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  1. Archie

    1oz coins

    opps my bad !!! I shall add photos …. sorry chaps
  2. Archie

    1oz coins

    I have 100s of these if anybody wants to do a little deal?
  3. this is a forum ? yes so please explain where one is cheeky! have you been inn ,any silver and gold forums before? you see this is what we do , we trade silver and gold and we like to chat and advise one another . silver members who think they know all...… so im not quite sure why you need to comment on something which clearly to expensive for you. have a good day ...
  4. what auction are these inn please enlighten me ? cause from where I sit I can see them staring me! and I have now found out who and where these are made ….. before a certain few jump at me with silly comments and no facts that are true?
  5. Myself also im kind of stuck on what to think of these candle sticks,by putting them on here I was hoping that maybe somebody knows these and markings as ive been told a few different i.e tomas hemmes I also was told they was something to do with some French maker whom settled here. these are stunning and very heavy each stands at 1ft high
  6. I have a pair of 1750/1780 Thomas hemmings candle sticks these are stunning, they are due to be auctioned at sotherbys London in November however if any Hemmings collectors are interested in these then give us a PM for more info! I wish you all a good day …….. Archie
  7. Hi to all my name is Archie Thanks to Chris for accepting me on here . I look forward to any swaps or other deals on any silver mainly coins and fine old art deco silver I still don't know how this site works or where this msg is going