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  1. Hi all, I am selling my Black Flag coins. The coins are coming fresh out of the roll. Overall I have 3 rolls for sell. I am asking for 35€ + shipping. (shipping costs I have to check for the country of your residence, I am shipping from Germany ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I received the Tigers in the flips and they are untouched. I am asking 40€ + shipping for those. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am asking for 40€ + shipping for the Lion Big 5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am asking for 25€ + shipping for the Lion King. I got it in a tube and will send it with flips and will use gloves when I touch it. I am accepting bankwire, transferwise and several crypto currencies. I am happy to provide more pictures.
  2. With the second design quite similar to the first one I am even more curious about the 3ed release (assuming there will be one) if there will be some variety in the designs. I quite like this one though and will surely pick some up.
  3. that there is a date makes me already happy 🙂 thanks for the info. Had no idea the gold versions were this desired. I just have silver from Scottsdale so far and I always had the feeling the coins were not making this much waves on the secondary market despite they are great in my eyes
  4. just out of curiosity for how much was this one going for : 1 Unze Goldmünze EC8 Antigua & Barbuda Rum Runner 2018 PCGS PR70 DCAM hq = high quality I assume? You know if there are already plans for a third "season"?
  5. Now we have 7 of the 8. The last one missing is St. Lucia which was one of my favorites of last years EC8 1. I like them and I like the whole series. I hope we will have a third round.
  6. I think it is cool they do villains now as well as this opens up a lot more charakters.
  7. I hope goldsilver.be will get them quickly as well. Great series so far
  8. no. there would have been much better chances to do that in our lifetime
  9. I am 99% I called them before but I cant find the number on the side anymore. As I have quite a larger order stored there I am getting worried if others do. I ordered something yesterday and everything seemed to work fine though
  10. sry for being a bit offtopic but do you know how and if how wide spread they use crypto currencies in Venezuela? As they seem to solve the problem pretty well you described.
  11. As I am traveling through Asia my orders were sent to my cousins workplace. Worked pretty well and on my last trip home I was really excited to see my stack for the first time. After a while I noticed one order was missing. We looked around. I checked the conformations of the order etc and it should be there. Everything else was there so it was odd that the bill was missing as well. We checked the workplace and I wrote an email to the dealer I bought it from. I changed the delivery adress recently and his answer was messed up throwing other orders in the mix with wrong adresses so I was sure the mistake happened there. He promised to do some research on this and get back to me. After a while and no answers to my questions how the research is getting along I was slowly but surely loosing my patience. A couple of angry emails later and talking to my lawyer I got a call from my cousin the coins showed up.... There is no moral to the story, I am just pretty happy at the moment. Wrote an "I am sry" email to the dealer while I still would hoped for more help but I guess they have to deal with scammers a lot. The rum runner was new when I ordered it so you can get an idea how long it took.
  12. I had the same issue as well a a couple of weeks ago. After I wrote them an email in their intern question thingy it was solved in a couple of hours.
  13. I sure hope so as it is the first one I bought in bulk with the intension to flip 🙂