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  1. I live in Thailand for almost 3 years now and they have a lot of gold jewlery shops but I have never seen a coin... learned something today thanks for the link gildeon
  2. Got mine the last days Fingers crossed as it will take some time till I see them in person and will be able to try my first flip. Checking eBay pretty regular so far and in Germany they seem to be doing well so far
  3. I have to at least call what they charge and probably hang up right away
  4. I ordered it but did not arrive yet. I would say for such a piece 5k is not really low if you look at other gold coins and there mintage at the moment
  5. got it from here https://www.silber-sammler.de/de I paid 130€ so it might be worth checking for another dealer. When I first saw it was 109€
  6. https://agaunews.com/dont-have-a-coin-man/?fbclid=IwAR1B9KmaefFfdSKm0FRAyIlBlAhpcHX8y1DLUJUWpIelMPFMx4EOEFeYpSA
  7. I am pretty sure it said 500 yesterday...but could be mistaken. Apperantly 500 will be released in the blister and 4500 normal
  8. Gold one was gone pretty quick at dealers I had a look and did not charge a very high premium on top on the already high premium. I think the silver we do good enough so I am not to sad I passed on it
  9. was ps-coins.de and https://www.muenzen-engel.de. Can you order silver without problems from Apmex? Without customs giving you trouble? I am in Germany...actually in Thailand but I use German dealers mostly. Will take a while till I can take a look at them 😞. Lucky me prices were lower when I ordered
  10. and some Bitcoin....who needs money anyway
  11. hahaha that actually made me smile....did not thought about it like this....I like it even more now.
  12. actual design is the one on the bar. I am not pleased with this one as well...
  13. I ve seen a couple of unboxings and they seem to look way better "live" than on the pictures.
  14. Just stumbled over this coin on goldsilver.be. and after a quick search it was the only place I could find them so far. The mintage will be 5000 and as you can see the same design as the Simpsons 1 oz bu coin. 500 will be released in the blister. The premium is bearable imo with a price of 1417 €. What you think? I am curious to see if they will also release the other ones in gold as well.