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  1. Not sure I’m allowed to post a link but if you search “Celestial animals coin” you should get a German seller flogging them for £24.94 + £7.75 p&p.
  2. Although I’m a relatively new collector of modest (BUNC) silver coins, whose worth lies more in the spot price than their numismatic value, I’m still loath to touch the things. I don’t expect I’m alone in finding it anathema to put sticky fingerprints all over that silvery loveliness. Most of my purchases arrive in capsules and remain in capsules. The odd ones which turn up in mint bags or other packaging than capsules, get gingerly picked out by gloved hand and put in capsules. So it has been a pleasure to buy an Albion 100g bar which is basically a lump- albeit nicely made and precisely measured- of fine silver, which I don’t mind handling. I’d recommend collectors buy at least one such poured bar for a bit of cathartic fondling after carefully stashing away one’s pristine coin collection 😁.
  3. Another nice Canadian anniversary coin- this one commemorating the 100th birthday of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (1920-2020). I’ve just seen this 2oz bullion coin drop into the Silvertrader UK store and am interested to note that the obverse carries the image of the monarch who reigned when the Mounties were founded- King George V. Does the depiction of a past monarch affect the status of the coin. It has a face value of 10 Dollars but can it be legal tender? The question is purely academic as I hope to never see the day when silver spot prices dip below face value!
  4. I bought the Germania but thought the Allegory idea was gimmicky and kitsch. Britannia looks more like a supermodel than the fierce and indomitable warrior queen who is supposed to personify our nation. She is also depicted with a booty of sufficient magnitude to drive the Kardashians into fits of envy.
  5. Completely agree. Normally Martin’s distinctive high contrast “soot ‘n’ whitewash” photography shows coins off very well but it didn’t do the mammoth any favours. If it hadn’t been a low mintage first of a series I’d probably have left it. Glad I didn’t.
  6. Silver Trader UK has these for £25.99. I’ve got no connection other than being a very satisfied customer.
  7. I thought the first Lunar 2 I bought was a fake- I hadn’t seen the 45mm diameter on the spec sheet 🤦‍♂️. I’ve now collected the set (just waiting for my Tiger to turn up) and I love them. The designs make the most of the extra room and they are a good interference fit, in capsules, in 47mm Leuchtturn trays. I actually prefer them to the first series which despite the smaller size have lots of dead space and are in any case too expensive for me.
  8. JonCL

    Any new series??

    Looking forward to the third SA Big 5- the Leopard, and the new Archosauria from the same mint- apparently both due on 1st Jan 2020. As well as the ones mentioned there is also the Tuvalu Black Flag pirate ship series which kicked off with the excellent Queen Anne’s Revenge. Plus the Perth Mint’s unusual triangular Batavia coin which I though was the first of a series but might be mistaken!
  9. I use Leuchtturm (Lighthouse) cases too- you can find them on Amazon and ebay. The small one (S) holds 6x12 1oz (47mm) coin trays (72 coins total) and the large (L), twice that many on 6x24 1oz coin trays. I should say that the trays mentioned are divided into 47mm square compartments which are large enough to fit coins in capsules, although deeper (2oz coins stand slightly proud. They seem reasonably well made, although the cases are only aluminium frames with plastic panels- painted and textured to resemble aluminium. The lock and hinges are metal, although the handle and its mounts are chromed plastic. I was a bit dubious about the latter as even the small case gets pretty hefty as it fills up but it actually seems fine- it’s not as though it gets carried anywhere, and if I did need to I’d chuck it in a bag anyway.
  10. Sorry for the slight thread drift. I’ve just bought a couple of these bars- 2018 & 2019- which came in capsules. My question is whether there are any storage trays to fit bars? I’ve got a couple of Leuchtturm boxes but the only items that I’ve seen that might work are trays for slabs.
  11. I’ve just bought one of these from Martin at Silvertraderuk and I don’t really understand the negativity towards it earlier in the thread. The design is as detailed and well-executed as the Nautical Ounce coins and I don’t have a problem with the upside-down lettering on the reverse- after all, half the lettering on round coins is upside-down! I like that the coin is telling a story and I also think that the line about the image of the ship being ‘capsized’ to read the inscription, is slightly tongue-in-cheek, if in slightly poor taste. I’d also be surprised if the coin’s price gets anywhere near spot- collectors will want one whether they are fans or not and, although it’s described as ‘bullion’, it seems that mintage is a paltry 20,000. Mine has no issues with milk spots and the only slight criticisms I have are that it is as thick as a 2oz coin so stands slightly proud in a tray (although this gives it a pleasing “chunkiness”), and it would have been nice to see an innovative edge treatment- perhaps a stylised wave pattern?
  12. Funnily enough I was looking for a 1oz Silver Funnel Web spider and saw a very cheap “buy it now” one listed on ebay. The ad did specify that it was made of “iron”- I think silver plated- but looked absolutely perfect. Made me think a bit. Here you are- in the description it says bullion or 1oz Silver, only specifying “iron” further down the page. There seems to be a few listings for these “replicas”!!
  13. @Pampfan Did you buy the frame off the shelf or is it a custom made one? I’ve done a quick google search and found nothing as good as yours.