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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    bullion gold, mainly sovs with some gems on route

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  1. You beat me to it @Realwealthuprising And brilliantly put i agree no one is denying The cost of the coin , but numbers don’t lie , something isn’t right with the bidding on eBay
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Una-and-the-Lion-2019-UK-2oz-Gold-Proof-Coin-Limited-Edition-225-Very-Rare/303441903449?hash=item46a68bff59:g:1tAAAOSw64ZeGlia grab it while can!!!! low starting bid !!!! you wont find cheaper....was going to buy meself but thought to share it with you lucky people 🤣😂
  3. totally agree with all the points above , great advice !!!! and yes his videos do show that your should question yourself before purchasing anything. although i must say most of he's opinions do seem to be more of a personal attack and should really be kept to himself !!!! this side of pm collecting is clearly being seen by you very shrewd forum members with the recent eBay bidding on the gold una !!!!!
  4. cc are better the bet for ensuring the condition of the coin due to there quality control and yes cheaper to , if you get in early i brought two silver ones , one from cc and one from the rm i ordered the first one from rm then when i made the discussion to keep one and flip one , i brought the second one from cc just to be sure it was in tip top condition and i had one keeper at least but luckily for me both arrived in perfect condition, and pleasing on the eye
  5. great coin mate and am genuinely pleased for ya congrats ( no joke ) but your timing is awful ....someone has just died on this thread !!!!!!
  6. someone needs sacking for that !! endless scenarios of how it happened , just hope they sort it for ya , i think rm should be trying doubly hard for you after that !!!
  7. if the photos aint a wind up , then thats ****ing terrible mate !!!
  8. your be alright, you don,t see many burglars hanging around theses day
  9. these work perfectly but are not reusable , be careful who you tell that your using theses or you might find greta thunberg on your door step !!!
  10. i know some collectors are heavily into collecting half sovereigns apart the the obvious reasons , that they are easier to obtain/lower costs and less in demand /carry less premiums then the full sovereign versions are sovereign/coin collectors missing a trick here ? whats the strategy's and predictions for half sovereign collecting long term or just in general ?
  11. ive been going over the same problem i think chris silver had the best solution on a earlier thread...i found these but check for better prices https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/40-Gram-Aluminum-Canister-of-Silica-Gel-Protects-3-Cubic-Feet-Of-Space/191633107550 these are reusable , once the indicator has changed colour , pop them in the oven then reuse !!! genius
  12. i was only using the 2014 brit as a future pricing gauge regardless if i like it or not to me if a coin of one ounce silver with a mintage of 5000 plus can reach £300.00 ... then why not a coin of 2oz silver with a mintage of 3000,with as much hype as this and possibly ONE OF THE BEST coin series the royal mint has made reach bigger prices
  13. i think this is very realistic price !!! great advice , i think when (if) the series takes of then people will be looking for a entry point and the silver will be the only option for most , i just looked on ebay and for the 2014 proof Britannia they are averaging £300.00 thats for a 1oz coin with a mintage of 5300 and to me thats not a very desirable coin am prepare to wait to sell mine regardless of risks with spotting etc ,,alot of people have a bit to say about QC at rm but i must say mines perfect (so far) i think they have done very well with this coin , i hope my words dont come back to haunt me later on !!!!!!