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    bullion gold, mainly sovs with some gems on route

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  1. I would the coin if still available please?
  2. anyone know about release dates for the next one or how many they plan to release in the series etc ?
  3. Please ignore the last post clumsy thumbs carry on as you were
  4. That’s the last time I listen to fatm
  5. That’s the last time I worry about British farmers or the price of milk
  6. I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.May this fair dear land we love so wellIn dignity and freedom dwell.Though worlds may change and go awryWhile there is still one voice to cryThere'll always be an EnglandWhile there's a country lane,Wherever there's a cottage smallBeside a field of grain.There'll always be an EnglandWhile there's a busy street,Wherever there's a turning wheel,A million marching feet.Red, white and blue; what does it mean to you?Surely you're proud, shout it aloud,"Britons, awake!"The empire too, we can depend on you.Freedom remains. These are the chainsNothing can break.There'll always be an England,And England shall be freeIf England means as much to youAs England means to me. Added 0 minutes later... Vera Lynn
  7. btw billy bragg is terrible remember this is just a opinion !!!!
  8. very refreshing convo from all sides tonight but for me goodnight and god bless viva boris
  9. Thats very radical and reforming comments there they sound more right wing then the previous comments made by others 🤣 @Cornishfarmer should know more then any of US what brexit means to this country !!
  10. leftists are know anarchists and a common trait of anarchists is cyberterrorism 🤣
  11. a full English brexit please and a nice cup of tea
  12. i have it please , great stocking filler for my daughter