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  1. I went to a parents meeting at my kids' school and heard someone say a plane hit the WTC, I imagined it must have been a pilot on a small plane that must have made a mistake or had an accident. I dismissed it as some unfortunate accident until I went home a couple of hours later and turned on the TV and the enormity of what had happened and was still happening hit me. A few months before, we went to NYC for our 5th wedding anniversary and wanted to celebrate at Windows on the World, unfortunately there were no reservations available and we vowed we come back. my heart goes out to those that were affected that day.
  2. If it is stamped 925, it is most likely sterling silver. You could always take it to a jeweler or metal buy/sell place to have it tested. But it does look silver. Anyway, clasps have stronger metal pieces such as springs or little levers to maintain their functionality over the years, these pieces are usually magnetic metals. I do know refiners check clasps and remove these little bits before refining any metal. Your bracelet is very pretty!
  3. It's at $19.20 now!!! I have a cart full at APMEX, waiting on some money that should drop into my account later today to pay for it... I'm having second thoughts, but then I have bought silver at over $20 spot in the past. Yikes.
  4. I buy metals for my jewelry making, mostly wire and clasps, jump rings and the like. Anyway, I got into it when silver was around $5 an ounce, gold $350. I have some pieces I made with 18K gold wire that now could cost me about a thousand in supplies alone. I wonder what would have happened if I had gotten into stacking back then. I would be swimming in bullion by now. I also got some Libertads at the beginning of the month at $399 pesos each. Had to go to the bank today and saw on the screen that they are selling for $470 pesos. US dollar is around 20 pesos to 1 dollar.
  5. I started buying silver when it was about $5 an ounce... Those were the times! I have been buying all these years wire and silver findings to make my jewelry with, I just wished I had the stacking idea back then... Yup, seems we are on the uphill ride now.
  6. Can someone please take his phone from him already???
  7. Since the advent of the internet, the world is much more globalized now, and lots of people worldwide shop for things online, lots of times outside their own countries. I know I do. I shop frequently from US sites, and have ordered things from the UK as well. Now that I have decided to stack, I have been trying to look for local coin shops. There is the wonderful place that buys my gold and silver scrap at the best price, they sell coins, but they resell what is sold to them. Coins can be in BU condition, but most of them are circulated and or toned. Great for stacking weight though. I found a local coin shop on the internet and will go and see what they have and can do for me once a little money drops in my account. There is also a peso/dollar exchange place that advertises gold coins, have to check that one out. There are also pawn shops, haven't been to one since they offered me next to nothing for one of my nice watches. I still own that watch. Then, there is APMEX, ebay and all the online places. Some ship to Mexico, some do not. APMEX charges a whopping $49+ shipping! Plus duties. I do have a place in the TX border that receives packages for me and brings them locally. They do charge 16% of the declared value. I want to buy locally as much as I can, but Libertads in BU condition are found through banks, not all of them have them. People in Mexico City have Mint shops, I would have to order by phone or email. I know some of you in Europe are doing those big group buys. What about the rest? Lets figure out our best buying options outside our own countries.
  8. Love this thread... Anyway, here is Her Majesty Queen Of The Couch Being a dog is so hard...
  9. Question: for all who stash PMs all over the house in secret little places, how do you keep track? Do you stash it and forget it? What happens if you really forget it and sell your house years later with the forgotten stash in it? My aunt, who has worked all her life, was the sort who would stash extra money in hiding places... Years later, the time came to downsize and sell the house to move to a smaller one, and while packing, she found several thousand dollars of stashed money she had completely forgotten about? Some of it was in the oddest of places, such as inside a folded pair of socks. She still has no idea if she left some money in the old house for the new owner to find.
  10. When in doubt I have taken mine to my local buy gold place. They have an x-ray tester and can tell me metal content without making marks in my pieces.
  11. I don't own any British coins, but some I have seen are gorgeous... I also think the Lunar series is cool too, I want some Year of the Dogs, but that is because I really love dogs. :)
  12. Thanks for explaining! The old coins sound really cool. There are some antique coins that are just so beautiful!!! Dubloons sound really cool too.
  13. I just started with the idea of stacking for weight. However, some coins are just too beautiful. The Libertads are what is easier for me to get locally, and I love that they come in a variety of weights/sizes, so the urge to collect is kicking in and now I would like to have at least one of each size, with my stack consisting mainly of 1oz coins. I also want to get into gold as soon as I can, and of course, have several pieces on my wish list. Plus there are some series that have the coolness factor and some are so pretty, so yeah, weight, but can't resist collecting.
  14. Pieces of eight? Please excuse my newbieness, but what is that? I do like the maple leafs a lot, the leaf is so nicely done, and my grandma was a big fan of Queen Elizabeth, so I don't mind that... But yeah, not her best portrait.