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  1. When are the normal brexit 50p going to be circulated?
  2. Btw in the gold souk u dont have to worry about fakes the authorities are super strict no shop would dare to sell fake gold
  3. If u want gold jewellery i know a few good places, but its obviously not at spot but smaller premiums than here
  4. Been buying 22ct gold for 5-10 years in jewellery form. Added coins 2 years back. Started stacking silver about 12 months back. Have approx 300g of gold and 150oz of silver also had exposure to gold mining via etfs etc for a long time
  5. Hi i am looking for a 100g Silver chain tried googling but cant find anything good value. Does anyone know the cheapest place to buy one? thanjs
  6. Message me if u can sell any single coins for £15.50
  7. For people who just want a few coins it saves on postage as i understand it starts from £25?! Even if it just small saving its worth it
  8. What happens if one of the coins is in pre-sale and isnt ready for delivery by the time the order is sent to u? Will it get delayed?
  9. Ok thanks will u update the group when its getting close to collecting the order?
  10. Hi do u offer option to tell u what we want and pay u direct/in advance? Also i guess the order will be submitted at end of this month?
  11. Will any more of the £10 coins be released? Does anyone have any spares?
  12. This is my first time using Royal Mint and have never dealt with anyone so amateurish. I placed an order and could only have the item delivered to my billing address -fine. I assumed i could rearrange delivery for a weekend or collect from a depot - neither of these options are available by dhl at royal mint as have blocked it. I have rang them x4 this week each time they say they will contact dhl for me to be able to collect but then they dont get back to me. And they dont reply to emails! first and last time using them