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  1. They do not have a very large selection of pretty coins, but it looks like you are primarily interested in stacking, as am I. Current price of 2020 1oz Britannias is €17.71 (£15.32 = £7660) at the quantity you wish to buy. Freight costs would be for 16 kilos and would add about €80.
  2. My experience with buying bullion from Estonia is that they flatly refused to accept credit cards neither UK issued cards nor European issued cards.
  3. If they were Maples, Eagles or wotnot then I would expect that I would pay VAT at the current rate. If they are UK coins then theoretically being legal tender, you would only be limited by your baggage allowance.🙂
  4. But many of the precious metal funds do operate on a fractional basis, contract pricing to the spot price and not having the physical just allows devious financial minds to game the system. IMHO is a bit immoral.
  5. I think the leverage ratio is roughly 100 to 1 in both Silver and Gold.
  6. I have always thought that the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square should have a statue in the style of a mooning gnome, except this one should have the leering face of Gordon Brown with his bum painted gold.
  7. As someone who has no real interest in pretty coins, spot is my primary buying criteria. Looking at the buyback price of various coins I steer clear of Queens Beasts type of coin, unless close to spot, as I think the price is inflated. An English Lion is north of £1600, but the Royal Mint has lots so rarity should not be factor in the price. If you look at what a dealer will offer for the same Lion perhaps an extra £40.
  8. Daaaaahm!!!, nadgered 😊. Oh well more cash for bike bits
  9. I have dug out my copy of the BBC's 1970s series Survivors, China, deadly virus etc. How long before the MSM blames it all on Brexit. Just itching to pompously declare that it is all because we voted the "wrong way" I bet.
  10. I know I will probably get whipped for commenting in a trade thread but it does seem to me that the Royal Mint is profiteering. If you wish to buy a Lion of England 1 Oz Gold coin they still have lots. As an experiment I put 300 into my basket and the computer did not say no. So I wonder why such a premium when the buyback price premium between a Britannia and a Lion 🦁 is roughly £25. The logic of this escapes me somewhat.
  11. I suppose it’s best to view things long term 10+ years and buy in the dips
  12. The poor old collector is probably spinning in his grave. Personaly I would prefer to bury my stack in the garden and let someone discover a silver hoard in a few hundred years time.
  13. VAT will not be levied on Silver until 31st December as we will be in that part of the agreement where nothing changes. Can’t think of the correct term 🤔 The Gold Silver ratio is heading once again towards 90 which seems to point to Silver being cheap relative to Gold
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