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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    bullion gold, mainly sovs with some gems on route

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  1. I grabbed a silver from cc on the minute they was released , then I couldn’t resist buying a another from rm at the last minute when they showed stock again yesterday keeping one and flip the other at some point
  2. I now know for sure that World has been lying all along thanks to this thread god bless the silver forum 🤣
  3. only just found this topic!!!! thats my Sunday morning reading sorted out very refreshing that everyone can add there own views and opinions freely and that they can be debated respectfully on the forum with no censorship or with people losing they s*** over it !!! (OK well maybe 1 or 2 usual subjects might be lol) good stuff !!!
  4. i just brought the sliver 2oz £178.50 coin connection i don't see this as a massive risk (properly get you money back at worse) and it will be fun to see where this all goes , rather then watching from the sidelines
  5. am sure am not the first or the last to do this, but today i completed my set of ms70s, 200th vicky and albert sovs ,,,,,, ......brought over a few of weeks from the forum, very easily from @terakris and @Osborne01652
  6. Albert 70 listed to by this seller a great coin for a very fair price bump
  7. Am A little gutted, we r flying home from Sweden this morning and I was looking forward to coming home to a new era for England I was a fan of boris but he can go f### him self now
  8. @ravenshunter it was a tough decision but had to drop out of this one , i will probably end up regretting though as i love the new series and did really want one for meself , but mustn't grumble (this could change though !!! am home from work today and still fighting the urge to proceed on my goldsilver.be basket ) congrats for all that got one though
  9. thanks @ravenshunter goldsilver.be have some now to £277 so annoying i gave up on this coin and just brought a load of ice age giants this very morning to try and cheer myself up ,,, now am sat here debating whether or not to buy this coin
  10. Just got a availability email from goldsilver.be either the link isn’t working or it’s sold out already f### my life