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  1. Hi Peter, Could you please let me know where did you get those 1/10 caps from? Many thanks. Regards, Hoon
  2. Would you accept £320? Many thanks. Regards, Hoon
  3. Hi, Would you accept £475? Many thanks. Regards, Hoon
  4. Hi Peter, I would like to have 2 please if you still have any. Many thanks. Kind regards, Hoon
  5. Received my silver bars this morning. Many thanks!
  6. Hi, Do you still have the bar for sell? Thx Regards, Hoon
  7. Any Kangaroos left? Thx Regards, Hoon
  8. Hi, I am interested to get 2 x Heraeus 10oz. DO you have any left? Thank you. Kind regards, Hoon
  9. Are these still available? If I buy 25 would the tube comes free of charge? Thank you.