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  1. for me, nothing beats a bar. Great job BYB, impressive what you accomplished. Cheers!
  2. last week bought them, had dozen of them to choose from...that baby head was too creepy for me so i left it out of my stack.. 😂
  3. I am also new into stacking, and as I learned, ebay is a place to avoid, everybody says lots of fakes, so why bother? I would like to see your fake one as well! Cheers! .... Wow, learning quick to catch that! nice! Silvery future ahead of you!
  4. hi! what is total amount of coins you are selling? did not get that..rolls of 25 seems like plural.
  5. What do you use to keep track on purchases and portfolio? Excel sheet or an app? What type of app? Any advices? Thanks Chronix
  6. Hi all! I was in Spain the other day and figured I could visit local coin shop. Wanted to buy half dollars, but they were 8,5 euro. thought it was a bit much.. but then the dealer showed me their 5 pesetos coins, 25 grams, 90% silver, 12Eur a pop. I bought five as souvenir from the trip.
  7. Chronix

    Stacking goals?

    For those of you stacking silver, what would be your other motivation, besides investing for the future and that. Trivial things, like... did you set up goal of, say, 100 Silver Eagles 2018...or, 10 pandas each year...etc.. How do you decide on what are you going to buy next?
  8. Hi! I would like to buy 10 coins. Whatever year.