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  1. I hope that it is a mock up, even though I'm probally the only person who likes the 2019 better than the 2018, I do hope hat hey change the 2020 version of it so that it doesn't look like te 2019 Valliant with a different date on it, though I do hope that hey keep the ''10oz Fine Silve 2020'' on the inner circumference of the coin.
  2. Try boycoting your council tax or parking tickets if you disagree with any of them, and see how free you really are, I've tried and I can assure you from personal experience that you can't just boycott anything you want or feel intitled to boycott, in fact there are laws in place, not just Brittish laws but international laws that make boycotting certain things illegal, again I know this from personal experience.
  3. I bet he'd change his mind very quickly if this was done and accept them, though I'd be willing to bet that he'd still promote that other people boycott them on principle, or some other nonsense.
  4. Anybody else here wondering whether or not Phillip Pullman understands the concept and legal issues with regards to ''legal tender'', and how do you think Phillip Pullman, the Treasury, the U.K. government, HRMC, and the Brittish legal system would feel and more imporantly react if I decided that I will no longer accept payment the features the head of the Queen or any fuure monach on it? I seem to recall reading about a bunch of shop keepers becoming guests of various HMP's when Britian switched over from pounds, shillings and pence over to pounds and pence and refused to accept the new form of Brittish currency as means of paying for goods and services. Not to mention that there was a British coin, I think it was a 50p coin to commemorate the 2012 London Olympics, that not only celebrated soccer, but was meant to explain the ''offside rule'' only for it to be incorrect - from memory it showed an offside player not being offside, and a player who was not offside as being offside, and that coin was and still is legal tender, and was not pulled from circulation, making one of Phillip Pullman's reason for boycoting the Brexit coin due to the misuse of the oxford comma as moot, I've also read news articles where he said it should be boycotted because it would further divide the U.K.
  5. Just curios, but does anybody seriosly believe that China is the only country in he world that is both playing around with biohazard level four contagions and viruses, let alone has made mistakes with the quarantine of these nasty bugs - if this is the case with the coronavirus. It's not like America has had issues in the last 10 to 20 years with ebola escaping labs, and it's not like the U.K. do not have these types of labs in operation in multiple locations around the country and have made mistakes on more than one occasion.
  6. Serious question here. The boss and I are currently having a super lazy day to the point where none of us could be bothered to walk the five minutes to our local fish & chip shop, so we decided to make ouselves feel evem more guilty and hate ourselves a bit more by having our local fish & chip shop deliver our order to us instead, which made us realise tha since it's so close we didn't know it's phone number, nor did we know it's actual name - we just call it the ''Chippy'', so we had to resort to the all wise and knowing Professor Google for sage advice and guidence, which brought our atention to this article: Britain's BEST chippies. Now my local chippie has not made the grade, though I will admit I consider the best chippie to be your local and most convenient one - after all in my humble opinion fish & chips is the British equivalent to fast food and answer to McDonalds, and after have read the above linked to article, it made me realise that if the misses and I decided to one day treat ourselves to visiting one of Britian's best fish & chip shops we're looking at a minimum of a night away in a hotel to get tto the closest one to us, which isn't even rated number 1. So my question to everybody is simply this: How far, how long and how much effort are you willing to put into getting fish & chips for dinner, are you willing to walk a few miles/drive for a number of miles past closer fish & chip shops/spend a decent amount of time like an hour or two in order to get fish & chips for dinner, or are you like me, and are happy just to use your closest and most convenient fish & chip shop? Yes, I know it's a stupid question. (Is there any chance of somebody moving this post to the ''All other non PM related discussions'' section please)
  7. I forgot to mention, one of if not the biggest reason for me saying that I would pay no more than £23.00 - £25.00 per coin, or around £160 - £180.00 for all nine of them is due to how much dealers are willling to buy them back for against what they sell them for, just using the selling prices and buy back prices from a dealer that I've seen mentioned a good few times on this forum, and one that a mate of mine has personal experience with - Atkinsons, Buy back price of pre 2012 1 ounce silver Britannias, you can see that they well give you less than £14.50 each for them, yet their sale price for post 2013 1ounce silver Beitannias varies from around £17.07 to £21.42, yes I know that the dates don't exactly lign up with the dates that you are looking at, but they are close enough to get a general idea, the only advantage your offer has is to buy the dates you want for £30.00 each without having to try you luck with regards to coin quality and date, and it's not a big risk with coin quality dealers will and do reject bad quality coins, or sell them off for scrap/melt value on coins they think will be returned to them or give them a bad reputation, so your only real advantage is that you don't have to try you luck as to the date you receive when buying second hand mixed date coins from a dealer, most dealers offer this, my mate has done it multiple times with Atkinsons, hence why I used them as an example, and he's been extremely happy with both the dates and the quality of the coins he has received from them, and he's a collector and not a stacker. And as to them coming in their cards, I wouldn't put too much stock or faith in that, the blanks/empty cards are widely available to buy all over the place especially online, eBay had a full collection of blank cards/sleaves for Britannias up for sale a few days ago, maybe as much as a week ago, here's one such card for sale on eBay right now EMPTY 2007 Silver Bullion Britannia £2 Coin Blister Pack
  8. I wouldn't call what I posted as ''facts'', but merely my own unqualified opinion and views on the subject, and as I've mentioned in my first post on this forum when I signed up, the only reason why I own any silver is down to pure luck, if my dog hadn't found somebody eleses stash of silver I wouldn't own any silver and would just be buying gold.
