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  1. Can I get the polish coin please?and The 1966 Canadian dollar
  2. I’ll take the apmex and the scotiabank bars please pm me
  3. Pez and pamp and silver and Christmas I’m interested but will you get them before the 25th?
  4. I’ll take them if they haven’t gone please, pmd
  5. Is the 10.89 gram Cross, the 2.5 gram and the 3.6 gram still available?
  6. Love the 1st five, not so much the Yale, falcon or white lion but the black bull is probably my favorite
  7. I’ll take the seasons greeting and the bird of paradise if they are still for sale please
  8. Hi, is there any maple boxes left?
  9. Could I get the maple and 2 x 5 reichmarks if still available please
  10. I’d love the 100g unicorn if it’s still available