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  1. Thanks for the welcome. And @murph, thanks for the Pandas tip.
  2. Oh forgot them! Yes thanks, got the seven of those so far and looking forward to the imminent release of the White Lion of Mortimer. Hoping it’s better than the image posted on this site’s thread. Looking for the release date was how I found this site actually.
  3. Hi all, I’m new to all this, having just started collecting silver coins since the start of this year. I’m probably average in that I’m interested in an aesthetically pleasing collection rather than big stacks of identical coins. I’ve also not got much interest in (or money for) proofs or low mintage coins per se- although I’ll buy newly released low mintage items if I like them- such as the Black Flag and SA Big 5 series, and I’ll buy proofs if there’s no choice- such as the 1997 Britannia with which to complete the set. Generally I don’t stray too much beyond the retail price of somewhere between spot price +30-100% (currently £20-£30). At the moment my collection is a bit random and having found every year of Britannias I moved onto the various Canadian animal sets as they’re relatively easy to source (with the exception of the 2017 Bison, which seems a bit thin on the ground. I had to buy a gilded one in the end). I’ve also got Somalian Elephants, Ghanaian Leopards, Royal Mint Chinese Lunar Years, South Korean Chiwoo Cheonwangs, a few lunar landing anniversaries, Nautical Ounces etc, etc. I’m trying to find inaugural years of collections I’m not interested in finding in their entirety. If anyone has ideas for interesting sets to collect, I’d be glad to hear them. I’d also like to ask your opinion on removing coins from mint packaging to put in my own capsules. The three Nautical Ounce coins I’ve bought have all turned up in hermetically sealed plastic pouches with the Rwandan bank logo at the top. I guess collectors would rather buy unopened coins but the plastic envelopes look a bit rubbish, don’t fit into my 47mm trays and, aside from being airtight, don’t offer much protection. Anyway, sorry for the long-winded intro, it’s nice to be here- thanks for having me.