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  1. All the best in your collection in what can (will) be an expensive hobby!
  2. this bad boy is out: https://www.lpm.hk/2020-1-oz-china-water-dragon-silver-dollar-six-999-silver-restrike-premium-uncirculated.html
  3. to be honest, you can't really go wrong browsing Apmex's website. Just hover over the Silver tab and they have everything very nice and organised with images, etc all there for the customer.
  4. seriously, people need to give RCM more credit on the milkspotting. yes it was terrible before, but they actively did something about it and as many people can attest it they actually produced results (wasn't just some marketing gimmick)
  5. Wow that's incredible that has passed QC especially the gilding on the keys - it's so far off
  6. can confirm LPM are 100% legitimate. have bought from them many times previously when I was living in Australia with no issues. They do free international shipping for collectibles over 500USD also which can make prices extremely competitive if you are on the hunt for a few items.
  7. Hi everyone, First of all, happy new year to everyone! I just wanted to start a topic to hear from everyone on what were some of their personal collecting/stacking highlights from 2019. There is a lot out on the market so this might be a good way for everyone to get an overview of 2019! I will get the ball rolling with some of my picks! Favourite coin/series of the year -> though I didn't actually pick one up, the RCM's Multi-faceted series is a thing of beauty and something different from everything out there in the market. A close second for me would be the triangular Batavia coins - again, nice to see something different and the design was top notch. Can't wait for the next release! Best performing coin of the year -> the craze behind the 2019-S Enhanced Silver Eagle. Congrats to anyone who managed to pick one of those up at initial retail pricing. A close second would be the Una and the Lion 2oz gold pricing! that thing really went from zero to ridiculously high overnight. In terms of bullion, my pick would be the 1oz Silver Black Flag. Biggest Disappointment of the year -> I had less time for the hobby than usual! Personal Highlight/Purchase/Goal -> finally getting my hands on a full set of the original Gods of Olympus 2oz antique coins that kinda started the whole antique craze! Goal for 2020 -> work towards completing a few more missing pieces from my Series 1 and Series 2 silver proofs collection - pm me if you can help!
  8. The fake is super obvious, but that size measurer is kinda cool as a quick test.
  9. these are extremely hard to find for some reason! I just noticed LPM has put them up on their website now - better late than never I guess! https://www.lpm.hk/2019-1-oz-south-korea-tiger-999-gold-bu.html
  10. new Lunar III 1oz is same diameter as all of their other standard 1oz silver coins (kook, kangaroo, etc). Perth Mint actually sell their own official presentation case for it so those would be perfect for the moment
  11. https://www.lpm.hk/promotional/2020-krugerrand-range.html?utm_source=website&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=2020Kangaroo worth a punt considering the craze for the first time 2017 1oz Proof and how prices went with that one? Thoughts? don't see it listed anywhere else yet, but price seems reasonable for a 2oz.
  12. hope you get a resolution from this. IMO once it leaves their inventory, it becomes nearly impossible for them to refund because it opens up a can of worms for them if they entertain exchanges (how do they know it hasn't been swapped, others might try the same thing, etc) and if they agree then they basically admit their testing is not up to scratch.
  13. you can say the premium is..not of this world. in fairness, prices have gone up over initial retail but not that crazy. LPM has them at 145USD which is a bargain compared to eBay prices and APMEX!
  14. just popped up on LPM's website - really digging the design https://www.lpm.hk/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=2020+redback+spider