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  1. it s the national post that refuses , do you know any private company who accept to ship coins ?
  2. my friend would like to return his silver una because it was defective ,he contacted the royal mint and they accepted to replace it .But he is living in italy , and the italian post refused to return it because its prohibited to ship coin in accordance to their policies . Any ideas how he can send it back would be highly appreciated .thanks
  3. thank your for your help , do you think he should send it back in same package and change the addresses only ?
  4. A friend of mine received the silver one today ,it was sent as a gift to him by a family member .The coin arrived with capsule half opened and the coin not in a good shape. He s in italy what is the procedure to return it back to get another perfect one from the RM?
  5. What about the silver ones ? Was it a good investment ?
  6. Exactly as @BrumChris said in his reply .
  7. the silver one is appearing on ebay. A really beautiful coin but the presentation box is very disappointing in my opinion .
  8. Do you think it would be a good investment ?
  9. already 95% reserved for the gold and 80% reserved for the silver !!