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  1. Some of us are smarter than we sound. 😃
  2. Well I’m off swimming. I’m working tonight. Retire next month 😃
  3. Dont get too chilled, MP’s on his way. Needs his car cleaning 😃
  4. Nice try. Deflecting your own loss of touch with the real world. I woke up this morning having forgotten about this post but some people made it their mission to get angry at what I posted the night before and ruin their day. You guys need to chill and not get so defensive if someone’s view doesn’t conform to yours. You lower yourself by trying to insult. Chill out guys. Your blood pressure must be high 🤪
  5. It was your apparent detachment from the real world which lead to any assumptions I may have made. I’m not part of the kiss ass MP pro group. It seems to have got some people’s backs up that I don’t wish to worship the MP’s and their tax funded lifestyles. You go ahead and sing their praises. I’ll carry on playing on the slide in the playground 😃
  6. Then I assume your also part of the cream at the top? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? Or are you that out of touch with the real world?
  7. Well it is the teenagers who have been right royally shafted with the brexit mess. They don’t get a vote yet are the most affected. It’s no wonder they don’t understand. Pleased to hear I sound young. Don’t you be getting old before your time. The young of today is tomorrow’s future ! Those D day men were young, probably didn’t understand politics, yet they saved this country & now pay for a tv licence when an MP gets it for free !!! right back at you ! 😃
  8. Cor are you still harping on. You slept on a cardboard box on the floor. Thanks for proving my point. An MP would never do that. They would have got a free taxi to their 2nd residence. Ordered a free meal & a bottle of red. Jo Cox was targeted. More school children or elderly people have been murdered than MP’s. Do we now give all children free taxis home from school. Nope. Cream at the top !!! as for their private entrance to Westminster. Call it a subway if you wish. The word you use is neither her or there. It’s a private entrance guarded by a police officer.
  9. Please educate me. How does a public sector worker get into work for 4am when there’s no public transport or accommodation provided? The MP’s and senior managers all have a nice hotel room or free house provided just up the road. Please educate me how the thousands of other public sectors workers get into work? They don’t , they sleep at work. Trust me this is the real world. As you worked in senior management and state you got all these perks, you therefore want people to think that it’s the norm because they would look down on you if they knew the truth. Your biased. You view is from the top of the castle. As for taxi needed for security, the average MP wouldn’t be recognised in the street. They could get the train like the rest of us. They even have their own non public entrance into the train station by parliament. It’s a perk and they milk it.
  10. The system is corrupt. I am in no way envious of something which will never change. It will always be corrupt. You seem to have woken up this morning, read the post I sent last night and got a little 😡 angry ! Today is a new day. Don’t spend it typing posts on here. Chill out and don’t allow my post of last night to affect your today. 😃
  11. I’ve worked in the public sector for the past 25 years. Your story paints a picture of the cream at the top. Major difference between working away from home & being provided accommodation & being given a furnished house at public expense. I know dozens of public sector workers who had to sleep at work on the floor at times because they were required at work before public transport could get them there & a taxi is not paid for. One such occasion was the 2012 olympics. Your story doesn’t show the true facts of how most public sector workers are treated.
  12. Huge difference between paying for something and offsetting the tax as an expense to getting it completely for free. You can’t compare the two. Mad for an alternative, as I said there’s millions of people who could do the job and do it for the right reasons. You can’t seriously tell me there’s only a handful of people in the whole of the Uk Who can do the job. Can’t be that hard. They even go on holiday during a crisis !!!
  13. Signing off now as I’m up early in the morning. Shame im not an MP. I’d have a free house close to where I work and I could get up later 🤣
  14. Well that endorses my point. You claim tax on accommodation but MP’s get it for free.
  15. My point seems to have gone way over your head. Put them up overnight in beds in parliament, that saves on the taxi fare and the free tv licence. Plenty people work away from home but don’t get a tax payer funded house, taxis home and a free tv licence. MP’s do because they set the rules. Next you’ll be telling me their toilet paper is paid for out of public funds because they had to hold it in all day as they were so busy. It’s one rule for them and another for the rest of us.