  9. Not to brag or anything, but I have every year of silver Britannias from 1997 to 2020 - proofs as well as bullion they were among the stash of silver my dog found last year, (I'm only missing the 2020 Oriental border Britannia**). I honestly don't think that they are worth paying much more than £23 - £25 each especially if they are not proofs. My reasoning for this being that the first incarnation of Britannias, namely those first inroduced in gold in 1987 can be bough right now for spot plus around 5% - 10% - around £1350.00 for the 1987 1 ounce gold Britannia with free shipping 1 ounce gold 1987 gold Britannia, I think I paid roughly £800 - £850 for mine in 2015 when I moved to the U.K - not much over the spot price for gold back in 2015. I just bought what may be argued to be the coin that started the bullion coin craze namely the 1967 gold krugerrand for £2400.00 not much under double the current gold spot price - not much of an increae in value when you take into consideration the spot price of gold in 1967, inflation, age of the coin, the rarity of the coin and the spot price of gold today, and to be honest I would be very surprised if my 1987 one ounce gold Britannia yet alone any of my other Britannias both gold or silver will provide a decent return on investment in my lifetime other than the free ones my dog found, as in I would be very surprised if I would be able to get more than spot plus 1% - 5% in my lifetime instead of 20%+ to break even with VAT on the silver ones. I can understand wanting to get a complete date set, I'm in the process of doing that with the gold Britannis, that's what I started doing since I moved to the U.K. back in 2015, but as you can see from the link I posted above, the gold Britannias, even the first in the series - 1987, can be bought today for very little above the spot price of gold. ** The only silver I have actually paid for, or bought has been a 2020 proof silver Britannia, a few tubes of uncirculated bullion 2020 Britannias, the 2020 White Lion of Mortimer proof as well as a few tubes of uncirculated bullion White Lion of Mortimer, basically buying the same amount and types as in the stash that my dog found , and the only reason why I've bought these is to continue with the series, once the Queen's Beasts series of coins is finished I'll just be buying one proof silver Britannia and and a few tubes every year, I figure I might as well add to them seeing how I acquired 1997 to 2019 silver Britannias for free thanks to the dog, and who knows my kids or their kids may benefit from this in the distant future, I have strong doubs that I'll realise a decent increase in value on these coins in my lifetime.
  10. I was under the impression that you could walk into the Bank of England or the the Bank of Scotland and exchange then for their face value in cash, or am I mistaken in that belief?
  11. Can someby please explan to me why a 1 ounce silver Britannia has a face value of £2.00, yet the 2 ounce silver Queens Beasts have a face value of £5.00 the 10 ounce versions of the Queens Beasts and the 10 ounce silver Valiant have face values of £10.00, and this up coming 5 ounce James Bond coin has a face value of £10.00. It seems to me that the 2 ounce versions of the Queens Beasts value silver content more than any other silver British Bullion coin, (£2.50 an ounce instead of anything from £1.00 an ounce to £2.00 an ounce) and therefore beter value for money should the value of silver plummet to below £2.00 an ounce. Am I missing something here, or am I just being an idiot? Thanks
  12. They must have minted a load of the 2018 10 ounce silver Valiant coins, the Royal Mint not only still have them in stock, they have enough of them available for people to order 50+ at a time, and buying a single 2018 10 ounce silver Valiant coin is still comparable in price to both the 2019 version as well as the newest 10 ounce release from the Queens Beast series, and I don't just mean the prices that the Royal Mint sells their coins for, but also sellers like Silver Trader - I believe that there is less than £20.00 difference in price between the cost of the 2019 and 2018 10 ounce silver Valiant coin or the lastest 1 or 2 10 ounce Queens Beasts coins from any seller that has these coins in stock for sale. Royal Mint 2018 10 ounce Silver Valiant Coin
  13. I actually like the 2019 version a lot better than the 2018 version, I like the fact that the coin details - year and what not, are easily visibile and read on the inner circumference of the coin, and that I don't need o know much about or anything about the coin to know what it is and don't need to spend any time researching what the coin is and what date it is - which is precisely what I hate about certain years of Britannias especially the 2001 Britannia.
