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  1. Please @people ... if you find a good (UK) deal, feel free to post the link. We are struggling over here for toilet paper, and affordable Silver,
  2. ...from a socially responsible 2m distance!
  3. I did perform a premeet walk-through and realised how this will look on CCTV... 2 "strangers" smiling and swapping small parcels, in the dead of the night!
  4. A big shout out to @Tattoedamat, who not only keeps this country running, delivering who knows what to who knows where ... but also, agrees to a clandestine meet in a service station at stupid o'clock! You sir, are a gentleman, and it was my absolute pleasure to meet you.
  5. After seeing their advertisement on TV and have added Direct Bullion to the site - they appear to have stock, with prices in line with others and apparently price match some competitors. Don't know if anyone has ever bought from them - there are a number of posts on here from a few years back, but nothing concrete. I've removed Bleyer Bullion for now, their prices are all erroring out (possibly due to DDoS protection) - will work to find a fix later.
  6. This looks like quite a good deal from @LawrenceChard for anyone after a smaller gold purchase: https://www.chards.co.uk/netherlands-gold-ten-guilder-coin/1143
  7. Trying scraping said site for price comparison!!!
  8. Tried this previously... won't let you add any to basket
  9. Not that I'm aware of, but most people (I believe) use the VAT-free European sites for silver purchases. You never know, now that I have some much more time at home, I may attempt to pull something together...
  10. Nope, very basic read for OOS html tag (or in the case of HGM, Chards and TGBC reading the text, directly)
  11. Quick update to Sharps Pixley stock status... thanks @cinereus
  12. Don't always have the spare cash in my account, PayPal lets me put it on credit card till pay-day... 😁
  13. 100 1oz Silver Kangaroos from GS.BE is indeed looking mighty tempting (€1565 delivered)
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