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  1. Hahaa, how funny is that? I was only snooping round this forum last week, wondering if I should say hello and see who's still about. You must be psychic lol I'm OK thanks mate. I am currently camped on the Ridgeway by Avebury stone circle A lot has changed since I had my little melt down and quit the forum. Long story short I am now divorced, ex wife has the house and land in Portugal; I have the classic old motorhome and travel about with my dog, playing the handpan, doing some busking, some partying. I spend winters in the Algarve cos it's too damn cold in this country, especially in this old crate! lol I might buy a little place over there this winter, I don't much relish the thought of being trapped in Little England after Brexit 😕 Heading back over there in October, can't wait! Looking at a park home on the beach about 45 minutes from Lisbon. I could make a fortune busking in Lisbon, millions of tourists! I still have my stack, added to it here and there but didn't bother keeping up to date with any of my collections. Perhaps if I get settled I will start bringing them up to date. It's hard to collect living in a motorhome - no mail address or safe place for stuff. My lot is stashed in a security place at the moment. Would be nice to get it back! How's things here? Looking posh! lol I'll be in Cornwall next week, PM me if you fancy a beer some time
  2. Hehe. I'm alive somewhere. Divorced now, I spent a couple of years living in my old van. Spend winters in the Algarve, summers doing festivals in the UK. I busk for income, I play the Hang drum. Still have most of my stack, hidden away here and there. I'm sick of the whole political discussion, I am ashamed of my country and the morons that run it. I'd probably be very boring if I came back full time as I have no money to buy, don't want to trade, and much as I often desperately need to sell the odd coin to get by, not being an active member means not having access to the market place here, which is fair enough. And I am sick of clashing with heartless people who support the status quo, so won't join in any such discussions. No good for the mental health! lol I've gven that shi*t up! Yeah, the last 18 months have been soul destroying if I am honest. I remove myself from society as much as I can. As someone once said "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" so I pat myself on the back for that at least. So I travel around in my van spreading a little light with my beautiful Hang drum, trying to put a little bit of positivity into the darkness of today's society. Try to oust a little bit of the hate with some love. Smile at people, smiles are infectious! My ex home in Portugal was almost destroyed by the recent fires. It burned the garden right up to the house, even to the point of cracking the glass in the windows. My ex wife fled with the forest burning all round her. Did you see those pictures of burned out cars on the road? The was about a mile and a half from my house. That was the road she was driving on. She was very lucky to get away with her life. So that was very scary for all involved! Odd to get a notification in my mail box about this forum. Nice to be remembered. I often thought about coming back here and seeing what was going on. But as I don't really collect or trade any more, and I don't have any wish to talk politics, and small talk just bores me.... well I didn't see the point tbh. Just to stay on topic with the "Today I bought" thing. Yesterday I managed to get my name on the list for a new Hang drum. I am going to get an 8 spot with alternative eastern tuning. Probably this one: They are hand made to order. I love this scale, and I think I will ask him to make my new pan to this scale Exciting times
  3. Hi I got most of mine in Australia, searching around collector sites. They can be found but you have to hunt them down a bit. I have the full set now! :D
  4. Sorry that's BS - There was never any suspicion of there being a bomb. They did not call the bomb squad. They did not evacuate the school. They did let him sit with the so called bomb outside the headmasters office - just like you don't with a suspect bomb. Of course they were not acting in the interests of the other children. Otherwise why did they not evacuate? The kid is well known as the inventor at the school. This was an attempt by him to make something interesting.
  5. I knew there was a reason I stopped coming to this site. Threads like this. Disgusting. Totally utterly disgusting. Think I'll stay away longer this time.
  6. So!!!! Is it just going to keep going up? Do I wait as long a possible before brining money over? Will something else affect the pound? What's people's thoughts?
  7. I flew from Australia to the UK with hundreds of ounces of silver, and quite a few of gold. They wanted to manually search my hand baggage as they could not see through it all on the scanners. Other than that they were polite and no one had any problems. I flew via Singapore where we changed planes, so we had to gop through all the scanning and searching again there, again, no problems at all.
  8. Yay!! Today I got a 1 ounce XAG silver bar. Very cool!! I like it. Thank you @ChrisSilver and the Silver Forum!
  9. @mikehosilver Thanks for your help Mike I had come across that site earlier in my investigations, but didn't notice the "New Design" in the title, so yeah, you might have something there! I might email them and ask!
  10. A bunch of the fab South Gippsland Bullion Series of Decent rounds, and some display cases to put them in. Looking amazing. Including the very rare 888 mintage 'Double Obverse'.
  11. Actually it existed for generations before Britain did a deal with the Zionists. Don't believe the disinformation. It fits the Zionist agenda to make people believe that the land was always theirs, but this is not true. Philosophically and historically they have no claim to it other than an signature on some paper from 1946. Where do you think the Palestinians in the bible came from if not Palestine? O.o Nice coins by the way! Would love to own one!
  12. Decided I needed a proper drill So I got a Titan TTB277SDS 3.5kg SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Power tools FTW!!!!
  13. FWIW I have never heard of SGB before only the Australian SGB. FYI I have full sets of the SGB S-O-D including the D/O, ETA next week, so EOA by PM ASAP!
  14. Yeah....but! lol We are still up on this time last week, up on this time last month, and up on this time 6 months ago. So it aint so bad. Two steps forwards one step back is still progress!