  14. I am not an eBay seller, I only buy stuff from therre. I personally depend on eBay's Click & Collect service if the seller is not offering Royal Mail as a delivery option - no courier company seems to be able or willing to make residential deliveries where I'm based, from personal experience of over 700 Click & Collect purchases I have had only 2 ''bad'' experiences, the first was some studio equipment (I own a recording studio) the seller made a misake and sent me the wrong item by mistake, this was by no means a cheap purchase it was a few grand, neither I nor the seller lost out on this purchase - yes the seller lost money on the postage but nothing else. The second incident was for a few dozen 1 litre glass kiln bottles - I'm a naughy boy I make my own vodka, gin and potash/moonshine, this issue was caused by Yodel losing my order for a few weeks before finding it and delivering it to my local Argos for collection, by which time the seller had already refunded me for my purchase, and I purchased another few dozens 1 litre glass kiln bottles from the same seller and had them delivered to my local Argos for Click & Collect, and had already collected the replacement order, in fact the only reason why I know about Yodel's mess up with my original order is because I use the Click & Collect option so often that all my local Argos staff know me well, so they noticed my name on the packaging and as a favour to me kept it aside and gave me a call when it arrived to let me know it was available for collection, I did notify the seller before I collected the lost order, to offer to pay him again for the first order, but he informed me that he didn't lose a penny on the lost order - eBay had already refunded him for he lost order, so I might as well just pick them up and keep them. I should point out that I'm a ''loyal purchaser'' as in when I find a good seller I stick to that seller, even if they are a few pounds more than other sellers, and therefore I tend to build up very good relationships with the sellers that I use. As I mentioned I live in an area where no courier company seems to be able or willing to make residential deliveries, so I avoid sellers who do not offer Click & Collect as a delivery option, even if it means spending a few extra pounds, and I'm by no means alone in avoiding sellers who do not offer Click & Collect, if you visit my local Argos the number of people in the store collecing their Click & Collect purchases from eBay out number people buying stuff from Argos by at least 10 to 1, so much so that the local manager thinks my local Argos wil become little more than an eBay Click & Collect point in a matter of months if not the next year.
  15. Lessons are definitely the way to go, as to recommending a teacher, I wouldn't know where to begin, that would depend on your own personal ambitions and goals. From my own experience as both a music student, as well as brief stints teaching music what I will strongly suggest is that lessons less than an hour long are a waste of your time, effort and money, and a waste of the teachers time and effort. I'm not trying to make you spend more, nor discourage you, but I will simply point out that your lesson begins the minute you either enter the teaching room/studio or the minute that you sit down, with that in mind expect to spend the first 15 to 20 minutes just getting settled and warmed up, so with 30 minute lessons you'll be lucky to receive 10 to 15 minutes worth of actual teaching/learning - for comparison when I picked up my first instrument I was taking 4 hours of lessons a week by the time I was working on 3 instruments I was going to over 20 hours of music lessons a week on top of the ''general music'' lessons that he schools I went to provided. Do you still have the guitar? I play both left and right handed, so would be interested in finding out more about your unused guitar, the brand, and the model for example. As for putting it down because you have two fingers that didn't set properly puting you off learning, don't let that stop you, you would be surprised at the amount of simply amazing music in all genres and styles created and played by guitarists with 2 fingers, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath only started to learn how to play the guitar after cutting the tips off two of his fingers while working at a factory, and he briefy played for Jethro Tull, Django Reinhardt the famous jazz guitarist wrote, played, preformed and recorded arguably his best work after practically destroying his fretting hand after the caravan his wife and himself shared caught fire while they where asleep inside (he had his right ring finger and pinky amputated). Always keep in mind that it is never too late to pick up an instrument