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  1. There are several sites to set up email notifications to alert on price increases/decreases. This could help decide the best time to buy and sell if you don't constantly track these things. Also keep an eye on platinum prices as it is historically cheap and fractional coins are available at reasonable prices if found in right place.
  2. If the plan is to pass onto children then why not consider gold/silver jewellery to further diversify. 18ct or even 22ct chain and bracelets can contain a significant amount of gold and chunky sterling jewellery can be found relitavely cheap. The former becoming more rare for good sized pieces.
  3. Have a look at bullion dealer sites and gauge the difference between the prices they buy and sell for. Coins seem to have better resale value than bars +/2%ish. If you are in the UK then best purchasing 2nd hand in private sales or from dealers to avoid the added 20% vat or look at purchasing from European sites. Always keep a look out for old uk coins that have silver content 925/500 as can often be found around spot value and can help built bulk in a stack. Happy hunting:)
  4. I have similar bracelets, pretty sure it will be sterling silver with peridot/citrine/garnet/amethyst/aquamarine gem mixture or their synthetic equivalents. Overall nice wee bracelet and nice cheery colours. I have some nice Au and gem pieces if anybody has interest in jewellery rather than just bullion/numi etc.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, I have just broken my coin grading cherry after stumbling across a rather special item while browsing for bullion. Should be of particular interest to agpanda and any other panda-handlers around here. Keep an eye on gold forum for update when I receive it back.
  6. Just joined as seems the perfect place to share interests in shiny stuff and get advice from fellow enthusiasts. So BIG hello from Scotland. Hope to see you all about here in the future.