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  1. Quick update to correct the capture of ATS Bullion's sale prices.
  2. I bought 3 x Sovs and 3 x 1/2 Sovs at different times, last year, without issue (apart from the excessesive junk mail).
  3. The price is correct but you are limited to a "Max 3 Sovereigns per household per year"
  4. I've always looked to buy the cheapest gold, not too bothered about specific years. Guess that makes me more of a stacker, then collector. I believe certain years command a premium, due to mintage. Most Sovereigns which I've bought have indeed been from right here on the forum, some even under spot on the day - you need to be a premium member to see those listings as they post - well priced coins go fast! The vendor Harrington & Byrne sometimes have good deals on Sovereigns (£279 posted, today) but I'd advise you to read some of the forum posts about their excessive marketing practises before going there.
  5. Most of the 2019 Sovs I've bought from the Silver Forum have worked out about Spot+1% (including postage). At today's Gold Spot price, that would be between £281 and £284
  6. Hi @goldking, I'm afraid Gerrards [preciousmetals.co] is not on my list of websites for price comparison - I'm sure there are many other dealers out there with cheaper prices too, but unfortunately I can't scan them all. Just had a look to see if they have enough different gold coins listed to add to my site, but it says they are down for maintenance. Maybe they realised they were selling Krugs too cheaply Thanks for using my site and providing the feedback.
  7. Implemented a few code updates to clear some of the error states, in particular with how some vendors are displaying their 'On Sale' coins. I've also enabled Google Analytics to see what kind of hits / throughput the site is getting (this may trigger your AdBlocker). Todo: 1. Capture 'Out of Stock' for The Gold Bullion Co 2. Fix the Error state for some of the Chards listings (they use Javascript to load the price after the page has loaded) There may be some coins, where the new 2020 version is now cheaper - please let me know if you find any.
  8. Just booked travel / accomodation for the weekend, her good self is very happy... Just have to find a way to break it to her that we are going to the coin fair!
  9. I didn't think I would, when I started stacking (bullion only for me ). That was until I found out about the S.S. Gairsoppa Shipwreck Silver bars and went a bit nuts, paying way above spot & premium. I have also picked up some excellent hand-poured silver which commands a high premium, but I love the look and feel of them, so not in any way upset about my purchases.
  10. Darr3nG


    Hi Solboss, Welcome to the forum. I did the same as you a number of months ago... did some research, joined TSF and made my first Silver purchase from GS.be I'm not unhappy with my choice, but if I could offer some advice: I wish I had first bought the Premium Membership for early access to the Buy & Sell, here on the forum. For an often much better price and access to some great deals, my stack is so much better off and I have saved the membership cost in the long run. Most sellers here are definitely open to offers (not too much frowning... ). I still use GS.be as my silver price guide, but usually can get a better deal right here on the forum from some fantastic sellers.
  11. Bar 2 Heraeus £14.50 Bar 5 Golden Analytical and Refining Company £14.50 Bar 8 Colorado Gold Brokerage £14.50 Bar 10 Great American Mint and Refinery £14.50 Bar 11 Rodman & Yaruss £14.50 Bar 12 Madison Mint £14.50
  12. Very clever, I had to re-read the ad a few times to see what was going on. Found a great description on this website --> [http://about.ag/FakeCookIslands24Gold.htm]
  13. Nollaig Shona Daoibh (or Merry Christmas for the non-Irish speakers) Hope it was a shiny one!
  14. Played about a bit with updating Stock Status and have implemented it as strike-through text, preserving the listed price. This only works where the sites have played nicely (some don't list their item as out-of-stock, simply 'call for price' or 'incoming'). Please let me know if you find any inconsistencies. I have also noticed a bit of a bug with how I capture prices from ATS Bullion, it's about how they list items for sale (need to fix it, as sometimes their better price is not displayed). As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.