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  1. Others may accept that but not me. I can smell a Del Boy from 100 paces 🤣
  2. In that case boy aren’t they being super greedy asking £1250. **** Turpin springs to mind
  3. I have no idea if he would want to buy my coin, that’s why I asked him. Plus I’m not greedy so I’d sell mine cheaper than he got the other 7 for.
  4. I don’t believe one sold for £1249. I emailed that seller a few days ago asking if he was interested in buying my coin & they didn’t reply.
  5. My coin has the exact same mark in the same place
  6. Interesting you tube video on the eBay listing for this coin https://youtu.be/m77ST3NAEus
  7. I also have the Matt BU issued a couple months ago. I may look to sell this Victoria 200 coin. Is there a selling section on the forum or is that a taboo subject ?!
  8. I get a little peed by the play on words - limited presentation. If I get my son to draw on the box mine is then unique and limited to 1 in the world and therefore worth millions ! it a play on words used by the RM. Prefer it if they used straight talking
  9. Good morning, New member although I’ve been browsing the forum for a little while. I collect sovereigns & have what I consider to be a nice collection. I do get a little over excited by gold! i look forward to communicating with some of you. Cheers
  10. Sorry, should have introduced myself before posting the above. I’ve been browsing the forum for a while but just decided to sign up. I collect sovereigns & was lucky enough to get one of these. Hello to you all. I look forward to communicating with you.
  11. I just received my coin. Paperwork states the 650 coins is the limited edition presentation. I called RM who could not guarantee more of these coins would not be produced in the future. The 650 is purely the strike on the day in this box. To my mind this borders on fraud !!!