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  1. Good spot, yea they look to be on the coin and not capsule . Have put a note in the listing, cheers!
  2. 2015 5oz libertad in capsule price: £85 sold pay via paypal 1st recorded 4.00 special delivery 7.50 some milk spotting on the reverse as seen on the pictures below
  3. I went last year and visited a local coin shop. It was quite good but mostly just old collectable coins not so much silver. Could try some others I guess!
  4. In 2 weeks I'm off to Florida for 2 weeks. I'm tempted to take advantage of the better prices over there and possibly do an online order to get delivered to the villa. I've never had to deal with US postal services before so just any tips/advice would be helpful.
  5. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/1oz-silver-coins/pre-owned-2014-uk-britannia-privy-horse-marked-1oz Seems an alright price for a privy britannia. Ordered one as I don't own one yet.
  6. Glad one of us got it! Was really tempted myself but had to resist, trying to save funds
  7. Not sure if its a good deal but could be of interest to someone - https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/gold/pre-owned-gold-coins/pre-owned-2003-uk-britannia-1-10oz-gold-coin 1/10 oz 2003 Britannia
  8. I ordered one which arrived today. It's a 2015! Nothing amazing but better than a 2016
  9. I have a 1/20oz gold Kookaburra from the 2009 20th anniversary series. It's the one after the 2004 design. I was wondering what sort of premiums these might have just as a single coin and not as a set? Any ideas on a price would be helpful as I'm thinking of selling, thanks
  10. Not looking to back date as much,mostly after a good place to buy the monkey for this year in 1oz.
  11. I just recently bought my first lunar series 2 proof (1 oz goat) and have fallen in love. I need more! I've been looking around for the 1 oz monkey but can't seem to find good sources. Anyone have any good places to buy these places within the UK and getting shipped to the UK? Cheers
  12. Been tempted to do my first STG/Coininvest order for a while. This will probably just about do it! Good luck all
  13. Welcome! You'll enjoy it here Also a fan of libertads :O?
  14. Bowie


    @SilverMine Probably a long time, I started just as a coin collector and still do collect old US and UK coins and recently got into PMs a couple months ago. I like being able to spend money on something I enjoy with the thought of it also being somewhat of an investment. I'm a student at the moment so can't afford much so my current aim is to just keep up my favourite series being Lunars, Pandas, Kooks and Libertads.
  15. Bowie


    Welcome! Good to see another young stacker, I myself am early 20s so hopefully we'll have great futures with our investments! Great job on finding STG, I wish I found it sooner as I could have got much more for my money. Happy stacking!
  16. Young head Victoria sovereigns, one of my favourites... Beautiful example you have bought there!
  17. Bowie

    Expensive coins

    That's beautiful
  18. I think I see what you mean they are incredibly shiny though. Whats your favourite gold bullion?
  19. Hoping to get some Lunar 2 monkey gold coins (probably the 1/10oz & 1/4oz) and the 2016 sovereign is a must for me, first one with the new queens head!
  20. Bowie


    Joined up last week and already bought a 2oz lunar from Chris which I'm super happy with! My favourite coins would be Libertads, Lunar 2 series, kooks, pandas as well as old coins especially american and Victorian crowns/half crowns. Looking forward to trading on this forum and reading any advice people may have for the 2016 coins!
  21. Lovely design, I managed to pick up 2 2015 recently from an ebay auction, wheres the best place normally to buy these in the UK?