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    Agpanda reacted to mr1030 in Today I Received   
    1857 French 20 franc coin, 2018-P Voyageurs 5 oz ATB, and the from the 2oz Destiny Knights Series: 1 proof The Shield (#3 in series), and 1 proof and 1 BU The Smith (#4 in series). The Destiny series have fantastic artwork.  Sold thru APMEX if anyone is interested.

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    Agpanda reacted to Xander in Today I Received   
    Received today from Bullionbypost. I was impressed with their communication and next day delivery. Very impressive coin.

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    Agpanda reacted to CadmiumGreen in Today I Received   
    2018 65th Anniversary Sapphire Coronation Celebration Struck on the Day Sovereign arrived! Looks awesome and the capsule stayed secure through the transit!

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    Agpanda reacted to BackyardBullion in **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    €5100 added today alone!
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    Agpanda reacted to Cking83 in World coins & medals   
    Love the design on the Bhutan 1 Oz coins

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    Agpanda reacted to arshimo2012 in World coins & medals   
    Royal Silver Company 
    .99999 purest coins 

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    Agpanda reacted to Silvergun in Retirement age - Plan B   
    Well i reach retiring age In November and have no intentions of retiring and have worked since i was fifteen years old , thirty two of  those years was as a self employed electrician at the moment i enjoy my work am fit and healthy , still go to the gym three times a week and work has never stopped me doing what i wanted when i wanted.😊
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    Agpanda reacted to sovereignsteve in Today I Received   
    Also some Morgan dollars to keep the Acadia ATB company on the Atlantic crossing

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    Agpanda reacted to augur in Today I Received   
    Not a great success but George's first appearance on a coin. Won cheaply on eBay and @Numistacker secured the FR designation 

    I like how the blue label goes with the coat of arms of Zeeland 

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    Agpanda reacted to TheBeast in Today I Received   
    A nice box for my big beasts 👍🏻

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    Agpanda reacted to Goldmick in Today I Received   
    Got my coin from ash on here. Well happy with it its one ive been after for my 2017 sovereign collection. 

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    Agpanda reacted to CosmikDebris in Today I Received   
    $10 Indian Head Eagle. Thanks to @arshimo2012 for making my first forums purchase a positive experience!

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    Agpanda reacted to terakris in Today I Received   
    Few new bits arrived today:
    Tree of life;

    Couple of random egyption style pieces

    Some more dragons:

    Even more dragons:

    And some of these nice Spade Guinea

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    Agpanda reacted to ChrisSIlver in Error Message   
    From the report that the web host has provided, as far as I can tell (though I am not a developer) everything seems to be just a normal load on the servers.
    The web hosts reply:
    ”In such case upgrading the CPU cores should allow more CPU consuming tasks to be performed, however, note that issues such as slow application logic, slow database queries, slow routing, frameworks, libraries etc. would make the CPU upgrade pointless, as the resources would still be exceeded.”
    I have increased the cores on the severs, please let me know if these seems to fix the situation / at least improve it. I can increase further if needed, if that doesn’t improve anything then I will hire the web developer to look though the logs etc.
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    Agpanda reacted to KevinG in Today I bought.....   
    I bought a full tube of 20 Walking liberty half Dollars. Comes from the US but still cheaper than you can find it here for. 
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    Agpanda reacted to terakris in Today I Received   
    Gold bear to join the silver one.

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    Agpanda reacted to Shinus73 in Today I Received   
    Actually from a week or so ago, but worth a late entry.

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    Agpanda reacted to MrGeorge in Today I Received   
    Another one in the pension pot. 

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    Agpanda reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Received this yesterday.  Thanks to all who offered sound buying advice to me.  Beautiful coin.

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    Agpanda reacted to Gildeon in Today I Received   
    High Relief Kangaroo 2014. Recently discovered high relief proofs and find them really interesting.

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    Agpanda reacted to Oystonout in Today I Received   
    2oz Lunar 2 Monkey - Been after one for a while and great price also

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    Agpanda reacted to JunkBond in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Just bought a couple of new trays for my L6 Coin Case that hold quadrum cases, so I can get different size coins from 1oz to 1/2 sov in a single tray.
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    Agpanda reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Second pickup was a 2014 Gold Buffalo.
    The depth of strike on this coin has to be seen in the flesh!
    Turned into an expensive Sunday!

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    Agpanda reacted to KevinJam in Today I Received   
    Hello, addition to my Chinese panda collection just arrived from a US eBay seller.