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  1. A Tory win (expected) will surely increase £, stocks and Gold prices will fall further on friday?
  2. Thanks this is an amazing site!! Some of these coins didnt know u could get so cheap in the UK, even the libertads i have bookmarked
  3. Price is on the downward, i am drip feeding each month as i have a v long term outlook, but if you know you need the funds early next yr i would just sell. I was buying sovs frm hgm 6 months ago for 290-300 now they are 265
  4. Inflation figure is the biggest govt con to keep rates low as it doesnt consider LIVING COSTS eg house prices, council taxes, insurance costs etc otherwise rates would be 20%!! Jeff berwick who manages dollar vigilante and anarchist channels is also worth a listen
  5. The big crash is coming, precious metals, crypto, zero debt and real estate are the only things which will keep you safe
  6. Thing with HGM when you go in store they ask you for date preference but dont bring out all coins only 1 so you have no choice sharps pixley they let you see all the coins
  7. Hi would anyone be interested in swapping a good condition 10oz silver bar for some coins, these are the coins i have unsure if its a fair deal so let me know , or if you need any more pics. Its 9x 1oz coins in total. I paid on average £19 each (more for aztec and spartan) and 10oz bars are £150-180 will also consider selling the lot if any offers thanks
  8. The one i bought and posted above was this however with the falling Gold price you can get them for 270 so this is in line with other places, plus HGM the quality is hit and miss, i got a 1oz Buffalo not in the best condition
  9. Will definately be taking you up on the london offer if not this visit next one. What date do you need the order by to meet on 17th?
  10. Agree with this, i like all the coins on the site currently so hard to suggest removal of any! Maybe adding 1/4 and 1/2 oz ones which are harder to find and removing a few 1oz eg eagles/maples.. but i agree all the brits, sovs and krugs should be set in stone!
  11. Hi any chance of gold pandas (1oz) maybe other fractions if available? this site needs to be a sticky!!
  12. https://www.rosland.gold/1-unze-goldmuenze-mexican-libertad-2016-pp 2016 proof - this is the best deal i can find?! Iv seen normal BU ones in sale in UK for £1250..£100 premium
  13. Where can the big 5 series be bought?
  14. Which german sellers sell them?