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  1. Quite new in Silver stacking, received my orders today. A little more than 50 Oz of silver including this beauty
  2. Ron

    2020 Redback Spider

    Received 2 Redback Spiders today. They look absolutely beautiful.
  3. Had 6 orders in storage, received everything in one shipment today.
  4. I quitted smoking and save myself € 200 each month now. I want to spend that at Silver and Gold every month.
  5. Ron


    I know that: GSR is 85+; Goldprice is very high; Fractional Gold is expensive due to high premiums. Eventhough I bought a 1/10 Oz Golden Nugget 2019 today. Why? I am on a low budget so cannot afford 1 Oz coins; Do not want to sell any of my PM in the coming 10-15 years Just don't want to spend all my money to silver. Does that make any sense to you guys?
  6. I placed four orders within one week, all last week. All orders are paid by me and conformed by Goldsilver.be. All stuff is still in storage with them and should be shipped after next weekend, awaiting some Kangaroos 2019 to arrive. Oh, I see now that delivery of the 2019 Kangaroos is delayed. Should be oktober 4 but is now oktober 9.... You make me nervous guys... 😉
  7. First order immediately placed, thanks again, storage-option is wonderful
  8. Ah, great. Thank you very much, this will help me a lot.
  9. I have enough questions, I am sure I'll contact you in the near future. Tnx man.
  10. And then you pick it up once in a while? I do not prefer to have my PM stored somewhere else, let alone in another country..
  11. Thank you very much. Very nice prices! Due to the shipping costs it's only a little cheaper than what I'll pay to my (quite expensive) local broker (where I have to pick it up at their office). I guess I have to save more money and then order a lot more coins in 1 shipping so the shipping costs are relatively lower. But even when I buy just 20 Philharmoniker, Goldsilver.be is cheaper than my local broker and I don't have to leave my chair 😉 Added 0 minutes later... OK, thank you very much
  12. Hi everybody, Thank you for letting me on this forum. I recently started stacking gold and silver in the Netherlands. Hope to learn a lot from you since I am not really 'in the know' on these matters (for example I do not know whether to buy gold or silver) Since I want to stack and hold it for at least ten years, I guess the spot price is not that much important, just want to enlarge my stack (am I right?) So, tips are always welcome (what to buy, where to buy, when to buy) Kind regards, Ron
  13. Are there any Dutch stackers who bought gold and/or silver at European Mint?