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  1. Those kangaroos are really nice! I love the designs.
  2. verorl

    Buying gold now

    Here is something that happened to me yesterday: I have been stacking cash to buy some gold. Decided to get my feet wet and get a couple of small coins. Went to my local coin shop, they didn't have any. 20 pesos Aztec coins and bigger... Went to another place, same story. Turns out small gold coins are huge in Mexico because of weddings. It is a ritual that the groom gives the bride the Arras (13 coins, people strive to buy gold for them) in the ceremony, this is a big part of the wedding ritual here. Coins from 2 pesos to the 5 pesos, and 1/10 and 1/20 ounces are out of stock everywhere and they get immediately bought when they become available. So for me, this is a little bit of a validation that there is a market for small gold coins (at least here), and I will go ahead and start stacking small gold while saving on the side for bigger coins down the line, knowing I can always sell them really easy. So maybe there is something to small gold coins after all.
  3. <--- woman Yup, we love jewelry, we love our expensive purses and shoes and we do like pretty things to show off when we go out. However, looking at my closet and the amounts of stuff I own and realizing what they cost, bullion is a much more reasonable investment. I do have been cashing out on jewelry that I bought some 20-30 years ago, when gold was a lot lower priced, and have made profits, but jewelry is not a good investment at all, unless you buy second hand and manage to get a really good deal. Design has a huge premium, any stones have premiums as well, and sometimes if you look at the metal content, it is really low for what you pay for. My daughter is into buying Louis Vuittons, and after all the abuse handbags go through, not to mention they end up being big germ petri dishes, the prices they charge are a crazy stupid way to spend money, but to each their own. Bullion it is. I do love my coins, and when I bring out my stack to admire, it does bring me joy. I'm also thinking retirement and trying to preserve the most wealth I can.
  4. My family has a cattle ranch... Maybe we could become millionaires marketing cow dung!!! *starts hatching plan*
  5. I love dogs. Right now I have the 2018 1oz silver coin from the Perth Mint lunar series, but I want to collect all the coins I encounter that have a dog on them.
  6. For gold: the Mexican vintage pesos, from the 2 to the 50! For silver: Libertads!!! They come in a variety of sizes and there are a lot of years to collect. The old style libertads are my favorite.
  7. I hit the big 5-0 this year... And it got me thinking into retirement and living in my old age (my grandparents on both sides have lived to be 100!). Anyway, I bought myself some jewelry, now wish I knew and had gotten the stacking idea sooner. I am putting aside some fiat to buy myself my first gold coin soon... Would love to get me a Centenario (50 pesos gold), as it is the gold coin of excellence here. Maybe if my Christmas sales treat me good, I will make sacrifices and get it.
  8. verorl

    Red Spot Gone

    I use this method to clean silver jewelry, never have attempted it with a coin... If anyone cleans a silver coin this way, please share the results!
  9. I think the powers in charge would implement a DeBeers type cartel to control gold supply to increase demand. I have heard on a lot of places that diamonds are not rare, yet as DeBeers controls most of the "output" and availability, they can maintain the astronomical prices. The shiny yellow stuff has been considered "precious" since the beginning of time. People love it and are mesmerized by it. Even if it was deemed worthless, people would still want to own some, which would make gold retain some value. Well, that is what I think anyway.
  10. I went to a parents meeting at my kids' school and heard someone say a plane hit the WTC, I imagined it must have been a pilot on a small plane that must have made a mistake or had an accident. I dismissed it as some unfortunate accident until I went home a couple of hours later and turned on the TV and the enormity of what had happened and was still happening hit me. A few months before, we went to NYC for our 5th wedding anniversary and wanted to celebrate at Windows on the World, unfortunately there were no reservations available and we vowed we come back. my heart goes out to those that were affected that day.
  11. If it is stamped 925, it is most likely sterling silver. You could always take it to a jeweler or metal buy/sell place to have it tested. But it does look silver. Anyway, clasps have stronger metal pieces such as springs or little levers to maintain their functionality over the years, these pieces are usually magnetic metals. I do know refiners check clasps and remove these little bits before refining any metal. Your bracelet is very pretty!
  12. It's at $19.20 now!!! I have a cart full at APMEX, waiting on some money that should drop into my account later today to pay for it... I'm having second thoughts, but then I have bought silver at over $20 spot in the past. Yikes.
  13. I buy metals for my jewelry making, mostly wire and clasps, jump rings and the like. Anyway, I got into it when silver was around $5 an ounce, gold $350. I have some pieces I made with 18K gold wire that now could cost me about a thousand in supplies alone. I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten into stacking back then. I would be swimming in bullion by now. I also got some Libertads at the beginning of the month at $399 pesos each. Had to go to the bank today and saw on the screen that they are selling for $470 pesos. US dollar is around 20 pesos to 1 dollar.
  14. I started buying silver when it was about $5 an ounce... Those were the times! I have been buying all these years wire and silver findings to make my jewelry with, I just wished I had the stacking idea back then... Yup, seems we are on the uphill ride now.