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  1. Could I take the 10oz and a 5oz please, pm sent
  2. I'll take the 500 grain snowman if it's still available please
  3. I found the 2012 handover it's a bit beaten up , it was from my change , happy to send you a picture if you want it, still looking for the Belfast but I've got a feeling my girlfriend has found it
  4. Think I've got a 2012 handover and 2015 hms Belfast spare, I'll go check in a bit for you.
  5. Could I get number 175 please
  6. Mine came today, perfect , thank you
  7. So tempted by the maple , promised myself no silver this week . Good luck with the sale but if it's still up next week I might not be able to resist
  8. I'll have the old Geiger bar if you still have it
  9. have you got any left , I'd love one if you have with a capsule
  10. Hello everyone , I'm just new to silver stacking but deffo caught the bug! Been lurking/reading the forum for a while now and thought it was only polite I say hello!