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  1. I have one available but it would be £35 posted in UK. I am not in a hurry to sell, price is not negotiable. PM me if you are interested.
  2. A big thanks to BYB for the group order. I recieved mine to day. I am so pleased with my new coins.
  3. Update on my fake Spider purchase. I decided to contact the seller even though it was months since I purchased the coin. Response from seller was not good, he took a long time to respond and it did not look like I would get my money back. As this was an ebay purchase but well past the 30day complaint window, I thought I was out of luck. I was just going to put it all down to a learning experience but the seller had really P..'d me off. Having done a bit of web searching I found that paypal will deal with complaints up to 6 months after purchase. So I filled out the compaint and waited. After just 10 days they ruled in my favour. A few days later money back in my bank account. 😀 I just thought I would share the outcome and the bit about paypal complaints up to 6 months after purchase (Even if you purchased on ebay). I am a lot wiser after this and many thanks to all who offered advice. 👍 Dom
  4. dom555

    Stacking goals?

    I used to be broke at the end of every month with nothing really to show for it. Now I am still broke at the end of the month but have a nice stack of silver and a tiny tiny bit of gold. So my reason for stacking is to stop spending money on worthless junk and have something that one day might be worth more than I paid but if not, it will still have some value. The big plus is I just love some of the coin designs.😀
  5. Don't forget the extra monthly discounts if you sign up for silvertrader.uk news letter.
  6. EBAY has a few fake spiders in the under "buy it now" for normal prices (£20 ish). Now I know what to look for they are quite easy to spot. The raised lettering on the fake is easy to spot on pictures. (The real one has the letters indented).
  7. Here is a picture of the spider coin. Also here is a link to a site that pointed out the differences between the fake and the real one. https://www.fakebullion.com/index.php/component/k2/item/30-2015-australian-funnel-web-spider-1-ounce-silver-coin
  8. I purchased a 2015 Australian Funnel-Web Spider 1 Ounce Silver Coin at the end of July. At that time I was very new to silver stacking (still am) so only did some of the tests to check the coin. There was alwasy something about the coin that gave me that feeling of is this fake or not. It was only when I purchased a set of scales did my suspicions get confirmed. Well that and finding fakebullion.com which showed what to check. To my question, what should I do? a) Contact the seller and ask for a refund? b) Chalk it up to experience? (As it has been several months since buying the coin and I have toned it.) Just looking for a few words of wisdom. Dom
  9. If it were my coin, I would give the coin an antique finish and look for a better QB coin.
  10. Hi BYB Can you add a Norse Dragon silver to my group order. Cheers Dom
  11. I just had a look and they are up to €29.30 I think I purchased mine at €25 something. Big jump in price.
  12. Not that impressed with the new coin. I have decided that the back paw should be holding something. Here is my version. The Duff Lion.
  13. Not sure I would be happy with this bar. Anytime there is a question mark over anything you are trying to sell, bar, coin or any other item, the resale price is going to be affected.
  14. Its probably not to late. I only started collecting in May this year. The only two I had to pay a big premium for was the Lion and the Griffin. The rest I managed to get for between £38 and £44 each. If you decide to sell the Lion I am sure you will find a buyer.
  15. Coins arrived safe and sound and look great. 😀