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  1. Neilkittrick


    Do know what you mean !you could help
  2. Neilkittrick


    Hi everyone hows you-all 😉 looking for some advice into buying pre (1920 )silver coins for weight thanks( wakey Neil )
  3. Neilkittrick

    mad 4 silver

    Of had some coins from them two day delivery coins well packed does what it says on the package
  4. Neilkittrick


    Yep!!! that's what I mean well spotted 😂sorry if got sausage fingers
  5. Neilkittrick


    Denny dale road junction 39 m1 then hang a right 50yards away can't miss it
  6. Neilkittrick


    This guy lives in Wakefield (wrenthorpe) i v got a photo of him and I have e-mailed him he says h e delivers to your house and has lots of customers he delivers to ? He also has a stand at a coin meeting at the cedar court hotel not been but didn't want a stranger i n me house until I knew of him
  7. Neilkittrick


    They advertise a shop on-line ,in Leeds I went without saying that I was going it wasn't there ? Got to know who your handing your money to
  8. Just wanting 4 single 1oz coins it this ok 😊
  9. Hi mate new to site stil! finding my way about
  10. Looking to buy just a few britannias 1oz seen some for £16 are they still up for grabs hi every one 😉