for about £15-16 per coin, european mint is sold out. Can anyone recommend any other eu sites apart from gs.be? Thanks
  4. Hi looking to buy a tube of libertads close to spot as possible (Close to £15 per coin). Not fussed about dates but good condition thanks
  5. Love panda, libertad, britannia, buffalo krugerrand and maples i find the design plain/boring
  6. If i get delivered to work but billing address is my home address, where will they send junk mail as i cant have it going to work?! also if u opt out of the mAil to they honour this?
  7. HGM will only give u 93% of spot. Stick with trying to sell on here maybe offer free post etc
  8. They are generally the most reputable and competitive in london so if they have cut their price im sure others have.
  9. You will get spot here (or there abouts), i was in HGM yesterday and they pay 93% of spot for Gold, no premiums for anything just done on weight
  10. Price by royal mint is decent! A sov is 285 so premium is tiny
  11. Lol me too! Not sure you can get for such a price
  12. Sure but i would still take the gold eagle in case it was real! All the people in the video looked comfortable just dont understand silver prices
  13. I know this must have been posted at some point, but cant believe how clueless and brainwashed the general public actually are!
  14. 2020 is no longer available
  15. Wow never seen this coin before!! Interesting to see if it can be bought more cheaply?