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  1. are the Columbias out ?
  2. I'm looking to buy the full set of the Chronos coins in BU Quality not Bullion What do people have available Thanks
  3. It looks like the Emu has 3 legs lol
  4. Wow, pity I'm skint right now, I've bought too much even though people tried to warn me 🙈
  5. Does anyone know if there is a list of all Britannias produced?
  6. He did say that he would send me tracking info when sent so I suppose he just hasn't got around to me yet
  7. No not yet, I ordered a libertad off him as well, I've messaged him on Sunday but no reply yet
  8. It's a great price, I can't believe they haven't gone yet
  9. I need to see what i bought yesterday as i bought quite a bit in my slightly inebriated state 🙈