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    Agpanda reacted to blackadder in Today I Received.....   
    Another 10 oz brit bar 😁

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    Agpanda reacted to Jamesd in Coin cases on ebay   
    Not sure if this is any interest to anyone but have found a great seller on ebay selling leatherette coin cases. Just bought a couple and turned up today and are great value and well made.sellers name is 

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    Agpanda reacted to ChrisSIlver in Change to Silver Premium Membership Pricing - new purchases only   
    On the 1st June 2019, the price of Silver Premium Membership for new members purchasing Silver Premium Membership will change to £4.49 per month, or £49.90 per year.

    Those on an older pricing system or those on the current system will see no change in pricing, providing you continue to pay the renewal invoices on time your membership will remain at the current price.

    Those who are considering purchasing Silver Premium Membership may wish to do so before the 1st June 2019 in order to lock in the lower rate
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    Agpanda reacted to TheBeast in Today I Received.....   
    Caught a big 10oz mouse today... 

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    Agpanda reacted to matrawr in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks to @StackSellRepeatarrived safe and sound 👍

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    Agpanda reacted to CoinStruck in Coin Struck - Mystery Coin Swap   
    Hello fellow SilverForum members. 
    What's in the box?
    Just received a mystery package from the UK sent by fellow YouTuber "Gold Digger Dave". Dave and I have agreed we will send each other a mystery package each month with surprise coins.  
    Have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel showing the opening of the mystery box I received just yesterday. 
    Here is the link to my channel. I hope you take a look and enjoy. As always it would be great to hear what you think. 
    Thanks for reading. 
    Coin Struck 

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    Agpanda got a reaction from Fish827 in Newbie Question on silver weight and stacking   
    I would go for ASE to start whit, Low premium on those
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    Agpanda reacted to jonrms in Short & Sweet & FUNNY   
    I thought this was soo funny, I made it short, but this could have easily been a long video 
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    Agpanda reacted to Wackattak924 in Today I Received.....   
    Mostly ASE's today.
    X20 from group order thank you @BackyardBullion.
    X2 from @StackSellRepeat thanks mate 👍

    Also had a 2019 Congo silverback

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    Agpanda reacted to Shinus73 in Today I Received.....   
    An eBay bargain, I think. A 1 oz high relief Koala Proof. Chunky monkey, about the same thickness as a 2 oz beast.

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    Agpanda reacted to MickB in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received my 100gm Metalor silver bar from @Sovereign to go with 5 ASE's that I got elsewhere. Also my 1oz swan from @arshimo2012, which arrived last week and a 2002 sovereign that I picked up from my local bullion dealer in the high street today for a good price.

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    Agpanda reacted to jonrms in The Silver Forum Wants You.   
    Hi everyone. I know your already on here, but if you overlooked it, have a read at the benefits of selling if your located in the USA or Canada on that section. ATM there are some very generous prizes in the form of membership for a month EVERY WEEK!!!!
    Anyway I hope you enjoy.  This is a video made for the Silver forum.
  13. Haha
    Agpanda reacted to motorbikez in Brexit status ...   
    I think people are sick & tired of the Conservatives & labour treating the electorate with disdain & contempt, both of them trying to be all things to all men. The way they have f--ked up Brexit many people including myself are done with the conservatives & labour. At the next general election if the Brexit party put up a candidate in my area I'll vote for them even if it is a dog with 2 tails.
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    Agpanda reacted to NeutronJack in Today I Received.....   
    Uncirculated Silver Peace Dollars 1922-1927 (inclusive) and 1934-1935 …


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    Agpanda reacted to TXMoon in World coins & medals   
    Three Korean Tigers
    L to R:  1 ozt Gold Gilded Black Ruthenium, 9999 gold, and 999 silver.  I just love this coin. 

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    Agpanda reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    Managed to buy this beautiful 1918 India sovereign from @Marc. A very pleasant transaction and coin convo.
    This goes with my 2018 India sov to complete my 100 year old bombay mint pairing! 

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    Agpanda reacted to jonrms in RIP, to AuRebel,   
    I dont mean to darken the mood following an amazing review below by @PansPurse 
    But I have decided to help out since a silver member list his life. A former veteran,  so donating no:2 of my "Lest we forget" rounds.
    Since really involving myself in the Community,  and This forum which I try to help out as much as I can. I have since given away 3 pieces and plenty of money to help. Ok, I admit 1 of those times was on another forum, but this is my home. CHRIS is a understanding guy, and a no nonsense one too. 
    Anyway here is the video for today, more upbeat stuff soon. 
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    Agpanda reacted to Jamesd in Today I Received.....   
    Received some bits today. Few have taken 4 weeks to get here but better late than never. Special shout out to @Marc just so happy with these little krug's. 

  19. Thanks
    Agpanda reacted to jonrms in Hand poured Silver, by me.   
    Sorry not bumping this but the LEST WE FORGET  002  has been pulled because I am donating it to raise money for a silver community member. He sadly passed away. 
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    Agpanda reacted to KevinG in Today I Received.....   
    I went to the post office today to pick these up
    5 Francs Hercules 1877 Paris mint
    5 Francs Hercules 1874 Paris mint
    5 Francs Hercules 1876 Bordeaux mint
    5 Francs Hercules 1849 Paris mint
    5 Francs Hercules 1873 Paris mint
    5 Francs Hercules 1874 Bordeaux mint
    5 Francs Louis Phillippe I 1847 Paris mint
    5 Francs Louis Phillippe I  1834 Rouen mint
    5 Francs Napoleon III 1867 Paris mint
    5 Francs Leopold II 1870

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    Agpanda reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received.....   
    Vintage National Refiners of Canada 1oz.
    A man cannot live on Engelhard alone. 😂

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    Agpanda reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Got my massive 2110gm (67.8 oz) delivery of @StackerQueen hand poured Marvel and DC Characters. I love how raw they are. All hallmarked too  

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    Agpanda reacted to jonrms in Hand poured Silver, by me.   
    I am listing MY Silver for the FIRST TIME!! I know I did a Launch Party. These are the Silver pieces. I will be giving them a GREAT polish before I send them out, But I wanted to show them here FIRST...… If it wasn't for @BackyardBullion @kimchi and Many more including @ChrisSIlver Then I would have never joined, and never been able to take part in so many events, such as giving my first pour away. And now being able to actually sell.
    I have the fronts of each one shown. I am happy to send more photos of any item on request. I do have them stored.
    I am offering ALL Silver forum paid members Free Delivery within the UK.
    Outside the UK All Silver forum paid memberships get a 50% off discount .. So postage is just £5
    Note Tracking on ALL deliveries, PO Box's I can only Track up to the PO Box.
    Normal deliver in the UK is £5 or Special £8
    Normal Delivery outside the UK is £11 or with insurance £15
    All items are F+F via PayPal .


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    Agpanda reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    They look nice in their new home, a Royal Mint monster box...

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    Agpanda reacted to Nick1368 in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received  this beautiful Iranian 2000 Rials coin courtesy of @Marc which means a lot more than just a gold coin to me.
    absolutly in love.