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  1. All the Dragons arrived safe and sound. Great simple transaction.
  2. I am intereseted in 2018 1oz Dragon and Tiger 1oz Aztec Dragon 1oz The Welsh Dragon 1x Two dragons I will PM you as well.
  3. Ordered mine from the European Mint for group order. It will be a while before I see them in person.
  4. looking to buy 5 P+P first class signed for can you PM me if you still have them available
  5. Just got my set of three today. The coins look great.
  6. I love these. I would love the set of 3. PM'd
  7. Just placed my first order with European mint. Not sure if it was too late for this month. Anyway looking forward to seeing how this works.
  8. Just recieved my tube of Dragons and some Royal Arms. Fantastic service as always. Dom
  9. dom555

    Silver shops list

    I am still new to this but I stumbled upon silvertrader.uk before I even knew about this forum. They are mentioned quite a few times on the formum as a good place to buy. Great service and great coins, I think I have purchased 10 or 12 from them now. They seam to have really competative prices especially if you are just buying a few coins. If you sign up to the monthly news letter you get a couple of discount codes which can be used ontop of the multi buy % discount. I think silvertrader.uk is a great place for anyone new to buying silver. Dom
  10. Recieved my 4 Dragon coins today from Robjw Very quick and simple purchase and delivery. Hope to get more later in the month if any are left.
  11. Recieved My 2 Chinese Dragons to day. Very simple and quick for my first forum purchse.
  12. dom555

    closed Completed

    Hi Can i get 4 of these, 1st class signed postage Cheers