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  1. found this on Bullion For Less, but i suspect that is without VAT? https://www.bullionforless.co.uk/collections/silver-coins/products/2018-s-lib
  2. Heard those pillars are origins of $ dollar sign. True?
  3. Chronix

    Budapest LCS

    Interesting quest you are taking on. Good thinking to gather intel and experience for the future. I found Monetarium very nice place with decent prices. Check it out! Chronix
  4. Chronix

    Group buying

    EU Mint has a sick wrapping machine! 😆 That package is t-i-g-h-t! Great if you are in need or undergoing "unwrapping therapy"! 😁
  5. https://www.1817.co.uk great resource
  6. Hi everyone! I will be joining in with this lovely 2016 ASE with antique finish. Good luck! Chronix
  7. That makes sense. Intriguing for me is that I want them to be of purpose (other then ornamental) but cant figure what! Unfortunately, not around the area of foundry..
  8. I've read the thread and maybe I did not get it, but do you mind if i ask : Why? -and i mean that in the most positive way. Chronix
  9. Great looking bricks! Better design than Cybertruck!
  10. I have been reading this thread and seems to me alot of overreacting going on. If the coins are labeled as BU, it would not be cool to have fingerprints. But milk spots? As I understand, no way to avoid sometimes even if stored carefully. Then I checked EU Mint and this is what I found: 2016 1oz £2 GBP UK Silver Britannia Coin Privy Monkey Mark €19.88 Year: 2016 Grade: Uncirculated (Some coins may have spots) ALSO, this: Note: this coin is slightly circulated, it may have spots and/or scratches. I do not see where is the problem. It's a bullion. Silver content is there. Want clean bullion? Pick BU. Pay the same or more, depends on a dealer not on your perception. Plus, we still have not heard if they replied with an answer which i am sure they will do. I feel it is a shame to trash a dealer this way. I have only one purchase with them, everything went perfectly. Good job EU Mint! Keep it up!
  11. But...... They have the best prices i have seen. Yes, shipping is expensive, but if you are buying larger lots it is okay. I bought from them, but i was aware Random Years, means what you get is what you get. And it is okay. I wanted BU, so I paid a bit more for it. Fine for me.