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  1. I'm just pushing manual updates, right now - still working on the automation part. Watch this space.
  2. Or click on [CHANGE] to remove delivery costs and re-calculate...
  3. Bought 3 from Harrington & Byrne when they were selling below spot. All the rest right here, from the good people of TSF - Buy & Sell.
  4. Good catch. Fixed now. Thank you.
  5. @Melon - a feature you requested on the other thread (prices with / without delivery) has now been added... Just click [Change] near the bottom. You may need to refresh / reload your browser cache (Windows: ctrl + F5, Mac: Apple + R or command + R)
  6. Darr3nG

    Checking sealed tubes?

    Schrodinger's Monster Box... "Until the box is open, all Silver is both milk-spotted and BU"
  7. Oops... Web testing after midnight is ill-advised. Should be fixed now (may need a reload).
  8. Taking some advice from @AndrewSL76 (#toomanyghosts 👻) , I'm starting a new thread to capture requests and feedback as I work on this website. A little tongue-in-cheek intro:
  9. That was actally a screenshot from my console output (like ms dos), but interesting... It may be a ncer way to style it on the website. Thank you.
  10. Found some free hosting: http://goldprice.eu5.net/ Apologies for how bad it looks, design was never my strength (anyone want to take a go at tidying up the css...? ) Not fully automated, updating (yet) - I'm just manually overwriting the html file during testing. Let me know what you think, hope you enjoy some FREE price comparisons.
  11. Been playing around with a bit of scripting and have the following output working locally: Next step is to figure out how to run on a webserver and update a webpage... (all for free!) Watch this space
  12. Hi BYB, Please add me to the waiting list for 2 (if still available). Thank you.
  13. Darr3nG

    Dating bars

    Maybe a silly question, but why keep the serial # secret? Would contacting [http://www.metalor.com/en/node_59/Kontakt] help?