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  1. But Revolut is bank in its own right. Registered in the UK with an FCA listing and a European banking license also.
  2. After 31st December 2020, if you are planning a European holiday you could buy EU silver but ask them to vault it until you collect it personally. I suppose it could be classed as holiday souvenirs - couldn't it ? 😉
  3. That sounds really strange, not disputing your assertion by the way. To not allow someone to use a UK registered bank with full FCA accreditation, very odd. Personally I would take my custom elsewhere.
  4. Gracious, before utilising Revolut I thought I had been hard done by with my bank charging me £10 for a similar transaction. You have my commiserations.🙁
  5. One of the chaps on the forum has written a nifty little app. . . http://goldprice.eu5.net It does not list a double sovereign explicitly, but gives a useful overview.
  6. Totally agree, whilst they might look nicer I would not necessarily pay anymore than a "Bog Standard" Sovereign. My current project is to collect the set of 2oz Silver Queens beasts, but I would not pay the premium for proof versions,.I know, bit of a cheapskate.
  7. If you are just going to buy a bullion double sovereign then there will be lots about with prices reasonable once the froth has been blown off If however you seek a Proof double sovereign then the mintage will be limited to 1760 and the Proof full sovereign limited to 9905 and has already sold out. https://www.royalmint.com/sovereign/2020-gold-proof-sovereign/sovereign-2020-four-coin-gold-proof-set/ One good thing is that my two Sovereigns which I purchased when I thought a sovereign is a sovereign is a sovereign turn out to be proof, not sure if they are worth any more but it is nice to know.
  8. It will believe me. Euro being one of the major currencies it would be strange if it did not. The Revolut card, as you know, has the funds initially held in the same currency as the funding account. It is then just a case of creating a Euro account and converting to Euro. One the screen displaying your Sterling account, just tap the top of the screen and select create new and choose the currency and bobs your auntie. Might be a bit daunting perhaps but a quick play with the app will clarify things. You are unlikely to loose money except when the currency markets are going up and down like a yo-yo and you choose the wrong currency pairings to “see how it works”😕
  9. I would advise getting a Revolut card and paying in Euro. Fund it from your Sterling account (everyday bank account) then converting at the interbank rate without commission. This can be mesmerising as the currency rate changes in real time. When you tap the “Exchange Now” button, that is the rate you get. You can also, in idle moments, play the currency speculator game. Have £10 and convert it between a few currency pairs over a day then back to Sterling, fun to see how much you have gained, or in my case lost.
  10. A bullion dealer would be able to determine metal content quite quickly and the one I use in London (Sharps Pixley) does not charge.
  11. I think it is Bullion By Post https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/proof-sets/proof-2-coins/2020-two-pound-proof-gold-coin/
  12. I think that is what differentiates me from the pure numismatics. I don’t really have a clue which coin is likely to appreciate above and beyond future spot price. So as long as it’s made of precious metal and is shiny I have to be content with that. You seem to think that this double sovereign will be worth the extra premium as it will appreciate at a greater rate?
  13. And the difference is.....?
  14. Oh, ok, my mistake £510 seems a bit steep for a full sovereign though. The last couple I purchased were only £280 each.