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  1. Rich99

    for sale 100g silver bar sealed

    Payment sent
  2. Rich99

    for sale 100g silver bar sealed

    Accept £55 posted?
  3. Rich99

    Today I Received

    A 2017 panda and a 2017 full sovereign That'll have to do for this month!
  4. Rich99

    Today I bought.....

    Just ordered a single silver 2017 Panda, will probably get 10 of them again this year as the 2016 ones were all so flawless (shame the royal mint can't do that..). Also looking forward to a 2017 bullion sov on payday!
  5. At the £23 most are offering them for new in capsules..... Still not worth it! They will drop soon.
  6. Rich99

    Today I Received

    Everything seems very by-the-book. Need to open an account and provide photo ID which is scanned with every purchase. It's in Harrods bank on the second floor. They have coins and bars on display. Also open all day Saturday!
  7. Rich99

    Today I Received

    Sovs are the only coins they have under an ounce I think. All others are 1oz brits/krugs/pandas etc and good delivery bars if feeling flush. They do stock the full range of pamp bars though. Price is ok, not as bad as bbp and not as cheap as hgm! I just like being able to view a few and pick a nice one. Paid £237 for this one.
  8. Rich99

    Today I Received

    Just another 2016 full sovereign from Harrods. It's nice being able to sit down and scrutinise with a magnifying glass before buying. Did some nice Christmas shopping too. Doubt i'll have any more cash for metals this month!
  9. Rich99

    How much PM do you buy?

    That is a hell of a hedge @RisinSun! I personally spend ~£250 per month on silver/gold out of an income of £2600 per month after tax. Life/wife/kid sucks up the rest
  10. Rich99

    New Silver Stacking Android App

    Hi, Seems interesting. I usually wouldn't pay for an app but I thought it might help if I listed app functions I would pay £2.99 for. -keeps track of entire stack in database (exportable as xls via gmail etc) -monitors ebay to see what coins are being sold for and gives an approximate sale value as well as value by spot. Good graphics with charts etc showing stacking history. Live updating spot prices. Includes common gold coins like sovs/krugs etc As well as the features in your app. That I would pay a few quid for. Good luck
  11. Rich99

    Today I Received

    New 2017 brit!
  12. Rich99

    Today I Received

    Thank you ebay voucher
  13. Rich99

    Today I bought.....

    Couldn't resist a humble 2017 Brit from Atkinsons. After already spending too much this month I hope I intercept the coin before my wife sees it
  14. Rich99


    Trouble with these metals is where do you trade them quickly? Much harder to sell than gold/silver I would imagine
  15. Rich99


    Ooh, I want one