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  1. Agreed when its falling over a period why catch a falling knife!! Watch and wait. If anyone has any 1/10 libs they want to sell before Gold prices hit zero, let me know
  2. Do we think this will continue to 1k? Im holding off buying think it will keep falling
  3. Markets are rough again today so Gold up still thing short term it will fall 5-10%
  4. Hi just looking for a newish excellent condition Gold Panda, with Gold price fall have seen some deals closer to spot than before, but just to give anyone on here a chance if they wish to unload let me know by tomorrow evening otherwise will buy from online dealer thsnks
  5. Hey how much did you pay for the 2018/2019 1/10oz and where? Im thinking of buying and seen them for 150 but with the gold price falling not sure whether to wait
  6. silvernewbie

    2020 panda

    Where will the cheapest place be to buy a 2020 GOLD panda? I notice the premium for the gold ones has come down
  7. Wouldnt be buying this weekend still lots of room for drops next week
  8. Hi looking for a newish 1oz Gold Libertad coin (proof). Let me know if anyone has one now or in the future! thanks
  9. A nice retrace today a few more of these and i will be filling my boots!
  10. They look legitimate but have hardly any stock on their website, if you just want it for bullion value its probably ok.
  11. Thanks will check, on their site faq it said no international delivery. With exchange/postage costs is it better than ordering from goldsilver.be?
  12. Price over next weeks/months/ up or down?