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  1. I just visited Bullionstar shop in Singapore and I must say, AMAZING STORE! Wonderful presentation of coins in relaxed atmosphere. Stacker heaven! From all the coins and bars, platinum, gold, silver, to gorgeus collectible items. I treated myself with beautiful Sinagapore Merlion coin! 🙃 If anytime in Singapore, this place is must visit! Great job Bullionstar! Hopefully pics below will give you idea how the store looks.
  2. example, Buffalo 1 ounce gold = 1.767 $ few days ago on Dubai airport
  3. Awesome offer! Unfortunately not good timing for me...
  4. Great job TSF and thank you Rosland! Gonna be exciting!
  5. So when I look at current gold price on lets say Kitco app, am i looking at physical gold value or ETF? or both?
  6. Im traveling to Dubai on 5th then Thailand.. LOL, the timing.. But I am not concerned since I am aware of thousands of viruses lurking and am always careful. Dont see why this particular made all this fuss, in my opinion, people should always wear masks in close contact to unknown people (airports) and wash their hands, Coronavirus is just one in a sea of patogens. Hopefully people will also start being aware that when they are sick and talk to you and caugh, they WILL transfer it to you. Enough of "oh i got a flu, but i am better now, im not gonna get you sick"...yeah right! 😂 btw, i am a medical worker, and ever since I had Microbiology class on college and grew Streptococus in Petri dish, tested saliva on microorganisms, etc.. I see the world differently. Kind of a curse you may say, hahaha
  7. awesome! on track for human missions!