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  1. Only the 2001 1oz brit and the 1/2 oz Brit left
  2. Thanks, but at these prices, not accepting offers. Reductions now final and if no interest will wait for the other members to view. Ta
  4. Gents, sorry I have not been active for a while but life and all that! So last year I sold all my sovs here and now the same must be done of the silver as I am buying my first house soon. Final reductions guys - I need these gone! Buy buy buy! Great job guys, many thanks, Conditions of sale- please note that all coins and bars will be sold as bullion. They may have milk spots and other marks from years in storage. All payments are to be paypal freinds and family only, if you send via normal goods and services, payments will be refunded and item relisted for sale. Sorry. UK sales only. Thank you Prices exclude postage, you may specify your own postage requirements at your cost and risk. If you could please cost your own postage when paying that would be super kind. SOLD 4 x 100g bars SOLD Sold 1oz bars SOLD Brits 2017 x 6 £15 each plus post please SOLD Brits 2016 x 6 £15 each plus post please SOLD Brits 2015 x 10 £15 each plus post SOLD 2 x 2014 brits £15 each plus post SOLD 2011 brit SOLD 2013 brits x 4 £15 each plus post SOLD 2001brit 1oz x 1 £30 plus post (reduced) 2001 Brit 1/2 oz £15 plus post (only 5000 of these minted I think..) 2012 double 1oz Sold Coins added!! Sold as bullion remember 500 schilling sold 100 schilling sold 50 schilling sold 25 schilling sold 10 schilling sold 5 schilling sold 1913 3p sold 1892 crown sold
  5. A 2017 panda and a 2017 full sovereign That'll have to do for this month!
  6. Just ordered a single silver 2017 Panda, will probably get 10 of them again this year as the 2016 ones were all so flawless (shame the royal mint can't do that..). Also looking forward to a 2017 bullion sov on payday!