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  1. Talking about an electric car (Tesla), “Its engine is like a giant battery.” Mmmmm...
  2. Have you looked at switching to a credit union or at least an online bank? If my antipathy towards high street banks was such, I’d be wanting to remove myself from their clutches.
  3. It’s easy to have a somewhat jaundiced view of bankers but we take out what you see as a Faustian pact with them for our own convenience: they provide a service, we pay for it. Presumably you don’t have a bank account?
  4. Yeah got mine earlier this week. I’m sort of glad I got it, although I can’t quite get rid of the feeling that I’ve been mugged! Especially when you consider that the limited run (3000 rather than 47,000!) 2020 Britannia was only £10 more.
  5. JonCL

    Perth mint swan #4

    Very nice- I’ve got the first three so I’ll definitely be adding this. I think the Aussies have got a real knack for producing varied and interesting series. I’ve just started gathering RAM Kangaroos and I’m really impressed with the diversity of designs whilst maintaining enough common features to be an obvious set.
  6. Another insipid offering. I’ll buy the remaining coins in the set because I’ve already got the box. But the Royal Mint seriously needs to go and poach some ideas people and designers from Australia and Germany!
  7. I don’t collect anything fancy- mostly 1-2 ounce BUNC- probably like most here I like gathering complete series. I’ll buy proofs to finish a series but apart from that, I’m not particularly drawn to them. Similarly, I’ll buy a coin in average condition to fill a gap- figuring that I’ll buy a better example when I see one. In other words, I collect coins which fall somewhere between scrap and numismatic collector appeal. But I have never paid anywhere near as low as spot for any of them. Granted most have come with a capsule which accounts for 50p or so but the prices have rarely dipped below £20 an ounce, perhaps a couple of 2oz coins dropped to £35 for a while but the range they sold at, whether on ebay or various dealers, is all much of a muchness and between £20 - £30 when spot has ranged between £12 - £15.
  8. £60 (+£5 p&p) for a fraction of an ounce of .925 with a mintage of 47,000 seems like too much of a mark-up to me but I put up with the self-loathing and ordered one nonetheless. I got the RM email saying that delivery has been delayed and payment temporarily reimbursed! But that I’m not to worry, as soon as the coins become available they’ll take the money out again.
  9. JonCL

    Lacquered Kangaroo

    Having looked around for a new series to collect I decided on the Royal Australian Mint’s Kangaroos- a “proper” coin, with a nice long run and a different design every year- what’s not to like? Except perhaps that the 2007 coin was designed by Rolf Harris! On receipt of a 1995 coin I noticed that it was quite yellowed but that there were quite sharply defined areas where the silver shone through. It was quite obvious that I was looking at a partially peeled coating of some description. I’ve not come across this before but it looked a mess so set about removing it. I didn’t particularly want to use white spirit so started with soap and warm water. This had limited success which ended up with the coin looking very patchy, so I switched to boiling water and friction applied via gentle rubbing wearing a pair of nitrile surgical gloves which resulted in the lacquer coming off in yellow cellophane-like patches. Very satisfactory and although I’d hesitate to use this technique on a mirror finished coin it worked well on this frosted one where the only such clear area is Her Majesty’s face- luckily the coating on this area came off in one piece and I didn’t have to touch it. I broke my rule of not touching any coins I buy but in this instance it looked pretty manky and I’d have replaced it anyway. Thought this might be useful for others with similarly affected coins.
  10. That was my feeling when I was told that I was in a queue behind 37 people but my turn would come in under a minute! No thanks, wasn’t that interested. Looking on ebay it seems that the £30 2-coin sets are being flogged at prices between £70-£125. Besides, I’d already paid just under £70 for a Brexit Britannia, which I’d baulked at paying (especially as it’s the wrong year!!) but knew I’d regret not having in my Britannia line-up. It does look nice.
  11. I quite liked the subtlety of the Skull in the clouds in the Queen Anne’s Revenge coin. You can’t go wrong I suppose with a socking great skull on a pirate coin but it would’ve been cool to carry on a theme of hiding it away somewhere.
  12. JonCL

    2020 Germanias

    Despite a premium tag and a mintage limited to 25,000 coins the 2019 Germania is still in stock at Silvertrader UK for a relatively cheap £25.49. I did buy this coin and I’ll probably buy the new one simply because I’ve got a real shortage of European coins in my collection (if you don’t count the “African” ones minted in Germany!).
  13. I think the general consensus is that stackers, by definition, have an easier and probably more profitable task in turning their precious metal into hard cash. As a collector I am resigned to a protracted and piecemeal sale of my coins should I wish to make any profit. What do forum members recommend if a collector wants to cash in quickly?
  14. An interesting thread. I was never interested in stacking silver and I think I’m kidding myself in regarding my collection as an investment... because I’m not sure I could bring myself to sell. Of course we are all aware that our silver has an intrinsic value- which is nice- but how many of us are using its investment status as a convenient excuse to buy another shiny thing rather than a serious effort to put something by for the future?
  15. My first purchase after gathering a few coins was a case to put them in- I use Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) Cargo ones. If you collect 1oz coins and keep them in capsules you'll need the trays divided into 12 or 24 (depending on whether you buy a small or large sized case) 47mm squares. It's a nice sight to open your case and see a full tray of interesting silver.
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