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  1. I've only ever let one person besides myself shave me with a cut throat, though every women I've dated, even my ex wife have insisted that when I do clean shave with a Gillette, that they shave me, I have no idea why, but every women that I've dated enjoys shaving their partner, pro tip, if your misses is anyhing like mine or any of my ex girlfriends don't let them talk you into letting them shave you with an epilator, even if they swear on a ten foot tall stack of bibles that it doesn't hurt, trust me it makes getting the most painful areas of your body tattooed feel like a relaxing massage, epilators are literally hundreds of little tweezers in a hand held torture device that pulls each hair out individually, and don't use hair removal cream on your face, I know it's temping to be that lazy, but trust me here it will always leave you with a red raw face, your facial skin never gets used to hair removal cream. I'm lucky if I can get 2 shaves out of a Gillette Fusion blade, I usually get one full shave, and half a shave the next time I shave with my vibrating Gillette safety razor, who in their right mind ever though that a vibrating blade yet alone five was a good idea for shaving, I'd like to introduce his danglies to my toe caps.
  2. My Dad taught me how to shave with a cut throat, I actually used to enjoy shaving until I went to boarding school, my first serious girlfriend used to shave me with my cut throat every morning, until I told her I was going on tour for 3 weeks and didn't come home for 2 years - the tour was only mean to last 3 weeks but the album did a hell of a lot better than expected and kept geting extended. I'm one of those unlucky buggers who can use a cut throat or a safety razor first thing in the morning, and needs to shave again in the evening if I wan to be clean shaven for going out at night and not have a beard that's close to a number 1 in length.
  3. Have you started talking to a volley ball yet?
  4. The NHS sub conracts quite a lot of their work out, it's not just the crappy meals, but they also sub contract testing - as in gettinbg test fresuls back, as well as vaccinations out - like how you can get your seasonal flu shot if you qualify from your local pharmacist or Boots.
  5. The U.K. has really strict laws regarding the privacy of people's data especially medical data - though they don't have the best rack record when it comes to keeping it private or secure, my misses is a highly qualified Dr, and every time she comes to the GP with me - she doesn't trust me to go on my own, I have to tell my GP that I have no problems with her siting in on my visit, not just the first times she did it, nor the first few times, but every time. I'm still having to tell the same GP every time I need to see him that I don't mind my misses sitting in on my appointment after almost 5 years of using him, and her sitting in on every appointment, hell she even helps him with my yearly medical exam, but I still have to give him verbal confirmation before we enter his office that I have no problem with my misses sitting in on my appointment, they are not allowed to accept me saying I give my permission fer her to sit in on this appointment, every future appointment and have or request copies of my medical records.
  6. Just curious how many people have stopped, or cut back on how often they shave now that lockdown measures are in place, it's not like people have much reason nor need to get all ''suited and booted'' nowadays? I'll admit I hate shaving with a passion, so my idea of ''clean shaven'' is running the clippers over some of my face without the guard on maybde once a week, and I'll only use a safety razor such as a Gllette - Christ is the Gllette I have the worlds dumbest idea 5 vibrating bladres held right next to not one but two major blood vessels what could possibly go wrong, when I really really have to, I think that the last time I used a safey razor was back in Frbruary for Valentine's day, so I'm now running around spotting a beard about a quarter of the length of Billy Gibbon's - one of the bearded guys from ZZ Top, It's not the longest my beard has been, it's not unusual nor unheard of for me not to shave for 6 monhs and longer, when I got my chest tattooed the tattooist had to tie my beard up, to keep it out of the way, it was down to the bottom of my sternum then - I still haven't forgiven him for platting it, that was going too far. But yeh I haven't been near a set of clippers since probably a week or so before the lockdown began, I also haven't had my hair cut in close to 14 years. So I'm going ''wild man of Borneo'' proper syle right now.
  7. They are just another tool, nothing more, nor do I see anything wrong with governments investing in such companies as long as it is done with more than just the intention of gaining access to their data basas, but also involves some R.O.I., and I mean in financial terms, not ''an end justifies the means'' sort of return.
  8. One of them was part owned by one branch of the American justice system, I can't remember which one, nor which branch of the American government owned a decent amount of shares in it was, I have a feeling that the genealogy company might have been called ''Ancestry'', it was one of the first online genealogy companies right when the whole online genealogy started to take off and you where starting to see adverts for the site all over YouTube and FaceBook, I remember that much about it, it caused quite a big stir among the privacy advocates at the time.
  9. Go to any of these ancestry companies websites and they all tell you in black and white in their E.U.L.A./user agreement that they share their data base - that's everybody who has signed up with them their DNA, with the law enforcement in every country that they operate in, they don't email Johnny Law every time somebody new signs up with the new users DNA, but they allow the law enforcement in every counry that they operate in the ability to compare the DNA records held in the ancestry company's data base against samples that the law is trying to find a match for, and it isn't just used for ''serious crimes'', it's already been used for things like child support, they don't even need to apply for a warrant, you waive that ''right'' away when you sign up with these companies, again this is explained to you in their E.U.L.A./user agreement.
  10. Again it can be done indirectly, people have been caught and charged for murder and various other crimes because somebody in their extended family has used one of these genealogy search companies, yes they can tell that the owner of the DNA that they are trying to find a match for is sombodies cousin, step sibling, niece, nephew...... right down to witch side of the family. In America the law enforcement, especially the people who handle the cold cases love these genealogy search companies.
  11. Yet it is written into law that these measures can not last more than two years, and that every six months from today if these new measures are not repealed by then, they have to be reviewed and signed off on again, so these new measures technically are only on the law books for at most the next six months, if they are still needed after six months they will have to be reviewed and signed off on again.
  12. They don't need to go through all of the hassle of physically collecing DNA from people nowadays, when people are not only more than happy to hand over their DNA, but they actually pay to do it through all these ancestory, and genealogy search companies, if you ever bother to read any of these companies E.U.L.A. hey tell you in black and whie that they share your DNA with the law enforcement of every country that they operate in. People who have served in the military have their DNA stored on record, even after they leave the services.
  13. Yes, I mentioned that it would now only require one Dr's signature to section people over a week ago on this forum, maybe even this thread. Nothing has been ''done under the carpet'' Boros has even publicly said on several occasions now ''that these draconian measures are needed right now given the unprecedented circumstances'', what happened today was merely a formality of having these new time limited measures put into stature - signed off on. I don't remember Jeremy or Diane making any fuss over these measures, in fact they where calling for tougher resrictions to be put into place compared to what has been put in place.
  14. How cute, people actually believe that there is such a thing as ''human rights'', grow up they are privileges. And for those of you about to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, I bet you don't know without the help of Professor Google: 1, How many there are 2, What they are 3, The controversial one that some people have been trying to get added to the existing ones 4, How they vary from country to country, even within the E.U. I for one am glad that it now only requires one Dr's signature to get somebody sectioned, in some countries it doesn't even require the involvement of medical professionals, a police officer, judge, J.P. even a lawyer can have you sectioned in some countries without you having to break the law or go through any legal proceedings.
  15. There's no point asking you what the world was like before the television was invented, there's plenty of people around who are old enought to remember what things where like back then in the dark ages, do you mind telling us what the world was like before the invention of the radio or telegraph? There's very few buggers that old still around.
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